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From scrap to spring gardening: These six DIY planter ideas work in large or small spaces, to revitalize your home with flowers, herbs, and vegetables.
The winter thaw has finally begun in Michigan (huge sigh of relief!), and I'm itching to go outside and start planting flowers. You no longer have to worry about getting rid of that broken bathtub with this bathtub flower box from Apartment Therapy. If you're confronted with small spaces or think that you have no room for a garden, this vertical gutter garden craft idea from Nest In Style is a great space-saver. All you need are PVC gutters, steel cables, cross clamps, bendable steel rods, eyehooks, and a drill. If you want to make your filing planters more appealing, you can paint their exteriors in your favorite color.
With these planter and flower pot ideas, you will not only brighten up your home but also find ways to repurpose those old, broken items in your storage area.
Jennifer Lutz writes about home decor projects for Christmas Tree Market and around the web.
Subscribe to our free newsletter to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, photo shoots, and more. Picture Of Diy Garden Path Of Wood Slabs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. If you only have the time to do one security upgrade to your landscaping, this is the one you should choose.
Wooden trellises can be lovely when placed against a home’s exterior, perhaps with a climbing rose or clematis attached.
Low-growing gardens use pebbles or rocks of different sizes, along with delicate plants such as cacti, succulents or tender perennials. Don’t obsess about having your home burglarized, but neither make it easy for thieves. Anne Lyken-Garner, the owner of DIY Projects is the published author of the inspirational memoir, Sunday's Child (available on Amazon).
I like the first tip about trimming the hedges and giving a clear view to the front door from the street.
This blog uses Comment Love Premium which kindly allows you to put your keywords with your name. Luckily, I always have an extra piece of furniture in my garage waiting to be made more useful. You can either plant new blooms or relocate flowers that have outgrown other planters to the bathtub.
Find a place that gets at least 4 hours of sunlight a day to to hang your gutter garden and that will be strong enough to support the weight of the soil when it's wet. Afterwards, you can either varnish or paint it to match or accent your home's color scheme. This French Metal Pot project from Home Talk gives you a warm spring atmosphere with its white paint and lovely flowers.
In addition to this post about DIY Planter Ideas, Jennifer recently blogged about enhancing your home decor with spring flowers on the Christmas Tree Market blog.

However, many landscaping features can carry a hefty price tag and require professional installation.
One of the most economical and easy-to-create backyard landscaping options is a rock garden. An easy way to add color to your backyard without incurring the expense of creating a full-fledged garden is to build your own planters. Administering a few changes to your outdoor landscaping can go a long way to making your home more secure and less attractive to thieves. Making your entrances easily visible by the neighbors and from the street will help dissuade all but the most brazen and tenacious of thieves.
Depending on where you live, climbing roses, cacti and blackberry bushes near your windows will leave their mark on anyone who tries to climb past them.
However, those same trellises can provide burglars with an easy ladder and access to the upper levels of your home. However, if your regular gardening or maintenance routine includes using a ladder or step stool, you’re giving burglars another easy way to enter your home through a second floor window. She enjoys blogging about family and child safety, home renovation and improvement, and simple home DIY projects.
We have a landscaping company and about 4 month ago someone said that they didn’t want the shrubs above the window sill due to robbers… First time I had heard that!
It’s better to avoid being targeted by burglars because we never know when they will target us. So I’m always a little skeptic about the whole idea of using sci-fi anti-theft equipments. Important not only to keep the equipment from being stolen but also to stop items being damaged outside, by rain or rust for example.
These old house items can be repurposed, reused, and upcycled into plant boxes and flower pots that bring a welcoming cheer to my home.
This garden works best with shallow-rooted plants like arugula, herbs, strawberries, and some flowers.
This flower pot chair is simple and easy on the eyes and will look great in your yard, apartment balcony, deck, or patio.
Your new colander flower pot will look great on your patio, balcony, porch, or front steps.
For homeowners on a budget, simple, do-it-yourself projects for beautifying a backyard are a better option. While custom-made or larger models are usually quite expensive, smaller, less expensive fountain kits are available at many garden supply or home improvement stores. Traditionally, rock gardens are incorporated in Asian-inspired Zen gardens and are an ideal spot to sit and think. However, blocking your yard from the view of neighbors and passersby may be an important element in your ideal backyard design. Burglars love homes with dense foliage and brush obstructing the view of the doors and windows from the street. In addition, a tree with branches near your second story windows can give a nimble burglar access to your home.

The faded white appearance creates a casual, worn look that goes well with the colorful flowers.
Tip: Don't water your gutter garden with a hose, unless you want to blast out all the soil. Make sure the fiberboard is longer than the chair frame so that it will hold your flower pot without difficulty. Tip: Put a thin layer of gravel or small rocks in planters or flower pots without drainage holes, to act as a reservoir for water that the potting soil won't hold.
You can even bring it inside and place it by your kitchen window to give the room a touch of spring. There are several easy ways to improve the look of your yard without breaking the bank or hiring a landscape architect.
Purchasing a kit is a great idea for do-it-yourself project because all the necessary supplies are included and instructions are provided to guide you through the installation. Filled with inexpensive flowers such as marigolds or geraniums, they can provide a bold pop of color in an otherwise drab yard. For a more budget-friendly, do-it-yourself version of privacy fencing, use shrubs to create a border around the perimeter of your backyard. Remember that trimming your bushes and trees is a regular maintenance medium, not just a one-time fix. Several types of shrubs are effective as privacy hedges including bayberry, American holly and anise. If your yard features a garden, you may want to place your fountain in an area where it will be surrounded by flowers.
Purchase several bags of gravel from your local garden supply or home improvement store to cover the area. When it comes to building materials for your planters, pallet wood is an inexpensive option but you can also re-purpose wood that you may have in your garage or basement. Bird enthusiasts may find a small backyard fountain an ideal landscaping option because the sound of the running water usually attracts birds. Paint the boxes a bright color to match or contrast with the flowers that you have chosen for planting. I think these are a few easy and economical ways in which everyone can secure their homes, without having to resort to any rocket science.
To save money, look around your yard for rocks that can serve this purpose or ask friends or family if there are any rocks on their property that they might donate to your garden.
You may also want to add some small decorative shrubs to the garden for a more authentic look if your budget allows.

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