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This is good news for those of us holding out hope that our favorite discontinued food or beverage might get a second life if we just make enough noise about it.
And so you know, at just about any grocery store in America, you can ask a manager to give you a product request form so you can ask them to carry things they don’t have. It’s always a shame when a beloved food item gets discontinued — in the world of snacks, it seems that only the good die young. Tropical and Aruba Jam were fine flavors, but Berry Clear was clearly the top dog when it comes to Sprite Remix.
This one has all the makings of a classic Snapple flavor, but for some reason remains unavailable to most. Outdone by its clearly inferior sibling the PB Twix, this innovative biscuit bar doubles up as your morning coffee. One of many missed cereals, Waffle Crisp was perhaps undone by its terrifying, bug-eyed mascot. A rare alternate flavor for Dr Pepper, this cherry variant deserved much more than its one-year lifespan. Still available internationally, American eaters are unable to enjoy the delights of this sturdy dessert.
Transparent cola is a gimmick so ’90s that it hurts, but who wouldn’t buy into it again if it were re-released? The obvious next step for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, this breakfast option gave you all the taste of French Toast with all the ease of a bowl of cereal.
I’m showing my age here, but I can remember when you could go to the store, and buy a piece of the greatest tasting bubble gum for just 5 cents! These are just a few that spring to my mind when I think about missing foods from my childhood.

They use to make a brownie mix with the German Chocolate icing in it and it was the best, my mother would hide it from us!! We had a five and dime store and I always went just to get Bazooka bubble gum and Jolly Ranchers minis! I don’t remember the SNL skit, but if you’re dating yourself, I can tell you that I used to watch Full House and drool over Jesse lol! My entry would have to be the popcorn which you didn’t know what color it would turn out to be! You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). Teem and Slice were different enough that they kept both on the shelves for awhile in the US - some places you could still get Teem into the early 90s. I’m including it for the nostalgia alone and to show the name changes over the years.
Crisps were an afternoon favorite for many growing up, and recently several campaigns have been launched to get this discontinued food product back on shelves. I’m trying to rack my brain of things that I can remember, but a lot of the stuff I remember, I think is still available in stores!
Discontinued since 2001, Surge was brought back for sale only on Amazon (and promptly sold out - for now). Clearly Canadian has said they are willing to revisit the beverage in limited batches if they can generate enough interest. They eventually started coloring the drink so it was harder and harder to find the clear stuff, but it was ou there. Pepsi released it as an answer to 7up (which it now owns in most of the world) or Coke’s version, Sprite.

Coca Cola said they brought it back because of customer demand and that the future of the beverage depends on the level of excitement coming from the public. They’ve urged fans in the US to ask their local retailers to carry Clearly Canadian products. Consumer Reports did a study of 27 breakfast cereals in 2008 and determined that this one had the highest sugar content (50% by weight). The other reason was that I had been hearing rumors that they were trying to bring it back. There are actually 3 flavors of it, and it’s a relatively popular mixer for cocktails.
For now it is an Amazon exclusive, but Coca Cola also said they might sell it in other stores. It looks like that day is finally here, so for those of you who loved this drink back in the 80s, you will soon be able to pour this into your mouth holes once again.
I doubt it will be as good as you remember though… This was more of a flavored soda than a seltzer water, and it was bottled in California and had little or nothing to do with New York.
I’m not as interested as I was when I was a kid to dump a bunch of sugar syrup into my gob.

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