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Main Difference: Sperm and semen are mistakenly used interchangeably, but they are not the same substance. Main Difference: Protein synthesis is a process by which cells make protein for themselves. Main Difference: Ethnicity and race are related to biological as well as sociological factors.
Main Difference: Exotoxins are toxic substances secreted by bacteria and released outside the cell. Main Difference: Melanin and melatonin are two chemically related substances, but with many different characteristic features. Main Difference: Mitosis is a process of cell division in which somatic cells divide, which are genetically similar to their mother cell. Main Difference: Ravens and crows may look similar to each other but they differ from each other in many aspects.
Main Difference: Osmosis and diffusion are the scientific term used in chemistry and biology.
Main Difference: The main difference between transpiration and guttation lies in their definition. Main Difference: X-Ray and MRI are the techniques of images of the internal parts of the body for diagnosis of the diseases.
Main Difference: Prokaryotes and eukaryotes are two most common cells that are present in every living thing. Main Difference: Xylem Phloem are the vascular tissues that transport the food, minerals and water within the plant. Proposition 37 requires labeling foods you buy in the supermarket as GMO foods if they contain genetically modified ingredients. Stanford University released a study recently which claimed that there is little if any nutritional difference between organic and non-organic foods.
Organic farms have been certified as such by certifying agents hired by the Department of Agriculture. It is important that the regulations involving organic certification are not watered down and that there is no corruption among certifying agents. Labeling of GMO foods as required by Prop 37, therefore, is an important aspect of your being in charge of your family’s health. Take the case of LaDonna Redmond. When her son was born six years ago with severe food allergies, she sought out pesticide-free produce and additive-free meat.

Look at who the largest donors are that are spending money to defeat Prop 37: Monsanto, DuPont, Dow (all chemical companies who manufacture pesticides and herbicides), and then processed food companies such as Pepsi, Coke, Kellog, General Mills, Del Monte etc. The passage of Prop 37 will go a long way towards increasing the consumption of organic foods as people flee from the purchase of foods with the GMO label.
John LawrenceJohn Lawrence graduated from Georgia Tech, Stanford and University of California at San Diego.
Yes, Prop 37 does not go far enough because restaurants are not required to label GMO foods on their menus. Stanford’s study was funded by same crooks who tried to exonerate tobacco smoke as a cause of cancer. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. They are not government employees, and they are paid by the farmers whose farms they inspect. Shouldn’t their families have the right to know what’s in the foods they eat so they can avoid the pesticides, hormones etc that might be causing those allergies?
After her son started to eat the healthy organic produce, it wasn’t long before his health returned to normal. You can assume that, even at the fanciest restaurants, you are eating GMO foods unless the foods are specifically labeled organic. We are seeing it now with kids having ADHD and autism at rates never seen before, Girls starting puberty at age 7 from bovine growth hormone laden dairy products, need I go on?
And Prop 37 does not require labeling at restaurants and in particular fast food restaurants – just the places that you can probably expect to be served GMO foods. So while nutritionally Roundup Ready soy may be the same as organic soy, it sure isn’t the same with respect to the toxicity it has been exposed to.
Ninety certifying agents are currently USDA-accredited and authorized to certify operations to the USDA organic standards. There was only one major supermarket  and most of the available food was fast food and processed food which led to high rates of obesity, diabetes and hypertension in the community. Already the big food corporations are setting up organic food divisions as the American people become more aware and concerned about ingesting foods that have been genetically modified in order that they can be heavily sprayed with products known to cause cancer. He founded the San Diego Jazz Society in 1984 which had grants from the San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture and presented both local and nationally known jazz artists.

Consciousness of the foods we are eating needs to be raised at restaurants as well as supermarkets. The health and well-being of the nation is of vital importance and should not be placed at risk. Non-organics and especially GMOs (genetically modified organisms) have been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides so that while organic soy and corn products may differ little nutritionally from non-organics such as Monsanto’s Roundup Ready soy, the toxicity spread might be truly appalling. As large corporations get involved, they will undoubtedly lobby to water down the definition of organic. So she began growing vegetables in her backyard, a project that has expanded to six vacant lots. His website is Social Choice and Beyond which exemplifies his interest in Economic Democracy. Of course this would kill McDonald’s and Jack in the Box, but it would create opportunities for somebody else. As an added bonus, money from these crops would remain in the local community and not be shipped out to large corporate coffers.
Living microorganisms break down compounds, releasing nutrients in a form that plants can use.
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Soil also contains organic matter, which primarily consists of dead plant material, such as fallen leaves, grass clippings or old plant roots.
According to the Iowa State University Extension, organic matter should form 5 per cent of your soil. Organic material helps soil to retain water and nutrients around plant roots where they are needed. Plants need nutrients for many of their life functions and absorb them from the soil using their roots. Although plants need 13 mineral nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the most important.

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