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The Dubai Men’s College of the Higher Colleges of Technology launched their new Centre of Excellence for Food Safety (CoEFS) on January 9, in the presence of a wide contingent of industry and municipality guests.
A memorandum of understanding was also signed between the Centre of Excellence for Food Safety and industry partner Trakhees. The Gourmet Guardian have been providing regulatory External Food Safety Audits and Internal Food safety Audits to the companies we assisted in becoming HACCP Certified throughout Australia since 2003.
We know and understand the legislative requirements in each state and can assist you with ensuring your business is meeting those requirements easily and efficiently. We can use the audit reports required by your food safety program or prepare a template specific for your needs. This audit is designed for food businesses that want to know exactly what they are doing right, and more importantly, what they are doing wrong! Following the audit, a detailed report will be prepared identifying all of the good food handling practices as well as potential non-conformances and areas of concern.

An ongoing review of food handling operations conducted fortnightly, monthly or quarterly (either scheduled or randomly) where we will spend time onsite (including part of the meal service or production where applicable) and review receival, storage, preparation, packaging, and serving of food within your business. Contact us straight away to organise your company's internal food safety audit so that your company is legally compliant and you can rest easy. Sign up to have brief, practical and current food safety information, updates and tips sent to your email inbox, to ensure that your food products are safer than your competitors. In a show of unity to promote food safety, distinguished guests from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi municipalities described their ongoing food safety initiatives. The audit has one of our trained auditors spending one or two full days in your kitchen or production area and the associated food areas within your facility to identify all of the potential issues associated with the way that food is received, stored, prepared, cooked and served within your food business. The report will also contain recommendations for improvement and be accompanied by photos where applicable. The course focuses upon HACCP principles and is aimed at both industry and government candidates.

The audit summarises the findings that will be discussed with you at the completion of the audit.
This report is finalized during the audit, discussed with appropriate personnel and then emailed to the nominated individuals at the completion of the audit.
Ahmed AbdelRaham Al Ali, Head of Food Inspection Section and Bobby Krishna Thulasi, Senior Food Studies and Surveys Officer, both from Dubai Municipality’s Food Control Department, described a range of DM food safety initiatives including the new Person in Charge (PIC) programme. Early morning deliveries, how the staff arrive, breakfast buffets, logistics operations, lunch services, dinner functions, overnight cleaning? Audits are conducted at the times that your facility operates and includes early mornings, evenings and weekends if required.

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