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The Xiangyun Island International Cruise Terminal, designed by Heller Manus Architects with AECOM as the transportation consultant, is the winning competition entry for the design of a land-mark cruise terminal that will be the gateway for the major master-planned Tangshan Bay Interna-tional Tourist Island located approximately 240km east of Beijing in the Bohai Sea.
Highlighting the significance of the port as a gateway to the world, the impressive building design complements the international vessels that dock there.
Embodying the concepts of energy efficiency, environmental protection and sustainable develop-ment, the design incorporates sustainable strategies that showcase Tangshan Bay as an ecological harbor in China.
The pier is orientated parallel to the existing jetty to the east so that approaching ships can easily maneuver into and out of the berths with minimal maneuvering. A major entry plaza on the north side can be used by the passengers and their guests as a waiting area. Beijing International Culture and Arts is a visionary commercial, cultural and livable model for the future of great global cities. The Lijiao Village development, part of the larger Guangzhou South Axis planning, is a high-density, mixed-use, transit-oriented neighborhood that uses sustainability concepts as a starting point in creating a vibrant, walkable waterfront development. The Bohai Sea is the main water gateway to Beijing and the northeast region of China, and is a large bay which serves Tianjin, Dalian, Yingkou, Tangshan, and other important ports under the sphere of Beijings influence.
The buildings massing is based on the concept of yin-yang where complementary opposite forces interact within a greater whole.
Using the unique finger pier con-figuration, the terminal is designed to handle two domestic and one international cruise ships sim-ultaneously giving ultimate flexibility and efficiency for the cruise ship operators, versus forcing ships to wait to get access to a single berth.
It is one of the country’s 15 sub-provincial cities, one of the five cities with independent planning, and one of China’s 14 coastal open cities in the world. Rising above this complex is a series of towers of complementary office, hotel and service apartment mixed uses.

The terminal is envisioned as a symbolic gateway where the land and sea meet to form a physical presence and showcase Tangshan Bay to the world.
Two Bon Voyage parks located on either side of the pier can be used by the public for recreation, picnics and bidding farewell to departing ships.
Dalian plays multiple roles in this region, and acts as an external portal for the Northeast China region, an international shipping center for northeast Asia, an international logistics center, and a regional financial center. More than a mixed use project, Beijing International Culture and Arts is a total living environment of great urban scale that is surrounded by nature. The Lijiao Village plan includes a new central business district riverwalk anchored at a historic temple along the Pearl River. Heller Manus has designed this cruise ship terminal as a green, sustainable and welcoming gateway to the islands.
The public and guests will also be able to access the green roof on the north portion of the terminal using glass elevators located on the exterior of the building. The project is positioned as the rural town of marine culture, committed to creating a livable and sustainable urban park, with pastoral life experiences and a small town atmosphere. Located next to Beijing’s famous Chaoyang Park and well positioned to the 4th Ring Road and to the international airport, the entire center is enclosed in a mountain with heavy tree planting, landscaping, and photovoltaic skylights.
Light rail, subway and water taxi join with pedestrian circulation to create a tiered transit system that works at multiple scales and will reduce traffic congestion on the surrounding roadways.
The layout and functioning of the terminal is meant to provide a convenient, gracious, and exciting experience for arriving tourists, one that is the beginning of a positive recreational experience. The glass faade and sustainable roof create a dynamic appearance and allows for stunning views.

Because of the project’s close proximity to the sea, the area has unique conditions connected by air, land, and water transportation. The mountain, with its forest of trees, will contribute to reducing the heat island effect, naturally absorb carbon dioxide, provide insulation that reduces the energy consumption for both heating and cooling, and conserve the greenscape of the city.
Combined, these approaches make Lijiao Village an example for future development in China to reduce car dependence and improve livability through environmental strategies that can benefit the entire city.
The Eco Science City will be people-oriented, with the concept of sustainable development as a main focus. The project is public transit anchored and will become a model for the reduction of traffic congestion in Beijing. The goal is for people to coexist with nature, through the implementation of sustainable development goals that are committed to improving both the environment and land values. The mixed-use program includes retail, restaurants, a convention center, an aquarium, a performance hall, and a large botanical garden. Balancing all these elements is the path to livable cities in a world of increasing population.

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