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Not that long ago, two people from different walks of life would learn about the issues of the day from the same source.
Since Geo took a report from AFP and added two bodies to the death count from a pair of drone strikes in North Waziristan on Monday, news agencies have been in a race to the top of the pile of bodies. Yesterday we wrote about the two-faced reporting on Osama bin Laden coming from Jang Group‘s newspapers.
Two of Britain's tabloids have enthusiastically responded to Tory plans to scrap the Human Rights Act and renegotiate the terms of our human rights agreement with Strasbourg. The party has announced a manifesto commitment to scrap the Human Rights Act introduced by Labour in 1998 to enshrine the European Convention on Human Rights in domestic law, laws first set up in the 1950s in the wake of the Second World War to ensure such atrocities never reoccured in Europe. The move would bleakly leave us standing alone with Belarus and Kazakhstan - the only other countries in Europe that have chosen to forsake similar laws. The controversial move by the Tories has already been condemned by the party's own former attorney general, Dominic Grieve QC, who said the proposals produced by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling contained a series of factual "howlers" and were not properly thought through. The truth is, he said, is that our courts have been free to interpret rulings by the European convention on human rights for 50 years – and that the Human Rights Act did nothing to change that fact.

Others took to Twitter to voice their exasperation at the newspapers and highlight how, in most cases, a lack of human rights can result in tyranny, barbarity and fear. Under the blueprint, a future Conservative government would effectively issue an ultimatum to Strasbourg that it must accept being merely an "advisory body" - or Britain would withdraw from the system altogether. Instead there would be a Bill of Rights, which would include the principles from the convention - originally drawn up by British lawyers after the Second World War. But it would also make clear that the Supreme Court UK judges were not obliged to take European Court of Human Rights' rulings into account when coming to decisions. Grayling said if the ECHR and the Council of Europe refused to accept the new arrangements, Britain would simply leave the convention. However, Grieve said many of the concerns were based on "misunderstandings", and there were already moves in train to reform the court from within. We relied on PTV and a handful of newspapers to bring us the news, and even this was vetted and censored by government officials. When is a reporter simply telling about an event, and when is he amplifying a political message?

But Jang Group is not the only media group that has been promoting one perspective in its English language media while projecting a sympathetic or pro-jihadi message in its Urdu publications. Was it not French Exocet missiles that sank so many British warships during the Falkland war, it asks.
Belarus "suppresses virtually all forms of dissent and uses restrictive legislation and abusive practices to impede freedoms of association and assembly", while in Kazakhstan freedom of assembly is strictly controlled and a restrictive law on religious freedoms remains in force, according to Human Rights Watch. It was no longer sustainable to write European judges a "legal blank cheque" in the wake of rulings such as that demanding prisoners be given the vote, he argued. He also dismissed the idea that the UK could be granted a special status while the other states signed up to the convention had to abide by Strasbourg rulings. This is not an easy question – it raises important questions of neutrality and professional responsibility in journalism, as well as what is media’s role in society.

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