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This food tour takes place in the popular London locale of Covent Garden – the hub of London’s West End.
Also, this tour will start off with savoury dishes, with sweets in the middle, and finishing savoury again. Dishoom burst onto the London foodie theme a few years ago and has been a popular hot-spot for dining ever since.
Neal’s Yard Dairy is absolutely packed with delicious cheeses from all over Britain and Ireland. This bar is a personal recommendation from our London City Manager, Margaret, who has been going here for the last 7 years – at least! Find out more about Visiting Covent Garden on our blog or about our other self-guided tours of London. But at Free Tours By Foot we think paying upwards of ?50.00 for a food tour isn’t necessarily affordable and value for money. Covent Garden is absolutely rammed with bars and restaurants, which can be overwhelming for visitors. Because Covent Garden is a VERY popular location, going day time weekdays will make things quieter. You may wish to visit in your own order, if you’d prefer to have your sweet treats at the end! It’s traditional Indian street food that is being served up here, fresh, authentic, and not so pricey!

Draped fabrics, atmospheric incense, and cushions and lounges all come together to make this a real sensory experience. The idea here as that guests can order sushi, or yakitori, delicious cooked items usually served on a stick. For those who want to keep on nibbling, this is where you’ll find the freshest and most authentic salsa in London. So we’ve put together a self-guided Covent Garden food tour that is absolutely FREE to take – aside from the tasty treats you’ll need to purchase yourself! Also, our handy guide will lead you to the tastiest spots and help you avoid common tourist-traps.
Or perhaps you can start late afternoon to finish up in the evenings and watch the West End come alive. There are many exits at Leicester Square Station – so get to the point where you are standing outside the ANGUS STEAKHOUSE on CHARING CROSS ROAD. A highlight of their menu is a Pau Bhaji – a traditional buttered pau bun filled with mashed vegetables, a classic dish found on nearly every street corner in Bombay.
When you get to the SEVEN DIALS JUNCTION, take the THIRD street on the RIGHT – Shots Gardens. Served up alongside a large portion of tortilla chips (not made in-house, but still perfectly crunchy and salty), it’s a bargain for a portion at ?2.35!
This tour will incorporate foods from all over the world, and will finish off with a cheeky cocktail at lead guide Margaret’s favourite bar in town!

With the Steakhouse on your LEFT and Charing Cross Road behind you – walk FORWARD down CRANBOURN STREET. Your best bet is to share a luscious tagine – or, if you want something a bit lighter, go for fresh baked North African bread and Moorish hummus and dips. They have a standard list of flavours that are nearly always on display, then an array of over 30 other flavours that change depending on demand, season, etc.
The staff are super friendly and are always happy to give you a taste to help you decide what to purchase.
Buy yourself a few tasty slivers of your favourites to snack on as you walk through Covent Garden – or to take away and enjoy later!
Our favourite is a gorgeous Red Velvet but keep an eye out for irresistible Passion fruit and Cookies and Cream! Feel free to talk to the staff about sampling some of their tequilas, or just order yourself a fabulous drink (there’s more than just margaritas, too!), sit back, and relax after your tasty food tour!

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