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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Clearly labelled for Organic Waste and coloured coded green - the standard colour for organic waste. They're tear proof, resistant to spills and liquid from half empty paper cups, and can be washed with a damp cloth. If your organisation is environmentally conscious there is no better choice than Eco Bin for all your waste disposal and recycling needs. Please note that Wheelie Bins, Bin Enclosures, Posters, Bin Liners and Bins made from cardboard are not covered by our lifetime warranty. Their manufacture also requires less than 50% of the energy consumed in making equivalent injection moulded bins. Compared to injection moulded plastic bins, their manufacture requires very little water and their recycling process is chemical free.
Their colour coding system is highly effective at minimizing the comingling of waste streams and in diverting waste from landfill. DDB, Auckland Council, and organic waste collection business We Compost have devised stunt to promote ‘mindful composting’.

This weekend (Saturday 6th-Sunday 7th) Aucklanders are being invited to exchange a bag of food scraps for goods such as coffee beans, muffins and t-shirts. Around 40 local businesses have come onboard in support of the event, including Kokako cafe, fashion label Sitka, Little Bird Organics cafe and Ponsonby Central. Steve Rickerby, Managing Director of We Compost, says Aucklanders need to think before they bin organic scraps. With 1.4 million tonnes of waste sent to landfill every year, Auckland Council is also focused on getting this region’s rubbish sorted. DDB partnered with We Compost from the start to conceive the idea of We Compost Weekend and bring it to life. The campaign includes six unique illustrations – three commissioned by DDB artists and another three by Auckland-based illustrators – which have been used for promotional posters for the compostable We Compost Weekend bags – making them as collectable as they are practical. AboutM+AD Daily reports news and opinion from the global advertising and media sectors - with a special focus on NZ. They require substantially less energy to manufacture than injection moulded plastic bins or metal bins.
As such, gradual fading of colours and print, along with other signs of surface wear are to be expected over time.

Their manufacture requires less than a quarter of the raw materials used to make a traditional injection moulded plastic bin of equivalent size. This week, official We Compost Weekend bags can be collected from these outlets to be taken away, filled with food waste, and exchanged for the rewards over the weekend. The equivalent of 1,866,664 trailer loads full of organic waste being sent unnecessarily to landfill each year, he says. The council’s Waste Minimisation & Innovation Fund helps to seed new ideas and support projects that reduce waste to landfill, and has provided a grant to the We Compost Weekend. The website runs in parallel with a daily email news service that links subscribers directly to the site. This guarantee is not intended to serve as an undertaking to provide periodic replacements on the basis of normal signs of ageing, wear and tear. And to dispose of this waste at an average cost of $165 per tonne, is a total cost of approximately $77 million each year.

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