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Community Natural Foods is Calgary's hub for organic food and sustainable lifestyle products.
Since 1977, Community Natural Foods has been at the heart of Calgary's organic food market. Community Natural Foods believes in products that care about the people, communities, and planet that we all share. This year’s TASTE will highlight local and organic food as always but with a new twist by showcasing local celebrity chefs known for their work with local and organic food. Music will be by The Whiskey Boys, Trainwreck Jerry and Deborah Simmons throughout the day. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
GreenFoodGal Barcelona Wine Bar will be teaching Westport Farmers' Market guests how to cook squash blossom this Thursday! GreenFoodGal The party is happening at Patagonia Westport next Tuesday, complete with beer from Black Hog Brewing Co.

GreenFoodGal All it needs is a signature from POTUS and the GMO labeling bill becomes the law of the land.
The International Institute for Environment and Development is pleased to announce the dates for the 10th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA10), which will take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from 22-28 April, 2016. Having been the first grocer in Calgary to go single-use plastic bag and plastic water bottle free, Community Natural Foods has paved the way for sustainable movements in grocery.
Carrying over 2,200 gluten free products, Community Natural Foods caters to people of all dietary needs and restrictions. Organic Connecticut festival on September 19th at Manchester Community College, Great Path Road, Manchester, CT from 10 am to 4pm. We support some of the world’s most vulnerable people to strengthen their voice in decision making. Community Natural Foods strives to provide the highest standard of products for its customers, supporting the fair trade, local and organic industries. Seen Lippert, who was a chef at Chez Panisse for 11 years, will be working with John Turenne to create a diverse menu of Connecticut-grown foods, and will also host a workshop on using the abundance of your summer garden.

From its passionate and knowledgeable staff, to the free-to-attend public lectures, you can expect an experience like no other when you step through the doors of one of the three Community Natural Foods locations. New Haven celebrity chef Bun Lai, owner of Miya Sushi will teach a workshop and share his insights after his restaurant was named one of the top-ten sustainable restaurants in America. However, a ?50 discount will be available as part of an early-bird rate that will be available to those who book by a certain date, to be advised soon. Booking is not yet available.Highlights from the last conferenceMore than 400 participants from over 90 countries attended CBA9 in Nairobi, Kenya, in April 2015, with hundreds more following the events and interacting online.

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