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4,500 ft2 food store unit including full fit out package to Midlands Co-operative Society specification. News New East of England Co-op Food StoreNew Co-op Food Store opened – right on time – on 26th October 2015. A fast track supermarket construction completed without incident in a very sensitive residential conservation area. The company issued a statement Thursday that also said it has obtained an order from New Brunswick's Court of Queen's Bench to initiate proceedings under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act.
The company said the order will give the organization the time it needs to deal with its financial challenges. Bryan Inglis, the company's interim chief executive officer, said the layoffs are the result of reduced operations in the food and retail gas divisions. Most of the layoffs will be made in New Brunswick, where 290 people will lose their jobs at the two affected stores, the company's head office in Moncton and a warehouse in the same city. The Co-op Group announced it was getting out of the food and retail gas businesses in April, a move that was approved by its member-owners May 12. As part of the restructuring, Co-op Group recently sold the majority of its assets in its wholesale and retail food and gas businesses to Sobeys Capital Inc.
As well, the company said it is working on securing additional financing with National Bank.
Plans for a Tesco superstore and a new rugby club ground were approved by planners in 2005 and were then challenged by the Co-op which is next door to the proposed site for Tesco's new store. A MAN has been banned from Co-operative Food stores for life after being accused of hiding reduced-priced milk to get the price dropped.

Peter Jenner, of Infirmary Walk, Worcester, was seen hiding half-priced organic milk during a visit to the city’s Angel Street store in February.
He claims he had hidden the milk to buy it later as he had forgotten to get money out of the bank, but when he returned to the store he was barred from entering and told he would be banned.
Weeks later, he received a letter informing him he was banned for life from all Co-operative shops, with store staff citing a “series of incidents” where he had hidden goods and later demanded further price reductions. Despite Mr Jenner’s claim he only put by items when he had forgotten his money, the store claims he was doing it to get a further reduction. A spokesperson for The Co-operative Food said: “Following a series of incidents, over several months, where the customer was regularly seen hiding reduced items within the store in the morning, only to return later in the day to demand further reductions when the ‘use by’ date had almost elapsed, we have advised this individual he is no longer welcome in our stores. Mr Jenner now says he wouldn’t want to shop in the Co-op again because of the way they treat poor people. Clearly someone being dishonest but it does remind us that supermarkets would rather throw out tons of food every day rather than giving it to the increasing amount of hungry people in this City. Actually Co-op are the most ethical of all the supermarket chains so good luck in finding an alternative. Co-Op are the victim here not him and we are the mugs who ultimately pick up generic price increases. He didn't forget his money - that was just his excuse - several times, if you read the article. Now this is strange - all the comments went missing a couple of minutes ago - now they're back. Can we have a photograph of the said Mr Jenner so that we know who to keep an eye on next time we are in M & S, Tesco, Asda or any other unfortunate store that Mr Jenner chooses to patronise.

Can we have a photograph of the said Mr Jenner so that we know who to keep an eye on next time we are in M & S, Tesco, Asda or any other unfortunate store that Mr Jenner chooses to patronise. Great products, a delicious deli, and staffed by folks who care about what they do and love to help. It made me feel like a shoplifter,” said the 52-year-old, who has been using the shop since 1991.
Is it that there is no budget for journo's any more because we all read the paper on this site rather than buying a copy? I think its a bit mean that he hid items that another less well off person would appreciate just because he forgot his money.
If they don't want us to respond maybe they shouldn't publish stories like this in the first place.
Envisioned as a smaller version of our larger food stores, we filled the Market with our most popular selections so you can find everything you need in one convenient location. And don't forget to get lunch while you're there! The menu below is usually updated by mid-morning, M-F.

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