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Fortunately, such extreme measures are not necessary for you to bring your body into balance. Consider including the below foods in your everyday diet to help maintain balance, or try a diet primarily consisting of these foods for a set period of time (2-4 days) to hit the reset button on your health. Cucumber: on average around 95% water, this veggie helps flush out toxins and alkalize the body while delivering a powerful nutrient punch. Turnip greens: loaded with antioxidants and sulfur-containing nutrients (Without sulfur, the body cannot properly detoxify substances such as pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins and heavy metals), turnip greens also contain phytonutrients called glucosinolates that help activate and regulate detoxification enzymes.
Red pepper: when it comes to cleansing, vitamin C is one of the cream of the vitamin crop because it transforms toxins into digestible material. Grapefruit: a class of its own, grapefruit lowers cholesterol, prevents kidney stones and aids the digestive system, which set it apart from the other citrus fruits. Watercress: keeps free radicals away from cells, energizes cleaning enzymes in the liver and is a natural diuretic. Mung beans: used by Ayurvedic doctors for thousands of years, this easily digestible bean absorbs toxic residue from the intestinal walls. Artichokes: chock-full of cynarin, which increases bile production and promotes healthy digestion.
Whole grains: full of nutrients and antioxidants, whole grains are incredibly high in insoluble fiber, keeping you regular, which is especially important while detoxing.
Disclaimer: The content of Body Unburdened either through this website, social media pages, or any other materials distributed by Body Unburdened is intended to provide helpful and informative material. Great article about cleansing the body naturally, my favorite method is using lemons and adding the juice to filtered water which I do often. I think we now live in a toxic environment and by adding more natural produce into our diet, we can gain better health. The encyclopedia of Natural Medicine recommends oranges and tangerines but never grapefruit for purposes of detoxification.
Considering how unhealthy and overweight our population has become I think it’s fair to say that EVERYONE can benefit from a cleansing diet. I’m not talking about running over to your health food store and seeking out the latest detox pill to hit the market. For years, you’ve probably consumed foods and beverages without knowing about the toxic residue they might leave in your body. For instance, foods and drinks which contain sugars, artificial flavorings, chemicals, pesticides, and the like are essentially man-made processed garbage. As time goes on you will begin to feel bogged down, irritable and even find yourself with a lack of mental clarity. And that’s it important to regularly cleanse your body by following a whole foods-based cleansing diet.
The next step is to conquer that sugar craving with by focusing on eating predominantly semi-sweet fruit like apples, pears, and berries. Second, removing TOXIC foods is probably more powerful than eating the right kind of foods.
Therefore, even without adding foods into your diet, by simply removing problematic foods from your diet and giving your body a breather, your allow it to go to work at breaking down immune complexes, repairing cells, eliminating waste, and more. Finally, enriching your body with natural wholesome foods is what you a good cleansing diet will also help you achieve. If you really want a cleansing diet that will revitalize your body, help you lose weight, and boost your energy, then I highly encourage you to learn more about our Total Wellness Cleanse. But I must warn you – our cleansing diet is ONLY for serious health-seekers – do you fit the bill?? These days, colon cleansing has become very popular among weight loss programs, thanks to its quick way to help detoxify the body and restore regularity. It may be wiser to try to go to the nucleus of the problem and fix it, chronic constipation and irregularity have become a major problem, thanks to the highly processed nature and the deficiency of fiber and nutrients in our diets. Mango: A delicious exotic fruit that has long been used as a folk remedy to relieve constipation as it possesses laxative properties, It is high in minerals and vitamins, its especially helpful for those with constipation, but it may be a bit too tart for some tastes.
Probiotic yogurt: an excellent food to restore regularity, but try minimally processed yogurt, since many are full of unhealthy ingredients, pasteurized and contain many stabilizers and sweetening agents.

Fermented foods: such as kefir and unpasteurized, cultured butter that is made from the milk fat of grass fed cows is also a great probiotic source.
Flax seeds: are one of the best foods you can consume for colon and intestinal health, they are colon friendly and the perfect way to get some extra fiber and a powerhouse of healthy protein and essential fatty acids that can keep you feeling full for hours.
Finally, Fruits: Organic apples, grapes, pineapples, papaya and kiwi are good for the entire digestive system, they are rich in fiber, easily bulk up and create extra volume and they act as a natural lubricant which makes them good choices for colon health.
Cheilitis is an inflammation of the lips, typically causing peeling, cracking, and soreness. Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Colon works as a sewage system of the body and its maintenance is important for a healthy life. Unhealthy food habits often clog the colon with toxic waste materials which further results in serious colon defects digestion problem. A colon cleanse detox restores the functional health of the digestive system ensuring good colon conditions.
Colon is not a self-cleaning organ and so this organ also needs cleaning like other systems. Like any natural detox diet plan, Colon Detox Diet also eliminates harmful digestive waste products from the digestive system, especially colon.
It eradicates constipation, and hence eliminates gas problems, flatulence, bloating and bad breath.
A good colon cleanse detox diet includes lots of natural fiber enriched food along with basic nutritional foods.
The overall target of this detox diet plan is to improve bowel movement, food digestion, and absorption of nutrients. A colon detox diet program should be continued for seven days and after that a person can get back to the normal life.
A lifestyle must be adopted after this process otherwise toxin accumulation in digestive system can again give rise to adversities.
This will increase the fluid content in the body and is easy to digest, and remove toxins from the system.
Never skip your breakfast; it lowers your metabolic rate resulting in slow and improper digestion. It is important to take simple carbohydrates and simple proteins like white meat for good colon cleanse detox.
Make sure you avoid processed and frozen food like cured meat, food preservatives, food items containing high amount of protein, fat and starch like red meat, ice-cream, margarine, alcohol etc. Colon Detox Diet may seem strict, so make sure you don’t exceed seven days in a row in this diet.
Nature has provided us with an abundance of foods that naturally detox and cleanse our systems, helping us achieve balance and sustenance. Be sure to choose  organic as their high fat and oil allows them to easily soak up chemicals used in the production process.
For an extra kick, add green tea which has a special type of antioxidant called catechins (a flavonoid) that increases liver function and helps flush impurities. However, I only support and endorse products that I use personally and feel would benefit readers.
I am not a doctor or a “registered dietitian,” and I do not provide medical advice or treat diseases. I'm a wellness nerd, natural beauty junkie, DIY enthusiast, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.
Yes, you CAN eliminate toxins from your body and cleanse yourself back to incredible health through foods. Instead, it involve a series of dietary and lifestyle guidelines that offer dynamic results. These are generally caffeine free and the natural herbs help restore the natural energy supply in our bodies, similar to what we had as a small child. These will give you the needed sugars you need to function normally but don’t give your body the sugar overload that would come from sweeter foods.

Both of these are broken down in the digestive process by different enzymes and require different pH environments to be fully assimilated. Once again, excess fluids dilute digestive juices and stomach acid, making it more difficult to digest your meal.
And when it comes to cleansing it helps flush toxins and waste out of your system, helps your overcome any detox symptoms, and helps restores optimal health.
So, for example, if you weigh 200 pounds then you should drink 100 ounces of water each day.
It is the only food-based cleansing diet on the market and it’s essentially the exact same approach we would take you through as one of our personal nutrition clients – but thankfully, without the crazy cost!
Flax seeds act as a natural, non-irritating laxative, acting as a natural scrubbing and cleansing agent for the walls of the colon and intestines, helping to keep them free of debris. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Following such a diet can help in achieving optimum colon conditions resulting in good health. This will clean the entire system in the morning and will keep you rejuvenated for the entire day. Then follow this step by step colon cleanse detox diet plan for the rest of the day for an entire week.
These two nutrients combined together may neutralize one another retarding digestion process.
Thank you for supporting Body Unburdened and the work I do to help readers live non-toxic, healthy lives! I know that there exists a good index of the total antioxidant power of fruit and vegetables, measured as the ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) of a food.
Here I share all the healthy living tips & tid-bits I've learned while working towards a body unburdened: a healthy, all-natural body the way nature intended. Decisions you make about your family's healthcare are important and should be made in consultation with a competent medical professional. Because unfortunately, relying on pills and powder doesn’t help you address the more important issue which is essentially how you feed yourself on a daily basis.
Plus, when you consider the nutrients they provide, you’d be crazy to be scared of them. In addition to that, studies have shown that cranberries help improve circulation and provide relief for asthma patients. There are other very important foods to consider as well but I just wanted to point out that the right fruits are your friend, not your foe. That’s just one more reason that following a well thought out cleansing diet, which also offers education, coaching, and support is critical to your success. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. Green tea and fresh juices are also suitable for consumption in this diet apart from water. Foods high in these units are especially helpful for countering oxidant or free-radical damage in the body.
Cranberries are also very powerful at maintaining and restoring good health to the urinary tract.
These are all questions that you might and the answers should be provided for you when you follow a cleansing diet like our Total Wellness Cleanse. Also, the turmeric you mentioned I am not a fan of the taste of this but am aware of all the benefits and I could certainly use its medicinal benefits. Fruits are high in fiber which curbs hunger and helps your body maintain regular bowel movements.
Would it be okay to take just a turmeric capsule supplement as oppose to putting it in food?

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