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Organic foods are foods that have been grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or sludge, plus they can’t be genetically engineered or irradiated. The one on the left has sugar in many forms along with several other ingredients I cannot pronounce. So, while you may be eating all organic, you may just be eating boat loads of organic sugar.
My name is Courtney Price and I’m here to help you make changes to help you be a better, healthier you! The end of summer and beginning of another school year can be a busy, stressful time for parents. For those of us who may be nervous about diving straight into a workout program but need to get on the right track to improve our fitness level, simply doing pushups could be the answer.
Fitness boot camp style workouts can be both fun and extremely challenging for even the most avid exerciser. I thought I would share my Organic Ingredients Shopping List because everyone is curious what I buy. Truth is once we ditched all processed foods, gazillion of toxic cleaning supplies, paper towels, tissues, picker-uppers and 150th napkin invention for every move you make, we suddenly had so much money left to spend on real food. In 2008, my same son was having an ear infection after ear infection, and that’s when I learnt the truth about dairy. Last month, a few things happened in our lives: we watched GMO OMG documentary and we got a serious diagnosis in our immediate family. Trust me, when you start buying more organic you will see how less of variety products you will buy.
Now, you could buy organic milk, add full of antioxidants cacao powder, maple syrup (honey) and give your child a treat. Today food in America is unbelievably cheap majorly thanks to GMOs and that’s why people throw it out. 11 million lbs of food is being thrown away in the US every hour! We are definitely not starving but rather overeating and abusing food! Costco: I shop there once a month for coffee, raisins, oils, bread, greens, broccolette, eggs, yogurt, cheese. The Real Canadian Superstore (Canada only): Twice a month for organic fruits and veggies (selection depends on a day). Thrifty Foods (Canada only): Twice a month for bulk items, some reasonably priced veggies and fruits, milk. Local Farm Market aka little grocery store: Twice a month for some affordable organic kale, avocado, beets, pasta and peanut butter. Just like with fruits I buy organic veggies by season, that is including season in California.
I do not buy canned beans because organic canned beans in BPA free cans are ridiculously expensive ($3 for 14 oz can). The only dairy me and Alex eat is Greek yogurt as a condiment, a tiny bit of butter for sauteing like in Mushroom Stroganoff, a bit of cheese in a casserole.
I also do not buy egg whites any more as I decided I do not need to eat a ton of protein and organic egg whites are almost $7 a carton. Salsa, balsamic vinegar (next bottle will be organic), ketchup (forgot to picture), non-GMO liquid aminos, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil (forgot to picture), Himalayan pink salt, raw apple cider vinegar, mustard, canned coconut milk (not pictured), non-GMO cornstarch, vegetable bouillon cubes and spices. I recently switched from organic Kirkland canned tomato sauce to strained tomatoes in a glass bottle.
Oily products like peanut butter and coconut oil should not come into contact with plastic for the same reason as tomatoes. I’m so proud to say the only sugar we eat is raw and unpasteurized honey and maple syrup (Costco was out of organic one). Staples: quinoa (forgot to picture), brown rice, lentils (green, yellow, black), split peas, millet, buckwheat, cornmeal, oat bran, oats, beans. Staples: whole wheat or spelt flour, coconut flour, vanilla extract, aluminum free baking powder, cinnamon, unsulphured molasses, unsweetened and unsulphured coconut flakes, non-GMO chocolate chips. Protein powders…I recently wrote this article about tasty plant-based protein powders I like. I don’t know anyone in person who eats organic like me but there are a lot of people who do and care! And last but not least, don’t be scared to let people know you eat organic and share everything you know. It’s definitely baby steps and finding alternatives that will produce the same yummy foods that I’m used to! Organic might not be prefect but I always say it is the best available to me right now and I’m going for it. Speaking of dish soap, if you’re really wanting to try something completely natural and something that definitely works, try mustard powder. InstructionsCook cereal according to directions from box. Add maple syrup, walnuts and raisins. But if you are not eating foods in their whole form and are purchasing pre-made foods, you should be reading the label. Keep in mind, even if it’s brown rice, whole grain rice, organic rice or the likes, there may be a ton of other ingredients that you would want to stay away from.

Milk produced from cows vaccinated with drugs, fed with GMO grains that been sprayed with Round Up?! The only reason why it’s not sold in stores is because it costs more to produce and we are so used to cheap food. Our fault?!
I often think if all my friends were buying organic food like I do, they wouldn’t be throwing it out because it costs more and requires more work to source. They say they sell non-GMO products but I don’t believe that because they refused many times to go through testing. And know your Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen – conventionally grown 12 items that retain most pesticides and 15 with the least amount. I just tried Nutiva coconut manna ( in a glass jar) and it is delicious – spread on toast, in place of butter, with some organic jam. And mostly in baked goods, on top of pancakes or waffles, and to cure colds, coughs and sore throat.
Cacao powder is less processed and has way more nutrients and antioxidants than cocoa powder. It is not certified organic but it is grass and veggie fed, free running and without any antibiotics.
It is wild, however she mentioned it might occasionally end up eating in some farmlands sprayed with what?! Let me know if you have any questions or any organic product you found that is healthy and affordable.
I see them in stores grabbing same food as I do and empty organic shelfs make me happy, honestly.
People listen and today they might think you are a hippie, in a year they will be drinking organic green smoothies. Cancer, sick kids and allergies are so on the rise today and seem to affect almost every family. It’s up to each and every one of us to educate ourselves and make the best possible decision what food to put on the table. Before we came here, and before they had dish soap available for a reasonable price in Ukraine my mom would use mustard powder to degreese dishes.
How would that differ from baking soda I wonder… I use it a lot to scrub pots and sink.
If not for them, I would still be drinking diet coke while punching in 0s on My Fitness Pal with one hand and holding a smoke with another one. We are an average middle class family, with average income, my grocery bills are not through the roof and it is our health we are talking about.
Those $5 can get you a 4 lb bag of carrots. If I had 4 kids maybe it would be but average family with 2 kids can do it. No but let’s stop supporting something that is ruining our health with our own money!
I would make my kids finish their food or eat it myself, wrap and refrigerate leftover sour cream for tomorrow’s leftovers, put chips back in the bag and close with a tie.
For example, I buy a few packages of pasta, a few jars of peanut butter and many lbs of beans at a time. Fruit and berries go into smoothies and ice cream, kids love to eat them frozen for a snack. It didn’t happen overnight and I went through a huge withdrawal but now I could care less.
A thought about ditching microwave pushed me to find other ways to make popcorn for kids and after I read this we were done.
Their favourite is plain spaghetti, sometimes with butter and rarely with ketchup (yay, less sugar). Would be best to buy it all loose (so far I have only green and black but not decaf) but that’s next step.
I knew it would be a lot of work but I really want to spread the word that eating organic is so possible. I have a friend who is VERY butter, meat and just everyday American ingredients but she loves to cook.
I personally refuse to be a science experiment until scientists figure out IF Round Up doesn’t cause tumours. I, honestly, can’t get past the cost but I think those products probably last a lifetime. I don’t know how it works with running water, but we would add a couple tablespoons of mustard powder to one large bowl of hot water, wash the dishes in that water and then rinse the dishes in the next bowl of clean water. I ended up using barely any dish soap now because frankly everything washes quite well without it, especially in warm water and if washed right away.
Loaded with complex carbohydrates, this hot bowl of cereal is just what you need to start the day right–a perfect meal for a clean eating diet plan.
In 2007, I was researching formulas for my son and that’s when I came across organic food vs. I’m also currently revamping my kitchen gear, hot tub chemicals, cleaning supplies and gardening.

I strongly believe I will pay for it later in pills and treatments if I keep eating Round Up sprayed vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs etc. Because it is food, we spent money on it, money we worked hard for and because we should respect our Earth. My kids love apples and bananas so I buy 5 – 6 lbs of each, refrigerate extra apples and any brown bananas become Banana Muffins or go into Green Smoothies.
It was way easier for Alex – at age of 40 his cholesterol was so high, he got prescribed Crestor. My own opinion after a long research is the best are organic. Lisa from 100 Days of Real Food has a good post about egg labels (useful info in comments too).
However, all dairy products come in plastic and I haven’t come up with a solution for that unless you bring them home and transfer to glass containers immediately. Here is a very good article about animal products and health, particularly how they activate cancer genes. We cannot physically trace each wild deer so we hope they don’t eat a lot (if any) of sprayed vegetation. I also shared Clean Eating Ingredients I Buy and Kitchen Appliances +Tools I Use. Please buy local, organic and fair trade whenever feasible.
I go through phases of trying to eat organic only and then giving up because there are so few people that I know that eat organic.
So, after a few years being friends with me she just bought same blender as me and started making green smoothies. Something tells me that won’t be the case as many studies have already shown…So, organic it is for me!
I definitely think spending money on organic far outweighs the negative effects of GMO’s. I’m OK using ceramic coated slow cookers because ceramic, glass and stainless steel are the safest cooking pots out there right now. Also, it’s scrumptious, with the combination of sweet maple syrup and crunchy almonds. I was brought up that bread is the most important food on the planet as our ancestors worked hard for it.
It probably would help to discard food that touched plastic but I haven’t gotten there yet. We used to buy agave syrup (nectar) but apparently it is as processed as is high fructose corn syrup. Not to mention the Ukrainian parties that I always go to ?? I will need to start with baby steps.
I was pushed to do it by circumstances and now am so grateful it happened although it was terrifying at first!
Dishwasher is hard…I went back to tablets and might look into buying some healthier powder or liquid. I understand they are not perfect but no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to avoid all harmful elements 100%.
I fell a victim of the trend last year and so glad I woke up before they killed my liver and me. However, I just saw Nutiva and Manitoba Harvest organic ones on the shelves and will buy once run out. Commercially raised organic chicken is not that innocent… Not to mention regular chicken which is not what it used to be. I love all of the recommendations that you give, you mention every possible thing in your pantry. We have a rule to eat vegetarian when out to avoid most dairy and meat because those are GMOs 100%.
When we are out, we go to a fish market and buy salmon and shrimp caught in a deep sea in Alaska. I also cook oatmeal from scratch using quick cooking steel cut oats with hemp and chia seeds.
I would never ever buy farmed fish like atlantic salmon, tilapia, shellfish and nothing fresh or frozen from Asia. It took me over 8 years to get where I am today, so you will be way ahead of me already LOL. What is the best kind of cheese to use in small amounts…say on pizza…which by the way do you have a clean eating veggie pizza recipe?? It’s like BPA in very small amounts is OK but not OK to buy all canned goods with BPA lining. I stopped using microwave, removed teflon, don’t cook in aluminum foil, bake with unbleached parchment paper, drink from glass and stainless steel bottles, no plastic containers or anything (I even bought stainless steel straws for smoothies).

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