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TV REVIEW: In a revelatory episode, Food Network's Chopped replaces their usual fun full-of-themselves cheftestants with four down-to-Earth "lunch ladies" and the result is great TV with an emotional punch. Chopped, one of TV's best food shows, had its best episode when it schooled us about lunch ladies.
Paying tribute to the until-this-episode thankless job of being a school lunch lady, Food Network's always-enjoyable series Chopped elevated these women to well-deserved "chef" status, in this Emmy-worthy episode. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article.
I agree wholeheartedly to all of the above comments and will only add that this was without a doubt the very best Chopped episode that I have had the opportunity to watch. To ridicule the school chef by saying she exaggerated how little her annual income is comes off as yet another disparaging remark about school cafeteria workers, as though they couldnt possiby know how much money they make in a year.
Food Network will be launching an Utlimate Chopped Champions Tournament with amateurs, professionals, celebrities and heroes. The Appetizer Round required the home cooks to use Chicken Tenderloins, Paprika Peppers, Fennel, and Ginger Preserves. For the Entree Round, the home cooks were tasked with preparing a dish using Tiki Masala Sauce, Asian Long Beans, Hanger Steak, and Serrano Ham Croquettes.
The Dessert Round featured the following mystery basket ingredients: Guava Shells In Syrup, Cottage Cheese, Couscous, and Candied Chickpeas. Seeking dynamic, outgoing, experienced chefs, Men and Women, any ethnicity and cooking specialty are encouraged to apply.
Are you currently being considered for any other cooking shows, including, without limitation, any competition, demonstration, documentary or lifestyle cooking shows?

Please describe other shows you will be appearing on provide the name of the show, airdate, season, and episode number if applicable.
Have you appeared in any TV contests or competition shows (whether or not you won a prize)? Describe other shows you have appeared on provide the name of the show, airdate, season, and episode number, and prize won if applicable. Have you ever been involved in anything that would cause the producer, the network and its affiliates any embarrassment or monetary loss if you are chosen to participate in The Program?
The four contestants were not only smart and crafty cooks, they were also gracious competitors who were incredibly supportive of each other, as opposed to the usual gang of egotistical, back-biting chefs featured on the series.
The contestants were so honored, amazed and thrilled to be on the show, constantly commenting on how important it was to be recognized for the hard work they do as opposed to being the butt of jokes. One contestant told the all-star panel of judges, which included White House Chef Sam Kass, Amanda Freitag and Marc Murphy, that being recognized on this show and by these well-regarded chef-judges was so important to their self-esteem, because in many cases lunch ladies are so lowly regarded they aren't even allowed in the teacher's lounge. These women couldn't be more concerned about their students' health and well-being, and they were all incredibly knowledgable about nutrition.
One contestant, Cheryl Barbara, has such an impoverished group of students she services, she packs them food on Fridays in a knapsack so they have something to eat on the weekends.
The judges refuse to call the contestants "lunch ladies" and refer to them as "chefs," bringing the contestants to tears. Cheryl was the winner (thanks in part to a drool-inducing Grilled Cream Cheese and Fruit Sandwich dessert drizzled in chocolate).
It seemed like a low salary -- maybe she only gets paid on school days, and not summer or vacations?

So they already start out just being part time.We also have had teachers not receiving contracted step raises, and instead keep the same rates as they did five years ago, but paying more for health insurance, in effect making them take a pay cut. The judges loved the risk she took, but her pasta was undercooked and she forgot to include the hanger steak in her dish.
The judges felt his execution was poor in the first round and his ice cream was overchurned in the Dessert Round. To submit, please complete the entire application below and attach a current photo and culinary resume to be considered. List any family members who may be involved in the culinary industry & specify in what capacity.
I have made "Chopped" aware (above) of any food allergies or physical challenges that may affect my cooking performance during the taping of the show. Their school, and her work, is the primary source of nutrition for her students, with who she seems to have a one-on-one relationship with. When they brought out her excited students (and young daughter) who were drowning her in hugs, all the judges, crew and, I'm sure, viewers were wiping back tears.
Later, two chefs vie to use a certain piece of equipment in the entree round; and grapefruit shows up in the dessert basket.

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