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It has been quite some time since I wrote, and I figured it was about time to fill you in…not that anyone really reads it. Tomorrow, I’m able to use a moving van from the car dealership I used to work at in order to move the last of the furniture over! In the past I would have been totally fine (like the time he went to Ohio for two weeks) but now, I am ofiicially crazy wife-to-be lol. I chose to register for the summer semester seeing that I missed the winter semester due to some distractions in the form of career choices.
So as the first day of classes began to approach, I designed my plan of attack on time managment! I am finally at the place where I feel in control of my time and I feel confident that school should be my priority right now. On another note, my boss at work suggested that I hold a Hot Dog day at work for all our employees in order for me to raise money for school.
And now it’s time for me to end my break and go back to work studying for my midterm on Monday. My family and I have been looking for a three bedroom to rent and it has definitely been a journey.
There is a certain area in my life that I am trying to improve on, and that is reading the bible. I hope that you are moving forward in your life right now to, and if not, then I say JUST DO IT!!
So I know it has taken me a long time, but I am back home and finally writing my last recap on my time in Mexico.
Carlos wasn’t potty trained yet because in the orphanage it takes longer because of the amount of staff per child. The next two days were his last days with me and on Thursday afternoon he was so grumpy and it was my last time with him! Friday came along and all day I was packing and doing laundry and then early Saturday morning I woke up and my friend, Sarah, cam to say good-bye to me. I made some pumpkinA cheesecake pie for the Cuna with pecandecoration and everyone loved it…even the kids!!! My close companion, Heidi just left early this morning on Christmas vacation and by the time she returns,A I will be gone!! Today, I made like 50 deviled eggs (spicy ones) and a pumpkin pie with pecan decoration for a Staff Christamas party tomorrow!!!
I was really hoping we would love, or at least like this place, as it's right around the corner, has a pretty extensive menu and I love having a local Chinese joint to go to regularly.
It has been going by so much faster than i thought and I am beyond excited to send the rest of my life with (who I think) is the most amazing man in the world (besides my dad of course :P). In the mean time, an amazing opportunity came up for me to sort of head up the children’s ministry at my (awesome) church. On Sunday morning, I packed him a small snack (some apples and cheerios) and then we were off to church. It was getting really late so I went to get Carlos to take him home and I noticed that he had gum in his mouth! We went door to door and placed a candy cane (Etta and my mom sent me tons of tiny ones) and a card on people’s doorsteps. A friend’s parents who were visiting for Christmas were able to drive me to the airport in San Diego because they were going back home as well. Over the weekend we hung out allll the time until like 10:30 or 11pm last night, and I had to work at 6am!! The other night I was working an overnight shift in the Cuna and I started crying when I went to look at the kids because I already miss them!!!
Etta, and my mom sent me a bunch of wrapped presents that were all to open at different times in the month of advent.
I've been searching for a decent moo shu pork and this is pretty good, not perfect, but outshines anything in the area.
We have been working to get our new hous ethat we bought ready to be our home and it is coming along very nicely.

The crazy thing is that right before that came up, I was talking to God about being more involved with children’s ministry, so I was very excited!
One of my coworkers had asked me if I could walk to the bank for him in order to get a cheque replacement. Don’t worry about failing either, because God will still be there to walk through it with you all over again!
The small English church was closed so we went to the big Spanish church, which was probably better for him any how. He hated the potty but was fine when I stayed in the bathroom with him for a while doing my make up or whatever.
I have been working hard the past while teaching my little buddy Carlos some numbers and colors andA heA can now count to three and he knows the colors verde and amarillo (yellow and green), and everything else he just calls verde because it’s his favorite word. I let Sarah openA the A gift that was to open when I had a friend over and she was smiling so much. I have an awesome garden in which I planted some veggies and I also planted some flowers and stuff around the house.
I know that means just once a day, and both Friday and Saturday I heard from him just as I thought I would. All I know is that I hate feeling like this, especially when all I want to do is show him what I have done to make our new home, well, homey. Once I started doing it, I have to admit, it was pretty intimidating, but over time, it started coming along much smoother, and I was loving it!
I questioned whether or not I was allowed to do that for him and he assured me that it would be okay.
I returned to my coworker and told him what had happened and I started hyperventilating like a blubbering idiot! I feel like I am at such a powerful place with God yet I’m not learning about him, but I am SO INTERESTED in it!! I found it really challenging and I definitely struggled with patience but overall I had a great time! At the airport I spent an extra $25 on my suitcase because it was so huge but I was prepared for that haha. Nobody tried any of my pumpkin dip because I don’t think they knew what it was and why it was on the table haha!!!
I have sooo much fun spending time with those kids and helping them learn and understand all that I know, and am learning, about God and what it means to be a Christian. He then gave me $5 so that I would be able to pick some Tim Horton’s for us on the way back. After seeing me acting somewhat awkward when I first walked in, the teller was probably a little skeptical about me as it was. My mom started telling me stories of couples where one spouse had severe Alzheimer’s and had NO recollection of their partner.
We split everything and there was also a Christamas mug in there, which you can’t split haha. She asked me of the persons name on the cheque was my dad’s and I told her it was not,A but he is my business partnerA at Pioneer Chrysler. Once again, I began to cry.A  I just could not imagine being so inlove with someone for 60 years and then all of a sudden (well, over time) they have no idea who you are. We always went for walks around the orphanage so he could play outside… and get as dirty as he could!
I was informed that Carlos’ mom was here to see him for Christmas (she has a drug addiction and her kids were taken to the orphanage to be safe). Over the time Carlos was staying in my trailer, I also taught him how to say shoes in English, as well as how to say monkey, but he didn’t know the Spanish monkey, so that may create a problem haha.
He learned the mixedA  up numbers from the oldest girl in the Cuna, Lorena, who is no longer in the Cuna!!! However, I still love to be with the children, playing and talking, although I’m not always teaching.
As I was just about to enter into the bank I reached in my pocket to grab the cheque and then the five dollar bill flew out.

I wanted to be angry and yell, but my stupid tears were holding me back!A I can’t believe people at work saw me like that. So I took him to where his mom was at the orphanage and went back to my trailer to bake for Christmas dinner. She has just moved in to one of the houses here at the orphanage which is really good because it’ll allow her to interact with many older kids each day!
I can appreciate when a restaurant gives the appropriate ratio of protein to vegetables in a lunch portion.
Despite my increase in time, I was still overwhelmed with my workload and I then made the decision to drop a course (with a 90% return of $364).
So they told meA that they could have the cheque ready for him to come back and pick it up. I am trying to do my own devotions each day, and just spend more time with the most important thing to me in this entire universe!! The dinner was starting at 3:00 so at that time I went to where Carlos, his siblings, and his mom were. There’s this one lady here named Zenaida, who is a lot older,A and when the piA±ata broke she jumped so fast into the candy and laid on top of it as she scooped it all underneath her!!
So, I am fairly certain that I will get a very minimal amount of sleep tonight while II continually press the refresh button hoping that my inbox will change to 1New Message.
It is certainly going to be difficult to get used to living in Mission, and a lot of other aspects to moving, but I am attempting to just leave it all to God and look at it as more of an opportunity to move forward in life. The vegetables were cooked to perfection (I hope so since they are known for their veggie menu).Szechwan chicken dumpling were awesome. I was a little confused as I spun to continue on with my entry into the bank when the security guard informed me that the young lady that entered in the bank before me had picked up the $5.
I’ve always had troubles thinking about growing old with my husband for the simple fact that you get closer and closer to not being together. I have been so blessed these past few years and any time that I have doubted God and just felt like my life was as unappealing as a frothy swamp, he has proven me wrong! So after I did her make-up, we went to the party and there were twopinatas and lots of food, all different kinds!! Everyone at my work is so loving and when I told them how embarrassed I was they just told me not to worry about it, they understand. All the kids got to open some presents and they had so much fun, each of them got new clothes and new toys!! I feel like the dumplings were just plain old steamed pot stickers, but regardless, they were delicious.
I couldn’t under stand why she would put her kids through this just because she has a drug addiction, it’s terrible! To take his mind off of things I took him to some flowers to play and he loved the flowers, smelling them and looking at all the different ones. Writing this story down makes me cry so much because I miss the most beautiful smile he had when I showed him the flowers. A lot of friends have been heading home and there’s been new people, new events, everything!! There’s this play here called NocheA en Belen (night in Bethlehem) out on by people atthe orphanage and like 3000 people come to it each night for the four nights it’s on!! You literally walk through the story of Jesus birth, beginning at when Joseph almost broke it off with Mary! Next week I think isour staff Christmas party with ALL the staff here at the orphanage and you get to dress upfancy and such, and I’m wearing a skirt that Jon bought me haha. So I held him and cuddled with him until he fell asleep and we went back to my trailer and had an early night.

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