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Joel Robuchon Restaurant at Sentosa is a fine dining restaurant where service, setting, ingredients, presentation, and above all-taste, combine to create a sublime, once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. Joel Robuchon Restaurant will amaze guests with its repertoire of inventive French classics. Gourmands can enjoy the 16-course degustation menu which many famed food critics have described as pure ‘magic’, or make selections from the ala carte menu, and be awed by Robuchon’s famous bread, cheese, dessert, ice-cream and tea trolleys.

An extensive wine cellar and wine list with more than 1,200 wine labels await the true wine aficionado. The restaurant is an extension of Robuchon’s dream family dining room in an art decor style hotel.
Dressed in mainly beige tones, the interior design creates a warm, luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.

Adjoined to the main dining area, Robuchon’s indoor winter garden is perfect for hosting intimate private parties.

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