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Unfortunately the journey home took hours because we decided to avoid Stow on the Wold as there was a fair going on there. For more Works for Me Wednesday ideas, check out Rocks in My Dryer.  Also, don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for Thrifty Green Thursday!
We sort of have Big Lots in Portland- there’s one in Milwaukie, one in Gresham, and one in Vancouver. I have found wonderful deals on natural shampoo, toothpaste, and lotions as well as organic prepared foods at Grocery Outlet. My local Big Lots Close Out Store currently has some great Tom’s of Maine Natural products in stock. Hello, your articles here Plan NOW to have a successful 2013 Grocery-Store-Organic-Produce – Innate Body Boot Camp to write well, thanks for sharing! My niece who is 9 came to stay with us for a few days and she and boys have been off playing tracking, making dens and damns even though the weather was a bit iffy on some of the days.
I think she has got to be the Queen of Swaps because everything she sent to me was so thoughtfully picked.

She was on her way from Essex to the Midlands and I was coming from the West so we decided on Banbury for some reason.
As you can imagine it wasn't cheap but I bought us some lovely cheese - Manchego and Brie de Meux, a delicious fruit bread to go with the cheese, some quinces and some Cox's Orange Pippins. We passed it early enough in the morning not to be bothered by the traffic but decided that driving past in the late afternoon would be stupid.
You have to check to ingredients though because some of them are old formulas with parabens.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I haven't managed much crafting this week but I did do some dyeing on the one day that the sun shone and it was actually warm.
There are two pieces of sheepskin, stickers, some delicious Lebkuchen (yep I've eaten some already), a tealight holder, some roving and the rest you can see for yourselves. It was a lovely drive through Oxfordshire and we'd stopped to take photographs of all the beautiful houses and building we'd never have got there.

We tried to drive up to it but it said private road and it seems have been turned into flats. The place was full of toffs and their offspring some under ten looking dashing in their Barbour coats. We do have an independent grocery store in my town that has really good prices and a good selection of organics so we go there the most. However we did have to stop to take a phootgraph of this stunning building in Chipping Norton. I imagine that the likes of Liz Hurly and all the others who have moved to this neck of the woods shop here. I have started to make one thing from her pattern - it's the little doll swathed in green but I've made the head a bit big though and I need to redo her.

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