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If you're new to Adelaide and have plenty of money to spend, you can take a 2 hour Adelaide Central Market Tour for $60, where a guide will take you through the market stalls and you can sample various food around the market.
If you are touring on a budget, take my laissez-faire approach, let chances surprise you and spend that $60 tour fee on fresh produce, exotic delights, gourmet foods gourmet foodies or anything you fancy.
The rustic homemade rocky road slabs just look so tempting; the pink heart-shaped 'lovington' will send hearts soaring and you should not proceed further into the market without first ordering a cup of coffee and a generous pieces of cake here.
There is something about the House of Organic stall, all veggies and fruits just look way too beautiful, healthy and they look like they ready to burst with nutritious goodness. These fresh mushrooms look large and plump and there are many different exotic varieties on offer. They also sell truffle salt which is like a magic sprinkle that uplifts flavours in any dish.
I think Dough is a diet-breaker or a heart-healer with their amazing pastries and baked goods.
The Smelly Cheese is located just next to Dough and you know Adelaidians love their cheese judging from their extensive local and international cheese selections. I am told most shops at the market have been around for ages and it is one of SA's proudest establishments.

Head chefs from Adelaide's top restaurants can be seen here first thing in the morning getting their supplies. This is such a lively market, all vendors are so friendly, with so many wonderful SA produces and deli goods all under one roof, I want to stay!
WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. In February 2014, we installed a WISErg Harvester™ unit at our Central Market Mill Creek store.  WISErg, a bio-clean technology company, produces the Harvester, which converts food scraps into a material that can be refined into organic fertilizer using a completely natural process.
Check out this year’s collection of our favorite, easy but impressive party appetizers. This place has everything you need all rolled into one - whether it be your weekly grocery run or for that special dinner. The pastry shell is crisp and buttery, and the filling is lightly spiced to balance out the sweetness of the fruits.
The Harvester also can generate data to better manage inventory and control the loss associated with perishables. Decadent desserts, cakes and sweets will grab your undivided attention and kids will not leave until they get their lamingtons and chocolate crackles.

Even though, the price is slightly on the high-side, the serving size is decent but the quality is excellent beyond belief. The Harvester captures nutrients from food scraps before they become waste, stabilizing them until they can be transported to a WISErg facility where they are converted into a liquid fertilizer approved for organic food production. Central Market Mill Creek generates 330 tons of organic waste each year, which is now going into the Harvester and processed into fertilizer. Companywide, Town & Country Markets already diverts more than 90 percent of its waste through composting, recycling and food bank donations – but we are committed to continuously improving our efforts. The Harvester will help us in this endeavor, and give us the added benefit of usable data that can pinpoint where we can reduce shrinkage, whether that is at the loading dock or behind the service counters.

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