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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Finicky Premium Dog food provides the optimal balance of  protein, fats and healthy complex carbohydrates. Meat and meat by products derived from lamp, rice, gelling agent, modified starch, natural flavor and natural colour. Note: Individual dog's requirements may vary from this chart due to age breed, enviroment and activity level. Powered by Captain Aquarium © 2010-2016 Captain Pets World Copyright, All Rights Reserved.
Winalot’s traditional British Classics range of delicious adult dog foods provide comprehensive nutrition in succulent meaty chunks and a rich jelly, created with only your four legged friend in mind!

Please respond to all the statements - if you're unable to agree to any of the above, please give us a call on 0345 032 8002.
Avoid writing about customer service, contact us instead if you have issues requiring immediate attention. I understand that I need to check with my vet every 6 months to confirm that [name], is still the recommended food for my pet. If my pet's condition becomes worse whilst I'm feeding [name], I'll ensure we visit the vet to get proper advice. Felix is made with quality ingredients and packed with meaty pieces in a succulent jelly so your cat enjoys an irresistible meal. We know that your dog is a very special canine who casts aside your everyday tensions and stresses with bundles of excitement each time you come home, which is why Winalot is rich in everything your dog needs to stay bright eyed and bushy tailed!With plenty of high quality protein to help your dog to build and retain lean muscle and keep their coat healthy and lustrous, as well as iron to oxygenate their muscles and internal organs, helping your dog to get all the energy they can from their food, Winalot is a complete pet food made with only the best ingredients to keep your dog full of life and vitality.

The adult maintenance averages are based on moderately active cats at normal environmental temperatures. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required to maintain your cat at a lean, healthy body weight.

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