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The stock market crash on October 29, 1929, did not seem to influence adversely the convictions of voters in Tucson School District 1 that more schools were needed. The school was named for Leopoldo Carrillo, who had once owned the land--originally called "Carrillo Gardens" and later known as "Elysian Grove" when the land was acquired by Emanuel Drachman for development into an amusement park.
Carrillo was born in Montezuma, Mexico, on May 25, 1836, and came to Arizona about 1859 as a freighter for the United States government. Carrillo was married and was the founder of the local Carrillo family, many of whom reside in Tucson today. At one time in his life, Carrillo, who had managed to live through a number of Apache raids, was captured in Sonora, Mexico, and was charged with being involved in a revolution. According to the Tucson Citizen in 1930: "He was captured at Altar, Sonora, and held for a ransom of $25,000, a staggering sum for fifty-five years ago. Carrillo School was enlarged in 1939 with the construction of four classrooms, a workshop and a nurse's office at a cost of $48,500.
When the site of Carrillo School was purchased, the School Board "inherited" a swimming pool, located in the old Elysian Grove.

The School Board, in 1930, decided to operate the pool and, in conjunction with the City of Tucson, the Board established a school recreational director. Present day Carrillo K-5 Magnet School is well-known for its "Las Posadas" nativity pageant which originated in the late 1930's by Miss Marguerite Collier, a teacher now retired. On November 25th the electorate approved a construction bond issue of $500,000 which built Mansfeld Junior High School, Carrillo and Government Heights Elementary Schools and enlarged other school buildings. He accumulated considerable wealth from this enterprise and invested in Tucson property, ranches and mines. He was paid by both the city and the school district and was in fact a city-school district employee. A secondary benefit, of course, was that work was provided for construction craftsmen in the depression years that followed the market crash. One of his projects was a cattle ranch near Sabino Canyon and another was the first two-story building constructed in Tucson. House of Representatives from Arizona's second congressional district, took over the recreation director's job.

Morrow became superintendent of the District in 1941 that a joint city-school district recreational program was reactivated. The Weekly Arizonian of 1869 lauded the completion of construction and the opening by Carrillo of a "beautifully furnished saloon where wines, ice-cream, etc.
Patten and Superintendent Rose developed a conflict over the recreational program and shortly after Patten took over, Rose persuaded the School Board to abandon its share of recreation activity. The Carrillo pool was then leased to the city for operation and it is still operated under this lease. The school site at 440 South Main Avenue was the location of the old Elysian Grove, a recreational park in prior years.

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