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We really enjoyed this even though I left out the cauliflower and used half & half for the heavy cream. Though work on the city's first outpost of Olive Garden was initially set to begin over the summer, the project has been delayed, DNAinfo Chicago reports. As a result, Chicagoans will have to wait until at least next spring to enjoy the "ample portions and relaxed ambiance" for which the not-so-authentically Italian chain is revered within city borders. The city's Planning and Zoning commissions have already approved the 7,700-square-foot restaurant's opening in an auxiliary Kmart parking lot located at 3443 W.

Olive Garden is one of the favorite destination for Italian food and today we got hold of the entire Olive Garden menu along with their nutrition data.
A typical meal at Olive Garden starts with a drink, appetizers [free bread sticks], main dish and finally the desert. Even though it could kill you, Lasagna Fritta is still the tastiest item on the Olive Garden menu! So, you’ve found yourself at Olive Garden and figuring that it’s a plate of lettuce and some water for you, right?

Here is a link to Olive Garden’s nutrition page, which contains carb counts on all their food.

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