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Search over 300,000 sheet music arrangements available instantly to print or play in our free apps. The Mikado is probably the best-loved and most well-known of all the Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas, and was featured in the Oscar-winning film Topsy Turvy. Our 2016 production moves The Mikado forward into the Meiji Restoration - a time when Japan restored the throne of the Emperor, opened its doors to the world of business and experienced a tsunami of cultural change that turned that society on its ear.
The chorus is a very important part of the action, and has much stage time and wonderful music. Please note that we have plans to make an audio recording of this production in order to make commercial CDs for sale. All auditions are held at the Lamplighters Rehearsal Hall, 469 Bryant Street (between 2nd and 3rd Streets in the South of Market section of San Francisco). If you do not receive an invitation to a callback, it means that you are not being invited to audition for a principal role, but it does NOT mean that you haven't been cast in the show.
AUDITION FAQs: Please come to the preliminary audition with two contrasting songs in English, preferably from opera, operetta or classical music theatre, that you feel will show off your voice well. Stipends for leads will range from $250 - $750, depending on size and difficulty of role and whether double-cast.
We are now working on an entirely new production concept, removing all references to Japan, and developing a new title and a new setting.
We are sincerely sorry for the pain and anguish this has caused in our community, and we hope you will forgive us. This Mikado is an invigorating and dizzying display of energy, humor and inventiveness that celebrates one of the most dramatic cultural shifts in history.

Titipu’s Lord High Everything Else, an extremely haughty and exclusive person, who clings to his prerogatives. A noble and civil servant of Titipu, Pish prefers everything to be as right as right can be. The fierce emperor of Japan who finds great satisfaction in devising the perfect punishment for every crime. Another of Yum-Yum’s friends, she is surprisingly witty and cuts right to the heart of the matter. An older court lady in love with Nanki-Poo, following him to Titipu with marriage on her mind - at any cost.
We are not able to offer additional compensation for these recordings a€“ all proceeds will directly benefit the Lamplighters. The directors have chosen the people they wish to see for a callback audition, and will contact those people before the end of today. Casting decisions and offers for principal roles should be made by the end of next week, and chorus casting will be finalized after that. Callbacks are tentatively scheduled for the evenings of Friday, March 18 and Monday, March 21. All chorus singers will be offered expense reimbursement up to $200 to help offset costs such as purchasing tights and footwear, voice lessons and coaching, travel and lodging, etc. The historical photos on our website represent that past and we sincerely regret our cultural unconsciousness then. This is still a work in progress and we’re not ready to share it yet - but please rest assured that this will be a completely different version of the show, retaining the comedy and the basic plot line but with no yellowface and no joking references to anything Japanese.

Arguably Gilbert’s finest libretto, The Mikado pokes fun at public officials upholding impossible laws while the more practical characters choose living yet another day over complete honesty and obedience.
Guardian of and engaged to the lovely Yum-Yum whom he loves almost as much as he loves himself. Son of the Mikado (Emperor) who flees the imperial court and, disguised as a wandering minstrel, arrives in Titipu in search of Yum-Yum. If a role is double-cast, the directors will determine which performer will be included in the recording. We expect to contact everyone individually with an offer or regret before the early part of April. A tentative schedule will be available at the auditions, and more detail will be provided as soon as available. Cast members may be asked to donate a few hours to help with costumes, sets, mailings, etc.
If you do not have email, you may call 415-227-4797 between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday (or leave a message) a€“ but EMAIL COMMUNICATION IS GREATLY PREFERRED.
Also bring your headshot and resume, and your calendar so that you can give us any conflicts that you may have during the rehearsal period.

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