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June 17, 2015 Ann Danilevich 23 Comments It’s time to turn the spotlight on some of the very best Canadian organic and natural skin care brands. You’ve probably never heard of these because they aren’t driven by deep pockets with global marketing campaigns, but make no mistake these small, independent brands are doing it right! I’ve been on a journey discovering locally made products, all over Canada, from Vancouver to Toronto to Montreal, and connecting with the passionate female entrepreneurs behind them. Their focus is on creating luxurious, sustainable, effective, and most importantly healthy products, which restore luster to skin without the added harmful chemicals. I’m so excited to share them with you and I have a feeling these results-driven, Canadian organic and natural skin care products listed below will soon become your new favorites too! Hailing from the West Coast, Belmondo was created by Vancouver-based esthetician Daniela Belmondo. Each Belmondo product is made with a signature blend of olive oil infused with organic calendula, chamomile flower, lavender, and rosehip—chosen for their potent healing and nourishing properties. Made in a lab in small batches, ingredients are chosen for their bioactive qualities that help maintain and restore the skin’s natural luster.
Jordan River Soapworks specializes in soaps, bath soaks, and body butters made without artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives. Ann DanilevichAnn Danilevich is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and the owner of, where she is the "Body Care Curator" scouting the most luxurious natural, organic, and sustainable products from independent, Canadian brands.
I love your reviews and all the useful and informative info on Canadian green, clean beauty products! This inspiration has also led to the creation of my line of naturally luxurious bath salts, handcrafted with local ingredients on Vancouver Island. Natural beauty products help us slow down and give us a chance to connect with the healing plants, flowers, minerals and marine botanicals of the earth. I love, love the way that my skin feels after using these wonderful chemical free products…they make faboulous gifts for every one.

I really like Helena’s Line Serum and Belmondo’s Balm- they are my favourite ones! Belmondo and Graydon are some of my faves – but I also love Cocoon Apothecary, Smith Farms, and Fitglow Beauty!!! Any company can use the word "natural" or "organic" on its labels, and what often happens is these products will contain one or two natural ingredients, but will also have many known carcinogens or otherwise unsafe ingredients. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended for the mitigation, cure, or treatment of medical conditions. Handcrafted in small batches near Vancouver, BC by Helena Lane herself, each product contains only unrefined, unprocessed, and certified organic ingredients. There are no extras, just nutrient-rich essentials to help your skin look its very best—balanced and healthy. Using plant-based ingredients sourced from Canadian growers, this skin care line was created to be as effective and luxurious as any mainstream brand, minus the yucky harmful ingredients. Dubbed an ingredient anthropologist, Graydon herself is a wiz in the kitchen, former yoga instructor, and farmer’s market foraging pro. I have always been passionate about using natural products on my body and in my home, and even more so now as a new mom.
They contain local sustainably hand-harvested wild seaweed, locally grown kale, lavender & rosemary and are equal parts relaxing, therapeutic, and decadent. They can remind us to make a ritual out of everyday routine, and that simple acts of self-love and care, like taking a hot botanical mineral bath, can be good for our bodies, minds, souls, and the earth. So normally I don’t allow people to post links to their company, but I checked yours out and love how much heart and soul you put into it and describing it here! I just looked back here and am so excited you posted our info and to hear you are indulging in some self-loving salt soaks to rejuvenate after long work days.
I have always loved their products (especially their honey and bee pollen), and they recently released a new line of USDA Certified Organic Skin Cream, Face Balm, and Serum.

I started using the facial serum about 2 weeks ago and have seen a great improvement in my skin. I love all of their products and they are all natural and not filled with any yucky ingredients. I am happy to know that so many are awakening to using real natural ingredients, that not only is good for our skin, but for good of the place we call home, earth.
Chances are that nearly all the natural products found in your local department stores and health food stores are not fully chemical and preservative free, which in turn, can make them more apt to irritate the skin and be harmful. Appreciating this ancient Italian wisdom, Daniela created her own skin care line around the healing properties of olive oil. It looks like a regular lip balm, but as you apply it, it glides on silky and adds shine to lips, like a gloss. The cream’s light green hue comes from nutrients like chlorophyll and broccoli seed oil, powerful antioxidants and detoxifiers. Handcrafted on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, these products are a blend of artisanal purity and understated elegance. They have only been tested on myself, friends and family and I want people to know they are soaking in only the good things from nature, with no nasty chemicals.
Being a new mom has reminded me that everything is connected and the more we love ourselves, the more we have to give to our families, our communities and our earth. A simple soak can change your day and we are hoping to encourage people to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasure of breathing deeply in mineral rich salts and luxurious botanicals. This cream is a basic staple that is suitable for all skin types, from sensitive to mature and everything in between.

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