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Serving Recommendations Canada's Food Guide recommends the number of servings for each food group for all Canadians over two years of age based on age and gender.
Nutrition Research Browse research on nutrition programs and approaches and discover implications to maximize your teaching.
Book a Workshop Receive FREE grade-specific nutrition resources and programs by attending a free teacher workshop. Skeptics of the Zone Diet will always point to the fact that you can eat twinkies for your carb portion, and fatty meats for your protein and fat portions, you will still technically be eating within the “Zone.”  Now this is an extreme example and Dr. A certified personal trainer and crossfit coach with more than four years of experience, Patrick Vuong has helped countless athletes, elderly, and everyday folk improve their lives through better movement, nutrition, and body re-composition.  A kinesiology graduate of UBC, Patrick continues to educate himself daily promote the benefits of regular exercise to everyone. Patrick has been a certified personal trainer for over 5 years and is the assistant manager at Fitness Town in Burnaby. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

At CCA, we have always been interested in complementing the home and fostering a healthy living school environment that promotes physical activity and healthy eating through both words and action.
The Ontario government  introduced a policy effective September 1, 2011 that requires all public schools to meet the requirements of the Healthy School memorandum with regards to nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in schools.
The cost to each student will be $5 per lunch, per day for a large portion or $4 per lunch per day for a small portion. We trust this program will meet the desires of busy families, and as well help encourage healthy eating and complement what CCA stands for, nurturing the whole child.   We are excited to pioneer the way for school and families to work together towards a healthier lifestyle by modeling it in what we offer and provide our students. All documents found on our website can be made available in other accessible formats where practicable and upon request.
This commitment to healthy living is a result of our commitment to the success of our children. The menu has been developed and approved by a team of certified food handlers and will be prepared, cooked and served at CCA each day in our Health Unit-approved kitchen.

Large portions will be larger – for example double portions of meat, or a second hot dog or slice of pizza. 100 calories of whole wheat bread and look at the vitamin and minerals content between the two. From both our experience and research, we recognize that a healthy living school environment maximizes students’ learning potential and success, and enhances students’ social and emotional well-being.
In helping students live healthy, we have committed to teaching students the skills to make healthy choices and reinforcing those through school practices.

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