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Boneless skinless chicken breasts, Eggs, Crushed garlic and 10 more.. Grated zucchini, Bisquick, Canola oil, Eggs (beaten ) and 7 more.. Lasagna noodles, cooked, Cream of chicken soup and 13 more..
Johnsonville hot italian sausage links, Crushed tomatoes and 12 more..
Potatoes, peeled and quartered, Vegetarian ground beef and 13 more.. Egg yolk, Buckwheat flour, Flour, Beer, Milk, Egg whites and 2 more.. Seasoned flour, Eggs, Milk, Shrimp, Panko breadcrumbs and 4 more.. Eggs, Milk, Parmesan cheese, grated, Garlic cloves, minced and 13 more.. Eggs, Crushed fresh garlic, Grated parmesan cheese and 9 more.. Olive oil, Hot italian sausage, casings removed and 8 more.. Egg noodles, Reduced-fat sour cream, Canola oil, divided and 15 more..
Olive oil, divided, Shallots, chopped, Garlic, minced and 8 more..
Whole sea bass , scaled and gutted, Olive oil, Limes and 6 more..
Onion, roughly chopped, Italian parsley, roughly chopped and 17 more.. Extra virgin olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, Honey and 5 more.. Balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, Sugar, Salt and 5 more.. Balsamic vinegar, Honey, Dijon mustard, Salt, divided and 9 more..
Garlic cloves, minced, Minced shallot, Orange juice and 8 more.. Extra virgin olive oil, Red wine (or vinegar) and 6 more..

Extra virgin olive oil, Sweet italian turkey sausage links and 13 more.. Olive oil, White balsamic vinegar, Chopped parsley and 7 more..
Minced red onion, Red wine vinegar, Olive oil, Salt and 5 more.. Assorted medium beets, Bottled balsamic vinaigrette and 3 more.. Increase the heat and add the minced meats and the garlic and cook, stirring well and often to break up the lumps and to prevent burning. Lower the heat to a simmer and cook for 2 hours Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti according to the instructions on the pack.
Serve the spaghetti with the sauce on top and with plenty of grated cheese (Parmesan) as a topping.
Olive oil, Onion (chopped ), Garlic (chopped ) and 7 more.. Olive oil, Onion, diced, Garlic clove, minced and 7 more.. Olive oil, divided, Onion, chopped, Garlic cloves, minced and 11 more..
Olive oil, Red onions, sliced, Garlic cloves, crushed and 6 more.. Pork steak, cubed, Vegetable oil, Potato, peeled and cubed and 12 more.. Olive oil, divided, Red onion, finely chopped and 15 more..
Olive oil, Chopped onion, Garlic, Ground chuck, Tomato and 12 more..
Olive oil, Onion, chopped, Garlic cloves, minced and 12 more.. Spaghetti, Olive oil, Bacon, diced, Onion, finely chopped and 12 more.. Beef mince, Onion, chopped finely, Garlic clove, crushed and 4 more..
Lean ground beef, Tomato paste, Water, Diced carrot and 6 more..
Boca meatless ground burger, Diced tomatoes (do not drain) and 6 more..

Olive oil, Purple onion , cut into strips and 7 more.. Low-sodium chicken broth, Saffron threads, Olive oil and 13 more..
Onions (chopped ), Green bell pepper (chopped ) and 8 more.. Eggplants, Red bell pepper, halved and seeded and 8 more.. Zucchini, Bell pepper, Fresh tomato, Garlic clove and 4 more.. Olive oil, Onion, chopped, Garlic cloves, finely chopped and 7 more.. Basic vinaigrette, Zest of 1 lemon, grated, Garlic, minced and 5 more.. Fresh or frozen jumbo shrimp in shells (about 32) and 7 more..
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If you are not in the mood for pasta, try it in a crusty loaf of bread or a side of salad for a super low point meal.

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