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Scot Bruce will perform Elvis Presley's greatest hits Friday in a tribute concert that benefits the Yuma Council of CASA. Scot Bruce revisits Elvis Presley's early years in Shake, Rattle & Roll, a tribute concert Friday in Yuma. ARIZONA SWEET ORANGEBunce, eastern regional program manager health inspection service- magic elves landscaping. Kevin's sculpture Skeletorus, a three-dimensional, single-sided sculpture, will be sold at the 2013 Contemporary Forum live art auction.
For more information about attending the auction or to see the work that will be sold there, visit the Contemporary Forum Web site.
The day before that opening reception, a group from the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art visited Kevin's house and studio. Kevin and multimedia artist Annie Waters will exhibit their sculpture and drawings, respectively, at the Yuma Fine Arts Center in the show The Organic Edge. The show runs concurrently with two important events in Yuma, the Yuma Art Symposium and Lettuce Days, a celebration of the importance of agriculture in the area.
With Bug Man completed, Kevin has turned his full attention to the large truncated octahedron (left).
Kevin has also been working on two piece that are part of what he's calling his "Gordian accordion series," which started with Sprung, and continued with Square Up and now includes two new pieces, CounterSprung and CounterSink. Keep an eye on what Kevin is working on in the Works in Progress section of the Web site - we update it often. When Kevin posted his first video back in March 2008, it would have been difficult to imagine that today his nearly 240 videos would have 3 million views, but that's where we are now.
A sound, water, site-specific or free-standing sculpture adds immeasurable joy and peace to your home or workplace. Please forward this issue of MUSeINGS to anyone looking for a special piece for home or work, or for a gift for that person who has everything.
If this newsletter was forwarded to you and you want your very own copy on the day it's released, just sign up here. If you're really sure you don't want to receive MUSeINGS anymore, we'll miss you, but we only want to send it to people who really want it. Once you've finished shopping, click the checkout link in your shopping cart (located at the upper left side of this page, below this help area). Shop our Marketplace, select your items, and then click on “Proceed to Checkout”, review your order, and then click on “Submit Order”, you will then enter your “Order Number” below, and click the “Buy Now” to submit your payment. Plus it's one of the first plants to bloom at the end of winter, beginning as early as February in many areas. 0.50 grams - Annual - Warm season *How many things can you think of doing with these creative little Goblin Eggs? Shipping Charges for all Other Products not listed above, will be shipped by regular Parcel Post, figured by weight, & charged accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE; After December 1st, all orders for Crape Myrtles, Flowering Trees and Shrubs, Berry and Bedding Plants, will not be shipped or be ready for pickup until the Spring of 2016. Border Patrol agent Andres Gonzalez plays Taps on his trumpet near the end of Thursday morning's U.S. Border Patrol Color Guard march away after posting the colors at the start of Thursday morning's U.S.
Border Patrol Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Porvaznik delivers his remarks as the keynote speaker during Thursday morning's U.S. Border Patrol Honor Guard fire a three-volley salute near the end of Thursday morning's U.S.
On Thursday, January 17, the opening reception for the show Paper   Metal   Resin at the University Club of Phoenix was a resounding success.
At his home, architect Kristine Woolsey shared her thought process about renovating the space to reflect Kevin's lifestyle as well as behavioral architecture itself. For more information about the show, please visit the Events page, where you can always find out where Kevin and his work will be appearing.
If you're logged in to your account *and* the market is open, you will see quantity box an "Add to Cart" icon next to each item. Please Note: Shipping Charges are not added in at the time of Checkout, scroll down to figure your rate before submitting your payment. Designed with your family and the environment in mind, all ingredients are pure and natural, food or pharmaceutical grade. The sturdy mesh means you can wash off the contents right in the bag where it will quickly dry off for storage. Goblin is a first-year flowering perennial and compact-growing selection of the native Gaillardia, also called blanket flower. Pockets all around the outside of the bag will accomodate trowels, pruners or any other kind of hand gardening tool. With its very large bulbs and pinkish tint, Red Toch makes a beautiful garlic braid, and is also a great roasting variety, and stores well into the cold winter months This variety matures sooner then other soft necks.
Fast-growing vine bearing huge fruits, up to a foot long, with a sweet edible, passion fruit like pulp. Some gourd growers leave gourds in the garden during the winter to improve their characteristics for craft projects. They can be picked straight from the vine for autumn decor, painted, decorated with glitter and raffia, or simply dried and cured to save for months or years to come. Plant produces high yields of 10" bright orange squash type gourds with red, white, and dark green markings.
An old-fashioned “cutting garden” was often no more than a corner of the vegetable garden where a few flower seeds were tossed — their lovely, cheerful blossoms were a bonus after the hard work of sowing, watering, weeding, and harvesting. Border Patrol Yuma Sector Law Enforcement Memorial ceremony at Yuma Sector headquarters, 4035 S.
After lunch, the group headed to the studio, where participants learned more about Kevin's process and work.

When I did, they came together rapidly." See CounterSprung, which is completed in a surprising finish, and CounterSink, which is currently at the powder-coater, on their respective pages. Or contact us if you would simply like to visit Kevin's studio - he would enjoy giving you a personal tour.
Kevin's lovely assistant will gladly fulfill your every wish (OK, just this one, but that's one, anyway!). These beautiful French marigolds bear lovely 2-3" blossoms, with a mix of yellow, orange, and mahogany red. Butterflies love the bright red and yellow bicolored flowers that are continually produced from summer through frost.
A very striking variety whose cloves are a deep mahogany color with red streaks and bulb wrappers that are thick and creamy. Easy to pick, and withstands drought.close Big green berries ripen to pale pink for tempting pies and preserves. Give the 20' vines room to sprawl… or train plants up a large trellis, arbor, fence, or pergola.
A second option: sow half the seed 4 weeks before the average last frost (hoping the last frost is earlier than usual) and sow the second half a week or two after the average last frost (just to be safe). That night, each artist sold work, including Kevin's sculpture SquareDance (below); it was a good way to kick off the show. If you want more, you can either change the quantity and then click, or click the number of times you want. After the petals fall, the round, reddish-brown seed heads mix among the flowers for added interest. Furthermore, they write on wood, plastic, metal, glass, porcelain and many other materials. A cool arbor laden with grapes is a landscape essential people have enjoyed for thousands of years.
The Sparky Mix Marigold sports double blossoms with wide wavy petals, blooms Early Summer until first Fall Frosts. These grapes are self pollinating, space your vines 8-10 ft apart on a strong arbor, fence or trellis. Great for bordering your flower garden or interplanting with your vegetables to ward off pests. Application during mid-day or high temperatures may cause leaf burn or leaf fall, neither of which should harm the plant. Pharm Solutions products are safe, bio-degradable, and will not harm beneficials should they land on treated plants.

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