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Step 1: Fill CowPots biodegradable planting containers with the appropriate Vermont Compost Company potting soil.
Choose the size pot and potting mix based on how long you anticipate the plant will be living in the container.
Step 4: When the weather conditions are appropriate for planting your vegetable garden, plant the CowPot with the plant into the ground following the guidelines for spacing. With honest, good old-fashioned effort you can enjoy basketfuls of sun-ripened vegetables grown from your very own garden. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated.

Most vegetable seeds are annual, providing the gardener with new hopes and dreams of a bountiful harvest each year.Forego the supermarket produce section and plant an edible, GMO Free home garden, safe from widely used industrial pesticides. Start your vegetable seeds with only the finest USA made seed starting supplies.It is difficult to know what gardening supplies will yield the best results for your vegetable garden. We have carefully selected our offering of tomato seeds, pepper seeds, squash and zucchini seeds, lettuce seeds, melon seeds, etc. You can feel confident in choosing from the wide variety of organic and sustainable gardening supplies from The Online Greenhouse whether it's our wide variety of CowPots, organic potting soils or the extensive collection of vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds and our heirloom vegetable and heirloom flower seeds.A large selection means you can find exactly what you need, greenhouse supplies for a professional grower, or garden supplies for the home gardener, we specialize in seed starting! Eat a warm tomato from the vine, bite into a fresh and cool homegrown cucumber and let your life be changed.Choose from our huge selection of over 500 different types of heirloom, organic, open-pollinated, hybrid, rare and hard to find vegetable seeds.

A premier online supplier of Vegetable seeds, Eden Brothers offers 500+ Vegetable seeds on sale.

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