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Roots Organics Original Potting Soil is a natural and organic indoor and outdoor growing mix and a ready-to-use container media for fast-growing and heavy-feeding plants.
Roots Organics Formula 707 was designed with greater water holding capacity, less perlite and pumice and specific ingredients for outdoor as well as indoor container gardening.
Roots Organics Earth Worm vermicompost contains organic matter to assist in soil aggregation and improve cation exchange capacity of soils.
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It is also great to use as a potting soil additive or amendment to revitalize and improve structure of garden potting soil.
The earthworms are carefully tended and fed a blend of natural and organic feedstocks for exceptional-quality vermicompost. When used alone as an amendment, or as a top dress, this formula is very effective for supplementing calcium, magnesium and iron.
Made from only the finest ingredients, coarse peat, coco fiber, compost, perlite, pumice, worm castings, bat guano, fish bone meal, soybean meal, kelp meal and much more, the 15 and 30 gal grow bags contain just less than 10 and 20 gal of the highest quality growing mix. Roots Organics Earth Worm is a great amendment or top dress to aid in the proliferation of soil microbes and encourages vigorous root growth.

However, it is particularly effective when blended with Roots Organics Uprising Grow for a planta€™s vegetative growth phase and with Roots Organics Uprising Bloom for the bloom phase.

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