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Readers have been asking more and more what real food products to buy at Trader Joe’s, so I thought I’d just turn the discussion into a blog post! Before I dive right into the products though I want to be sure to tell you about two of our sponsors. Trader Joe’s Whole-Wheat PitasFinding decent bread products at the grocery store is no easy task. Trader Joe’s Sliced Havarti CheeseI like the convenience of pre-grated cheese, but not the powdery additive that’s used as an anti-caking agent to keep it from sticking together (cellulose – made from wood pulp), which is why I think pre-sliced cheese is the perfect middle-ground. It would appear that I am creating a delicious pita sandwich here with these first three items! Sometimes it can be a challenge to find yogurt that meets all my criteria…organic, whole-milk, plain, and reasonably priced! I save lots of money stocking up on coffee and espresso from Trader Joe’s whenever I am there!
These are available at quite a few places now…Target, mainstream grocery stores, all the health food stores, etc, but once again it’s hard to beat the price at Trader Joe’s. These are one of our favorite brands of crackers because they are both whole-grain and organic! Buy It or Fly By It food reviews from a guy that is a few cards short of a full deck and may need to get some nutrition bar rehab treatment. I've hit a lot of Greek yogurts on this blog, but this is review number one of any of the Stonyfield Greek yogurt products.
After my first bite, which was all yogurt and no "jam", I continued to be disappointed because the Greek yogurt taste was extremely strong and overpowering. We buy our organic milk from family farms committed to the highest organic standards, from generations of farming wisdom.
VERKA established in 2002 as a premium provider of authentic, natural & healthy Dairy products to serve the Indian and Middle Eastern markets.
Our Organic Greek Yogurt is slowly cultured and vat-set before it is carefully strained to achieve its rich texture.
The unique flavor comes from the pasture grass on the beautiful hillsides of Marin and Sonoma Counties in the coastal region of Northern California, where our cows graze.
Like all of our certified organic yogurt products, Organic Greek Yogurt is also certified kosher, gluten free and the only Non-GMO Project Verified, organic Greek yogurt on the market.

First of all, I don’t do all my shopping at Trader Joe’s (I get produce, dairy, and other items at Earth Fare and the farmers’ market), but I do go there every couple weeks for some staples that in some cases I can’t get anywhere else. Our sponsors are what keep this site going for free so we really appreciate it when you send them some love. Most people have to go to a bakery or make it themselves in order to have 100% whole-grain bread made with only 5 or 6 ingredients, which is why I was so excited when I figured out that these Trader Joe’s pitas fit the bill.
It’s super quick and easy without any unwanted additives…because no matter how hard I try I cannot get my cheese slices this perfect and uniform.
Sure, I like to make homemade hummus, but I don’t always have time and this is the only organic version that I can easily find. We put a great deal of effort into selecting the highest quality food available and then we wash it down with cheap wine.
These contain corn syrup (although not much), which is definitely less than ideal, but sometimes beggars can’t be choosers. Trader Joe’s has some of the best prices on cheese (which can get pretty expensive elsewhere), but to be honest their selection isn’t my first choice when it comes to taste. Our supplier has their own special blend of foods that they give their cows, just like you have a diet that is different from your neighbor's. The company is a member of the CMAB (California Milk Advisory Board), and is the only Indian Dairy label that uses Real California seal.
Our Organic Greek Yogurt is made with two simple ingredients, organic milk and live, active cultures. It has the thick and creamy texture of traditional Greek yogurt and the delicious, authentic Straus Family Creamery taste. The fertile soil, mild, coastal climate and fresh marine air generate a flora packed full of nutritional, sweet grasses for our cows. You can really help us out by rinsing them well before returning them - we will require less water for sanitation and can reuse them more often. Secondly, I know Trader Joe’s is touted as a health food store, but just like the rest of them they still sell a whole lot of (organic, gluten-free, vegan, multigrain, etc.) junk food! I canned some green tomato relish myself last weekend and it was super nice having the Tattler lids on hand because to be honest I have trouble keeping track of which Ball lids have been used before or not. Plus I am learning that havarti is good on just about everything (including those pitas that I just mentioned above!).

Earlier this year I noticed a few bags of our Trader Joe’s cashews smelled and tasted funky. The cows feed must be consistent or her digestive system gets upset and she "goes off feed", just like when humans eat a very rich dessert.
Enjoy the delicious Straus Family Creamery flavor that comes through in every thick and creamy bite.
A reader asked me once if there was anywhere she could shop for food without having to scrutinize labels and just buy anything that’s available (while still avoiding processed food). Real Salt has a pinkish tint with flecks of color from more than 60 naturally occurring trace minerals. It’s not that we don’t enjoy (or want) more expensive wine it just doesn’t help the budget if you know what I mean. To be honest the closest you are going to get to a place like that is the farmers’ market, and even then I still like to ask if they spray chemical pesticides or use synthetic fertilizers on their produce. Nuts may be more expensive out of the bulk bins at Earth Fare, but at least I can do a quick quality check. So long story short, you pretty much always have to have your guard up…and that even includes shopping at Trader Joe’s! After that, I stirred the fruit up from the bottom and found that unlike most of these fruit "jams" that you see on the bottom of these fruit on the bottom yogurts, there were no bits of fruit. During the winter, because of the rain, the grass is too young and is mostly water, and the pasture and ground water are fragile and must be protected.
Additional foods, are the more concentrated feeds, including grains, that supply carbohydrates, fat, protein and fiber.
There are a number of feeds in this category, such as: Cottonseed, barley, corn, soy (in various forms), molasses, almond hulls, wheat, rye, canola, rice, figs, beet pulp, brewers mash, and sunflower. The choice of what mix to use can depend on the needs of the animal (such as more energy foods during cold weather), availability and price.

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