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Ships on time with tracking, 0 problems with past sales, over 100 items sold, eBay account active for over 90 days. Check us out on Facebook to see the organic gardens, plants, fruit and vegetables these seeds come from. You are also sure to find plenty of gardening tips, new seed lines and the latest gardening methods and products. To ensure your invoice gets combined, add all the items you want to buy to your shopping cart,if your items don't combine automatically when checking out click on the tab REQUEST A FINAL INVOICE before paying for any items. This listing is for:Pumpkin Seeds, Butternut (Cucurbita Moschata) Pear shaped with yellow skin.
Sweet, nutty and orange flesh, slightly dryer than other varieties and so makes it great for roasting, bread and scones. We go to great lengths to ensure our seed is grown and processed in the most loving or ethical ways possible and are always looking at ways to improve, our desire is to have a business that actually improves the environment and enriches our ecosystems. The main focus in our garden is on building humus and soil life, from that we build self-supporting ecosystems.

We don't use any form of controls, poisons or chemicals even if they are certified organic. We rely on diversity to balance out any infestations like aphids and rely on plant health to fight off any disease. It would take a while to explain the level of ethics we stand by; we also believe we far exceed any certification guidelines.
Before our seeds are put on the market they are first put through our testing facility to ensure they have a high germination rates. To help prolong your seed’s viability, we recommend storing them in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. The location of our business is at the Little Ladybird Plant Nursery, 164 Bridge Street, Uralla NSW 2358. Buyers please note: If the buyer chooses not to have their package registered, then we are unable to track the item.
We can not be held responsible for any lost items, we are not in control of Australia post.

We have noticed around 3-5% of packages do go astray, most do turn up eventually, but some do get lost completely.
Please contact us for more details.Oversees buyers please contact us for details on postage to your country.
If we find the seeds are perfectly viable then we will work with you to get to the bottom of the problem.
We use the same seeds to propagate organic seedling for sale at The Little Ladybird Nursery in Uralla NSW.

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