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The other day I received a shipment from Greensbury Market with some steaks and chicken to review.
I think that this is one area where I am going to try and start buying organic from companies like Greensbury Market for our meat.
We had issues with hormones in chicken (we can only assume) during my pregnancy that caused health problems with my oldest daughter as a baby. While I have been buying a few organic items lately like milk, eggs, peanut butter, salad dressing, vegetables, fruit, etc., I have yet to try any meat. Knowing how to buy fresh, local meat will ensure that you get the healthiest bang for your hard-earned buck. RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—What do you look for when you're shopping for meat—a "USDA Organic" seal?
There are a few easy ways to gauge the freshness of your potential purchases—and keep them safe and fresh once you get home.
For more tips on meat shopping, we turned to Jessica Applestone, owner of Fleisher's Grass-fed & Organic Meats in Kingston, NY. Beef and lamb should also be free of any odor and not slimy—dry is better than sticky, in this case. Whether they’re made with beef, lamb, pork, poultry, or a mixture of meats, sausages should never be slimy, and all ingredients should be clearly labeled. In my previous post, I tackled one important topic that talks about the difference between “Natural” and “Organic”, if you are not sure about their difference yet then it is best to read the article.  There are certain foods which are less recommended to buy organic and there are foods that are highly recommended to buy organic. The outbreak of mad cow disease in 1990s gave organic beef a big boost, but standards are the same for all animals raised to be sold as organic.
Since milk and other dairy products are mostly given to children, parents are more convinced to buy organic.
Just like dairy products, amounts of pesticides may pass from chickens to eggs, and from there, on to the many foods prepared with them. Potatoes is highly recommended to buy organic because conventionally-grown potatoes have one of the highest pesticide contents among fruits and veggies.
In all its colorful varieties, nearly 50 different pesticides have been detected on conventionally-grown peppers. If you are purchasing baby foods, buying organic protects your baby from harmful pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and chemicals that can interfere with infant development. Copyright © 2016 Organic Living Chic - Organic Living Chic is an organic lifestyle blog which provides organic food info, organic skin care, organic produce, general information, and latest news and trends. Since we only had 2 of the steaks I purchased 2 small New York strip steaks at the local grocery store also. You all know that right now we are going to be spending more for many of the things that are better for us, our family, and Earth. I would love to know if you have tried any organic meats and what differences you have noticed. Honestly, the only reason I have yet to try them is because they are a bit pricey in the SuperMarket.
I would love to buy Organic in everything, but I have to be very picky and choosy on what I can and can't buy Organic. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc.

The first way is to start out at the farmer's market or with a local butcher who can tell you how the animals were raised.
Compared with conventional grain-fed beef, the grass-fed variety contains twice as much of the antioxidant vitamin E, which protects against the cellular damage that can lead to chronic disease.
An old-fashioned butcher shop, Fleisher’s carries pastured meats from animals raised on local farms. Be on the lookout for fillers and preservatives, which exist even in processed meats labeled "no added nitrates or nitrites." Bulk sausages that aren't in casings are less likely to contain cancer-causing preservatives.
Organic eggs come from the birds that eat organic feeds and are not pumped up with growth hormone or dosed with antibiotics. Almost everyone indulges to coffee as part of their daily consumption but the downside is, there are many reasons to stop drinking it because of the caffeine and many other chemicals occurrence. The USDA discovered 81% of potatoes tested in 2006 contained pesticides even after washed and peeled. They are prone in insect infestation, so they’re subject to heavy sprayings of insecticides on the big commercial farms. Because baby food is often made of condensed vegetables and fruits, the level of any chemicals found on the food is deepened. I have to be honest I really was not expecting to notice that much of a difference between this meat and what I normally buy from the grocery store or butcher shop.
What we have to do is decided how must the benefits are worth to us and make our decisions that way. But now I'm just going to have to give in to buying something to try at least once so that I can check out the difference. While those words are worthy marks of healthy, wholesome meat, they don’t always tell you how fresh the meat actually is, and if you're plunking down top dollar for the best local, organic meat, you also want it to taste as good as possible when you cook it, and last until you have the chance to. USDA Organic–certified meat has no hormones or antibiotics that may increase the risk of reproductive disorders and antibiotic resistance in humans, and the animals weren't fed corn or soy that have been genetically modified to withstand heavy dosings of toxic pesticides.
It also has a high concentration of the compound CLA, a fatty acid that’s a potential cancer fighter, as well as significantly higher amounts of heart-healthy omega-3 fats.
Look for fatter, thicker cuts so your pork doesn't dry out when you cook it, says Applestone.
Ideally, the purveyor will tell you either that day or the day before, or that it was freshly ground and then frozen.
To summarize, organic meat it is 100% organic fed, animals are free-ranged, organic animals are not cannibals, no pesticides or fertilizers, and produces less waste. While organic dairies give their cows feed made from grain growth without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Well, here’s the news, there is what they call as Organic Coffee which is said to be healthier and recommended than conventional coffee. Other veggies that show a high level of pesticide residue are celery, carrots, green beans, lettuce, spinach and tomatoes. As your budget allows, it makes sense to make sure the items you buy the most of each week are also purchased organically grown.
But lots of farmers who may not have the official USDA Organic certification are selling meat that’s produced without chemicals, so be sure to ask away.
Pasture-raised meat is also higher in beta-carotene, certain B vitamins, and the minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium, according to a study published in the Journal of Animal Science.

She says fresh poultry should always be washed before it’s cooked; if it smells bad after a good rinse with cold water (don’t use soap), throw it away. With frozen pork, as well as other frozen meat, never defrost it on the counter or in hot water.
For an easy, flavor-packed fall sausage recipe, use your links to make Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe and Italian Sausage.
The avoidance of pesticides and fertilizers in the feed and in the pasture lessens the impact of the herd on the environment. Organic eggs comes from free-range chickens that have access to a yard and not treated with chemicals. Contaminants in peaches are fungicides captan and iprodione, which have been linked to cancer.
All poultry and meat should all be stored the same way, says Applestone: in a refrigerator at a temperature under 40 degrees, or in the freezer.
Frozen meat should last about six months in the freezer if it is sold paper-wrapped, and one year if it’s sold vacuum-packed in Cryovac. Other dairy products which are highly recommended to buy organic are yogurt, ice cream, butter and cheese. Other fruits that also have high level of pesticides and highly recommended to buy organic are apples, cherries, imported grapes, pears, strawberries, and red raspberries. Upon opening the packages, they are individually vacuumed sealed, I noticed the texture was different than what I am used to. White eggs come from white chickens and brown eggs come from brown chicken so you don’t have to limit your organic egg purchases. It is also recommended to look for organic label when buying some fruit juice especially grape juice. The Greensbury Market chicken definitely had a less rubbery texture in it’s raw state.
There was a difference and we all liked the organic steaks better in flavor and texture, although the difference did not seem quite as obvious as it had with the chicken the day before. There are also some variety of organic eggs that are available nowadays like goose, quail, and ostrich eggs. With frozen cuts of beef and lamb, ice crystals crusted on the meat mean the meat is freezer-burned, so pass it up. I should mention that Hubby is not a fan of white meat chicken and that is a giant understatement. If your meat defrosts on the way home from the market, either store it in the refrigerator and use it within one to two days or cook it immediately.
After his first bite of this chicken though he gave me a shocked look and said “this is good!” Wow!

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