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Buy West Eat Best is a food labelling program that proudly supports the local food industry in Western Australia. Last November Buy West Eat Best teamed up with four regional food councils to host a competition to get foodies throughout WA using local ingredients to create WA’s Signature Dish. Buying fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season really does make a difference in lots of ways. When fresh produce is out of season locally and it appears in a store then it has either been grown in a hothouse or alternatively shipped in from somewhere else.
It is fairly safe to say it is cheaper to purchase a product when it is in season. This is the time they are most abundant locally and the general rules of supply and demand state that when the supply is great the price comes down.
Locally spent dollars are more likely to stay in the local community rather than leaving the local community with each transaction. If you buy out of season the product has either been cold stored to ensure it remains edible or it is transported into the area either from within Australia or imported from another country. Sign up for the Market Update  its a free weekly email that gives you the produce information for that week – what is available, in season, expensive or scarce.
That is true if we buy veges and fruit that is not in season it cost more that it’s unusual price.
Have you packed away your winter clothes, or do you keep them in the same cupboard over summer? If there is a particular food or drink you don't consume, do you still buy it when entertaining guests? But for me, it’s more fun and interesting (not to mention economical) to shop for produce at local markets. Fuel, air miles and packaging are all incorporated into the cost of produce when it has to be shipped into a location.

Enjoy the seasons and the change they bring and you will appreciate it so much more when that first mango hits your table. Watch the produce on your table change with the seasons and a good way to do this is to avoid the supermarkets.
China's Consumer Price Index (CPI), a main gauge of inflation, rises 6.5 percent in July on surging food costs. Produce markets are all over China, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a few in your neighborhood. When fruit and vegetables are transported usually they are picked before their optimum time and then treated and or refrigerated. The Australian growers are up against a high level of regulatory restriction however the same rigorous regulation doesn’t always apply to imported produce.
Lunar New year or Chinese New Year 2016 is looking really good in Sydney this year with lots of special events, parades, food stalls, banquets and celebrations across the city.
This was highlighted recently by the recent Hepatitis A scare in Australia, where berries imported from China were responsible for the infection of many people. This is a sure fire way of getting to know what is in season and support your local community.
No matter which type you choose to buy your goods from, you’re bound to love produce markets in China; but check out these tips before you go! Generally they don’t ripen as they would if allowed to do so naturally therefore their flavour never fully forms.
Despite cold storage of the produce the virus managed to survive and infect consumers of the product.
It was not that long ago that the banana crops in Queensland were destroyed and there was only imported fruit.

When I was a kid, something happened to the orange crop and they had to import Californian oranges or go without them in your diet. Those who do, must never have shopped at Aldi, where most of the food is imported from overseas, and the profits all go back to Germany. by Lluxi no i buy local fruit and veg. Vendor prices, as well as range and quality of produce can vary greatly from stall to stall, and market to market. I definitely recommend you check out all that’s on offer before you settle on what to buy.
After a few visits to the same produce market, you might find a particular vendor whose produce looks best. I try to buy foods which do not have large transport values by buying from farmer's markets and in season fruit and vegetables to keep my footprint as low as possible. Just jump in there and buy what you need, but also try some of the stranger looking fruit and vegetables.
For one weeks’ worth of vegetables from a Tianjin produce market, I usually pay about 30CNY (or USD$5). You can also be in and out of the produce market fairly quickly once you’ve been there a few times and know what you want, from where. There’s no waiting in lines to get your produce weighed and tagged (as in supermarkets) and no waiting to check out.
So get out there and check out some of the produce markets in China! Have you been to a produce market in China?

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