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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our premium grade top soil bulk bag contains just the right amount of organic matter and essential plant nutrients essential for all general gardening and landscaping uses. Ideal if you are giving your garden a complete facelift, changing your landscaping or just looking to improve the soil quality in your garden or outside space.
If you are planning on growing your own vegetables or simply keep some thriving shrubs and foliage, our premium grade top soil bulk bag weighing approximately 600 kg is just the thing.
With AVS Fencing Supplies you can have your goods conveniently delivered to your chosen address or collect them for free from any of our branches. Our web exclusive sheds and shed related products are fulfilled by our trusted third party supplier Forest.
Our delivery areas are divided into zones by post code, based on the distance away from our branches. Our standard delivery service is approximately 4 - 5 working days, depending on the product line. If you would like to request delivery on a chosen day or would like the driver to call ahead, please add the details to the 'comments' box just before you check out. These are our delivery charges based on the area or 'zone' your post code is in, which reflects the distance our delivery trucks must travel from the closest AVS branch.
If you have chosen to collect your goods from us, please wait until one of our team has contacted you before visiting your branch. We strive to carry out our deliveries Monday - Friday, between 8am - 4pm, except on UK Bank Holidays. Please enter your delivery postcode so that we can give you accurate stock availability and prices.
To create the perfect growing environment for your grass, vegetables and flowers, having the right type of fertilization and soil is important factor. Overseeding Soil *NEW*: Composed of organic compost and peat loam this light, clean and weed free soil is a terrific top dresser for existing or new lawns in conjunction with grass seed. Toemar Garden Supplies & Firewood CentreFamily owned and operated since 1979, our mission at Toemar Garden Supplies & Firewood is providing uncompromising quality products with excellent service. SOILWORX - MELBOURNES BEST SOILS AT MELBOURNES BEST PRICES The hunt for good soil in Melbourne is over!
Bulk Organic Garden Mix is a richer, more nutritious, premium organic top soil containing fish meal, ultra-kelp, worm castings, alfalfa, composted fine bark, mushroom manure, and sourced low silt sand. Use our handy Material Calculator to quickly and accurately estimate how much product you’ll need to cover an area. Read our Gravel School article for detailed info on how to choose the correct bulk products for your project. Most of our bulk materials have a large volume price, either offered per tonne or as a percentage discount. You’ve seen it on your favourite golf course as the gravel on the golf cart paths – now the same great chips are available for your own yard!
For those golfers out there, this is THE product that builds the firm base under our artificial grass putting green kits.
This product is great for any project that needs a compact chip – driveways, parking spaces, and pathways are all perfect candidates for Driveway Chip.

Fractured Rock is commonly used for “cleaning up” areas, and provides a great balance of price and aesthetics.
And because it’s so loose, Pea Gravel is not usually recommended for pathways – unless you’re planning on being barefoot most of the time! Perfect for landscaping projects wanting that “natural look”, our 2“–12” River Rock takes your dry riverbed to the next level! Pro tip: combine the River Rock with both sizes of Drain Rock to achieve that authentic riverbed look! Because it’s coarse, Bedding Sand will not compact, and is not suitable for sandboxes – try the Masonry Sand instead. When paired with cement, our fine, washed Masonry Sand is ideal for grouting or brick laying, or for levelling inflatable pools. And since it’s clean and fine, Masonry Sand works great in sandboxes – the kids will love it! If you’re looking for an economical material to be used as non-structural fill, our Fill Material is a great option.
This product is subject to availability, and may not always be in stock; please call (250) 758-2401 to confirm. Our Navvy Jack is a select mixture of aggregate and clean sand, designed to be paired with Type-10 (Portland) cement when mixing concrete. Don’t forget: we sell an entire range of concrete and cement products, as well as rent all of the tools you need to make mixing and placing concrete easier. Black Garden Mix is our highest quality soil, featuring a rich mixture of peat, chicken manure, and soil. Similar to our Garden Soil, our Premium-Grade Lawn Top Soil also features chicken manure, peat, and soil, but has a higher content of fine sand. The addition of sand improves drainage, and makes it easy to spread in thin layers – a perfect choice for establishing or top-dressing lawns. The Screened Dirt is ideal and economical for filling the bottom of large garden beds, or planting hardy vegetation, and you can always mix it to make your own garden soil. Priced right in between the Fir Bark Mulch and the Fish Compost, it’s great for your garden and your wallet! A nutritious mixture of fish-offal, sawdust, and soils, our Fish Compost is a beautiful rich black, and works brilliantly in place of bark mulch.
Note: We strive for same-day delivery whenever possible, but sometimes our trucks and drivers will book up completely. Bring in your pick-up truck or trailer and have our trained operators load your vehicle with our skid-steer loader. This allows us time to get your order together so it's ready for you when you come to collect it. The delivery vehicles are heavy lorries that can damage private driveways by cracking paving slabs or light weight drain covers etc. This can of course vary depending on things like traffic and other exceptional circumstances beyond the control of AVS and our delivery drivers.
Keeping this thing in mind, we provide quality topsoil, veggie soil and aged cattle manure in Etobicoke, Georgetown, Brampton, Milton, and Toronto. Best used for: Mixing into existing flower garden beds and vegetable garden beds to fertilize and nourish.

We are a garden centre providing garden & landscape supplies, landscape supplies and firewood in Mississauga, Milton, Brampton, Etobicoke, Georgetown, Toronto, Oakville, and the GTA. This price is offered when you order large amounts of material (12-24 tonnes or 10+ yards) and have it delivered in our tandem-axle dump truck. Because this material packs tightly it is ideal for garden pathways: comfortable to walk on, and easy to push a fully loaded wheelbarrow on top of.
It offers a consistent olive-grey colour normally found in more expensive decorative stones. Equally great for covering large decorative areas or using a few rocks here and there to add some size contrast to your landscape. Great for bedding water pipe or irrigation lines in trenches, turning into sand bags, and laying underneath paving stones.
Since Concrete Sand is similar in consistency to the Bedding Sand, it also works for filling and levelling. Please note that Fill Material does not adhere to any technical specification, and as such it is not recommended for any structural applications. A dense mixture of rock and sand made for strong, hard-packing bases, Road Base is perfect for use under paving stones (under the bedding sand layer), retaining wall blocks, poured concrete slabs, or roadways.
Feel free to bring in any container you like to haul our materials away in, and our staff will estimate the volume. Our smallest dump truck carries up to 3 yards, the next truck holds up to 5 yards, and our tandem-axle truck carries around 12 yards (or nearly double that with the pup).
Using the right soil provides the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms necessary for grass, vegetables or flowers to thrive and grow. Best used for: New or existing flower garden beds, new or existing vegetable garden beds,repairing lawns with grass seed or sod, top dressing existing gardens and mixing into a composter.
With over 30 years experience in the industry, SoilWorx have established themselves as the market leaders when it comes to providing quality soils throughout Melbourne. While not Certified Organic, this soil contains almost entirely certified organic ingredients.
For example, we offer 3"-Minus Clear Crush and 3" Pit Run (MOT Spec) in large quantities, even though they aren’t listed online.
And this rock is the real deal: our Lava Rock is mined from a dormant volcano just west of Quesnel, British Columbia.
Servicing the civil, commercial and retail sectors, SoilWorx have earnt a reputation for supplying Melbournes best soils at Melbournes best prices. Please consider it as a reference guide to items we generally stock or have stocked in the past. When the soil is mixed with a proper fertilizer, the chances of success for flourishing landscape increases dramatically. Because we screen and blend it ourselves at one of our two huge soil facilities, using only the highest grade organic matter and recycled base materials excavated from sites and meeting the EPA guidelines.

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