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Fresh, organic, simple: buy non-packaged foods like rice, nuts, beans or grains in bulk from the bins at your local grocery store. You can buy as much or as little as you need, so you can experiment with new products without getting stuck with something you don’t like. Nut butter – the nut butter bar at your food store is probably somewhere near the dry bulk foods.
Buying in bulk is simple: grab a bag or container and a tag (bulk tags usually have “twisties” so you can close the bag) provided by the store, fill the bag or container with the amount of the bulk food that you want and write down the PLU number you see on the bin. When I got serious about buying in bulk, I bought a box of Better Homes and Gardens glass jars from Walmart; the kind you would use for canning projects.
Nuts, grains, seeds, beans and such should be stored in a dark dry place like your pantry closet or kitchen cabinets. At The Source Bulk Foods you can browse over 400 bulk products, including nuts, seeds, grains, cereals, flour, rice, honey, oils, confectionary, yummy snacks, cleaning products, personal care and more!! You are welcome to buy as little or as much as you like from the great selection of organic and conventional products.
This simple, clean and modern store layout is truly an exciting, fun and interactive way to shop.
After leaving corporate Sydney in 2007 to pursue a sea change in beautiful Byron Bay we purchased Edens Landing Health Foods, a vibrant and busy organic fruit & vegetable store. We are a specialised bulk food shop with lots of organic, chemical free and Australian produce as well as hard to find health products. The opportunity to fill a bag with nuts or dry rice or chocolate-covered raisins is appealing to shoppers for a variety of reasons.

The best bulk food displays observe high standards in presentation, aesthetics and healthfulness in order to attract and maintain sales. Remember to bring in your own bottles, containers and bags for refill as The Source is proudly plastic bag free.
There are two things I love about choosing foods from the clear bins at my neighborhood health food store – and lately even at the mainstream grocery store: a) what I see and b) what I don’t see.
The machines crush the nuts right in front of you, and you can be certain there is nothing but nuts in your fresh nut butter. There usually are scales near the bulk bins for you to weigh the food amount before you proceed to the check out. I love the simple, clean and slightly old-fashioned look of these jars with red-and-white gingham patterned lids – so homey.
In order for us to improve the Daily Organic experience for everyone, we need constructive feedback to take on board. Remember to bring in your own bottles, containers and bags as The Source is proudly plastic bag free. If you are looking for a welcoming smile, quality food, great prices and some good old-fashioned customer service then go straight to The Source! With a lot of love, passion, hard work and support from the community, we built the business up over the ensuing years.We extended our premises and opened Edens Landing Deli & Juice Bar in May 2011 and started a bulk food section there. Organic products, many of which are sold by this method, enjoyed a 20 percent year-over-year growth rate according to the most recent numbers.
If you are trying new foods you are unfamiliar with, feel free to write on the tag what it is you are buying, so you will remember what is what when you get home.

Because a lot of these businesses are doing great things and this is a guide to help better understand their business practices.
We stocked about 40 bulk food lines in gravity bins and our passion and enthusiasm for bulk food started to grow along with the encouragement from our customers.We realized there were very few specialized bulk food shops so after noticing this gap in the market we opened the first ‘Source’ store in May 2012.
And consumer research conducted by Natural Foods Merchandiser Magazine identified bulk natural foods as the second-most desirable “signature product category” sought by customers in a natural foods store. What I don’t (have to) see, on the other hand, is marketing messaging on packaging cleverly crafted to influence my buying decision. Website by Egg Design Join Our VIP Mailing ListSign up below to receive regular news, recipes and special offers!
The Source Bulk Foods provides a relaxed old school environment where there is time for a chat and the sharing of ideas and information. A business with soul is what we are all about!The Source Bulk Foods is heavily involved in the community and believes in supporting local issues and charities.
We are passionate about the environment and do what we can to minimise our footprint on the Earth. Our stores are proudly plastic bag free and we encourage you to bring your own containers, bags and bottles. The Source Bulk Foods is also interested in local products and we go out of our way to support Australian producers and suppliers wherever we possibly can.We are beyond grateful for your support and enthusiasm for our stores!It truly is an incredible way to shop and we are proud to bring this concept to you.Paul, Emma, Harley, Mason and the entire Source crew!

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