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Kill your back-up plan & put all your energy into becoming what you truly want to become. My Colour Scheme Do you really live in the 21st century, or is life a figment of your imagination?

ALL training aids, books, gifts, badges - even brand new gear that you can't find with those other guys! HD Wallpaper and background images in the The Alphabet club tagged: fire letter alphabet b. Would you move to hollywood as soon as you can, take acting classes & start auditioning right away?
They accept their choice of backup plan because they know they are going to fail & apparently they are ok with that.
Ah, but when you have that back-up plan still lingering in your mind you aren’t truly giving 110% to achieve your goals.

Or would you go to school for a degree in whatever just so if you fail at acting you can fall back on something?
The reality is that if you accept your backup plan & live that life you are a monstrous failure. You are a failure because you gave up on yourself, because you didn’t believe in yourself, because you refused to let yourself succeed.

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