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Extremely mediocre meal.After asking the staff, they recommended the Boxed Chicken Salad ($11) as the #1 salad option. Colorado Box Beef understands how hard it can be to find the perfect recipe, especially when it comes to seafood. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). All of our veal is USDA inspected and sourced from the industry‚Äôs top suppliers, ensuring that we offer the best selections and cuts available.
From Beans to Coca-ColaWe are now carrying a large range of restaurant and institutional items including paper products, cleaning items, dry and canned food ingredients.MoreWaiakea Volcanic Water. Our aim is to assure complete satisfaction through our products, pricing, delivery and follow-up. Avacobella is a distributor of high-quality, healthy food to retailers & food service providers. Amazing food and a very helping staff.We went there for a lunch and the place looked appealing from outside.

This salad of greens, pulled chicken, bacon, apples, and champagne-apple vinaigrette sounded pretty good but turned out to be a pricey and very boring meal.
The flavors we have are Half and Half (half lemonade, half tea), Sweet tea, Peach tea, and Black tea, and like they say on their website, Joe Teas do just taste better than most other teas.
Healthy.Naturally filtered through 14,000 ft of lava rock which enhances it with life sustaining minerals. As we were looking through the menu and trying to figure out the meaning of couple of ingredients, the gentleman at the counter asked if we needed any help. There are more exciting flavors being invented all the time at Deep River so expect our selection to change from time to time. He helped us out with selecting the right sandwich once he knew we were coming for the first time and that we were vegetarians.
The awesome personalized labels the company offers would make a hilarious and much-appreciated gift, I'm sure.
MoreDo something good!Part sustainable water company, part art project, part philanthropic project, and completely curious.

It's about time.MoreSparkling GingerFresh Ginger Ale is the creation of restauranteur Bruce Cost, an authority on Asian Food.
This makes for a really chaotic ordering process where nobody knows where the line is, and you're forced to go all around getting what you want.
The order numbers are haphazard and not in order, going from 60 to 95 all of a sudden, making it really hard to listen for your number in a predictable manner. There is a large kitchen area and couple of two and four seater tables lined up on the other side.
That on top of the staff not really yelling the numbers and the loud crowds made me miss my number, and when I asked about my order, the staff guy grumpily handed me my meal.Seating is really limited.

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