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For a quite long time we put off our trip to Belfast in favour of visiting other places in Ireland.
But last weekend was perfect time to go somewhere and do someA sightseeingA instead of sitting at home (yes, our apartment is lovely and couch is so comfy…).
You can find there a lot of different things – fruits, veggies,A jewellery, seaweed, spices, bread. Caroline, it was actually Cork vs Belfast, but train tickets were cheaper to Belfast on that weekend.

I got really good tips from one of my coworkers Patrick what to see and where to eat, read a little bit of my guidebook and we headed to Belfast.
I loved the architecture, even though some of the buildings look older then they actually are I still find them pretty.
And I must agree with opinion that people there are really friendly, we met a cyclist who just stopped for a chat when we were taking photos.
We didn’t manage see all the things we planned and tend to just walk around the city.

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