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Under current production conditions it takes an average of roughly 2,500 liters of water (about 820 liters of it irrigation water) to produce 1 liter of liquid biofuel. Dealing a potential blow to critics of the United States’ bio-fuels program, researchers funded by the US government, World Bank and others said in a report that bio-energy produced from crops does not threaten food supplies.
There is no clear relationship between bio-fuels and higher prices that threaten access to food, as some prior analysis has suggested, according to the research partly funded by the US Department of Energy. Critics of bio-fuels, which are used for transportation, say they could threaten food supplies.

A 2012 drought in the US that slashed corn output, for example, caused ethanol plants to shutdown or reduce output but not a notable change in food prices, the report said. Policymakers including US Senators Pat Toomey and Dianne Feinstein have criticised a more than decade-old bio-fuels program that requires increasing amounts of renewable fuels be blended with petrol and diesel. Reuters reports the US Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) was created in 2005 in a bid to reduce dependence on foreign oil and cut greenhouse gas emissions, but has been mired in a years-long debate between bio-fuels advocates, environmentalists and oil companies. Research shows the standard has caused grasslands and wetlands to be converted into farms to produce bio-fuels, said Emily Cassidy, a research analyst with the Environmental Work Group, which has criticised the RFS.

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