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We’ve heard from Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids on why they should get your vote for Beer City USA 2013, and today Ann Arbor makes their case. Ann Arbor is pleased to join our friends in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo as one of three Michigan cities in Charlie Papazian’s 2013 BeerCity USA poll. According to Papazian, BeerCity USA is about “[l]ocal support of the final sum, which is the enthusiasm for beer choice, diversity, flavor and accessibility. Ann Arbor supports three brewpubs, two microbreweries (with a third on the way), and a plethora of multitap bars and restaurants committed to serving craft beer. Jolly Pumpkin Cafe & Brewery serves the coveted sour ales brewed just down the road in its newly expanded Dexter facility. Wolverine State Brewing is one of the few craft breweries in America to specialize in lagers, and their efforts have resulted not just in medals in competitions like the World Expo of Beer but in multiple expansions since opening in late 2010. Whether at a 50-year-old neighborhood joint like Fraser’s Pub or the city’s newest hotspot, Bill’s Beer Garden, meeting over beers is just what people do in Ann Arbor. The Ann Arbor Brewers Guild has been meeting to exchange homebrew and camaraderie since 1986. Since 1948 the German Park Club has hosted picnics attracting thousands to its old-fashioned beer garden full of great German brew, music, and food. The state’s oldest and largest beer fest, the Michigan Summer Beer Festival, brings more than 10,000 enthusiasts to the area every July. Maricat Eggenberger is the Communications Manager for the Ann Arbor Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Enjoy Michigan craft beers and family fun at an urban garden in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. Bill’s Beer Garden had an inaugural mini-season in the fall of 2012 and we successfully opened for our first full season in 2013. Food can be brought into Bill’s Beer Garden from adjacent Mark’s Carts — a collection of eight food carts serving an eclectic mix of tasty, affordable and locally sourced food. Bill’s Beer Garden is a collaboration between Downtown Home & Garden owner Mark Hodesh and business associate Bill Zolkowski (for whom Bill’s Beer Garden is named). Bill’s Beer Garden, together with Downtown Home & Garden and Mark’s Carts, completes a trio of businesses on Ashley Street between Liberty and Washington that anchor the western edge of downtown Ann Arbor.

Bill's Beer Garden is located in the parking lot just south of Downtown Home & Garden, 210 S. Beer lovers can get an early taste, however, when the bar opens for two strategic weekends earlier in the season: St.
It's nice to have a beer garden with long benches for those times you are with a large group. Some of my compatriots mentioned that it was strange to be opening a beer garden with winter just around the corner. There was a really good selection of some of my favorite Michigan Beers at Bill's Beer Garden: Two Hearted, Dirty Bastard, Original Gravity Porter to name a few.
Liberty SilvagniJanuary 18, 2013 at 12:04 AMI got so excited going to this beer garden that I tripped on the benches. Enlisting an old colleague, Bill Zolkowski, to manage the operation, the pair submitted their idea to the Ann Arbor planning authorities and finally received all necessary permissions in October. We’re thrilled other cities have discovered craft beer, but Ann Arbor – a town historically full of German immigrants – is unmatched in its long history of celebrating serious suds.
Most importantly it highlights ‘beer’ as the meeting place.” Ann Arbor excels in all these areas.
In the summer, sidewalks and rooftops transform into oases of craft brew and lively conversation. Patrons can travel between the two areas through in a corridor bisecting Downtown Home & Garden. The bar will be open weekend evenings in May and June, and will move to a 6-day-a-week schedule in July. You can enjoy a quality brew and not have to worry about if there's enough room for your guests. The space (the parking lot of Downtown Home and Garden) looked great and there was a nice festive atmosphere. And while the timing of the opening might seem a little odd, I bet it is going to be packed tomorrow. Also, if you look carefully in the picture above, you can see Joel from the Lunch Room moonlighting as a bartender.

The wine list features a geographically diverse selection, carefully chosen for their compatibility with a range of foods.
Bill's Beer Garden co-owner Bill Zolkowski, however, can barely contain his enthusiasm for the annual street festival of giant puppets. Crackling hardwood fires are started in two portable fire pits and the windows on the newly finished Beer Service Station are opened for business! Arbor Brewing serves not only its own award-winning beers but has hosted often-sold-out monthly tastings of beers from around the world for more than 15 years.
The Ann Arbor cafe is one of the only places to get special releases, which always sell out in hours. Zolkowski has his own history as a downtown business owner; in the early 1970s he opened import shop Baobob at 328 S. I took my young kids last fall to meet a few friends and there were a handful of other families there. Before, if you wanted to stand around in public on the west side of town and drink, you pretty much had to brown bag it. As Downtown Home & Garden closes for the day and cars vacate the parking lot, the Beer Garden takes over.
Soon thereafter he moved his store into a remodeled space at Ashley and Washington where Sweetwaters now stands. Additional seating and tables will be placed along the perimeter and scattered throughout the beer garden. For the last three years Zolkowski served as principal of the three high schools in the Plymouth-Canton educational system; he retired in June after 18 years in public education.

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