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Long lauded as the best, most authentic Thai found in all of New York, Sripraphai has since expanded to two locations… both of which are equally good. The pad thai at Boon Chu is perfectly balanced, but try the pad see ew (pictured), broad white noodles sauced with an incredible brown beef gravy that has seen some patrons practically lick the plate clean, or the crispy catfish salad, which will have you questioning all you know about catfish. Aside from its adorable name, Dee Daa is all about balance: balance among the four basic flavors, sweet, salty, sour, spicy. Vividly coloured, and perfectly balanced, Thai cuisine is one of Southeast Asia's most celebrated.
Stretching from the jungle-clad mountains in the north, to the tropical islands in the south, Thailand is a land of extremes and this is clearly reflected in the food.
Thai food is known for its use of chillies, and while most dishes are spicy, there are plenty of options for those who prefer things slightly milder. A traditional Thai meal is made up of several small parts, often including an entree, salad, soup or curry, main dish, rice and dessert. Thai curries are available in every colour of the rainbow and are loved throughout the country. Red curry - made from a red-chilli curry paste and plenty of coconut milk, it is usually served with a sprinkling of finely chopped kaffir lime leaves for extra zing. Green curry - made from a fiery green-chilli curry paste and a hefty amount of coconut milk, this curry is also teamed with bamboo shoots, fresh coriander, Thai basil and often pea-sized eggplant. Yellow curry - brightly coloured from a mix of roasted and ground spices and an infusion of fresh tamarind root, this curry is typically paired with fish or poultry. Massaman curry - the sweetest, and mildest, of all the curries, this Indian-influenced dish includes potatoes and gets its distinctive flavour from a pairing of tamarind with roasted and finely ground spices.
Jungle curry - unlike other Thai curries, this one contains no coconut milk and has a fiery thin sauce. Pad kaprao is a quick meal, where chicken is fried with shallots, ginger, chillies and plenty of Thai basil leaves. Kai med ma muang is one of the most popular stir-fries, where chicken, cashew nuts, sweet soy sauce, onions, chillies, capsicum, carrot, mushrooms and a dash of honey are all quickly fried together to make a satisfying dish. Guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth, this creamy dessert pairs perfectly ripe mango with sticky rice and covers the lot in a healthy dose of coconut cream.
Hailing from Issan in Northeast Thailand, this spicy salad sees grated green pawpaw teamed up with garlic, chillies, peanuts, beans, tomatoes and occasionally dried prawns or fermented fish. Kick off your party with these fabulous finger food recipes your guests will be raving about for weeks.
Pastry is an essential component within many delicious recipes, from pies to tarts, flans to pastries. Here is Chef Colin’s very own recipe – Colin Stevens, Executive Chef of Centara Karon Resort.
Heat the remaining oil in a saucepan, add curry paste and cook until fragrant (2-3 min), then stir in 1 cup of coconut milk and half of the kaffir lime leaves and chilies. Pour the sauce onto a plate, upend the cup of rice in the middle, place the asparagus and fish on top and then the fried basil leaves.

Chef Thavee Chantasit is the Executive Chef of the Katathani Phuket Beach Resort, where he has worked for the past six years. For those of you who want time to relax romantically at home with your loved one yet, at the same time, make something special for dinner, here’s a recipe that is very unusual, looks and tastes fabulous, yet is quick and easy to make. Put all the ingredients apart from the white prawns and the eggs in a bowl and mix until a paste is formed. Instead, they offer a fantastic lunch menu for around $7, and above average Thai food that will satisfy your craving. The catfish is fried into impossibly crispy nests on top of shredded lettuce, then dressed with a fish sauce vinaigrette and a layer of sliced bird eye chilis. Boasting a lunch menu that includes an appetizer and an entree for just $6.95, value and delicious food are offered together one on menu. For $8 or $8.50 (depending on your choice of protein), you get to choose from ten appetizers and fifteen main courses. Choose your protein (chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu or simply veggie), your sauce (Black Pearl, White Ginger, Pinegrand, or Red Basil), and everything gets sauteed with a healthy mix of veggies, then slipped into a scooped-out baguette, topped with lettuce, tomato and chili mayo before being handed off for your consumption. Start with your choice of Thai salad, house soup, crispy spring roll, steamed vegetable dumplings or crispy wontons, and move on to your choice of protein in various styles – sauteed, in fried rice, with pan fried noodles, and of course, in curry. With lunch specials that are all $6-7, and choices from pad thai (pictured) to pad priow wan, you’d do well to order from them. On first sight, kao phad appears to be little more than a big heap of rice; you call that a meal? Discover zingy pawpaw salads, delicate basil stir-fries and a whole rainbow of curries that will add a flavourful hit to your meals.
In addition, fish sauce, soy sauce, a range of fresh and dried spices and herbs, garlic, ginger, lime, lemongrass and basil are all important elements. Most dishes are served with a fork and spoon; however, it is bad manners to use the fork in your mouth. Traditionally, pad Thai is made from rice noodles, egg, peanuts, dried prawns, spring onions, tofu, bean sprouts, tamarind juice, and, sometimes, chicken and fresh prawns.
This is a versatile curry paste to make, which is suitable with everything from seafood to duck. Yellow curry comes from southern Thailand and often includes yellow capsicum or even pineapple. Hailing from the north of the country, jungle curry was traditionally a country curry that was made with wild boar but these days it is mainly prepared with pork or chicken. From classic meat pie to creamy chicken pie, you'll love whipping up these delicious recipes and watching them disappear in seconds!
Everything from spring rolls to tarts and decadent cupcakes, we've got the food covered, you supply the drinks!
Then wrap each prawn in an egg nest and place them all on a plate decorated with salad leaves and carved or sliced cucumber. The pineapple cashew chicken fried rice (pictured) is quite a tasty treat, while the restaurant’s namesake dish also makes for a yummy, filling lunch.

Try the mee krob (pictured), tangled nests of crisp, slightly sweet, slightly vinegary noodles topped with shrimp, and served with bean sprouts to offer a cool counterpoint to the tanginess of the noodles itself.
Choose from chicken satay, Thai salad, soup, for appetizers, and pad Thai, pad see ew, and various curries for your main course, and be rewarded with a plate of balanced Thai food. Considering Thai food’s reputation as rather expensive, this is more than a bargain; it’s a downright steal.
Particularly noteworthy here is the drunken noodles, flat noodles with egg, vegetables, chili, garlic & basil leaf, and anything from the curry section. The main dishes are separated into curries, rices, noodles, or stir fry, while the sides are split into soups, salads and bites. Of all of them the idea of balance - where the food aims to balance hot, sweet, sour and salty flavours - is by far the most important. Don't miss adding the array of favourite condiments to make it your own - from fresh lime juice to fiery chilli powder.
Pad Thai Goong, A¤r inte starkt kryddad, utan det A¤r olika smaker som sA¶tt, salt, beskt som blandas i munnen pA? en.
Tips, short cuts to great taste and useful tips to ensure you make the best of the best – Thai food at its dizzy heights, up where it belongs. Add on a Thai iced tea and linger over your meal before going back outside to fight the tourists mobbing the outside of your office building for no reason; you deserve it.
Any of the noodle dishes are sure to please, though really, the entire menu is fun to explore. Chicken satay and pad Thai (pictured) comes with a small dish of pickled cucumber and carrot pieces, along with the peanut sauce. For a lighter option, start with the summer roll or tom yum soup – or any of the three salads offered, but go all out with your main course option with pad thai, pad see ew, or any of the multiple curry choices.
Try the karee curry rice, which bursts with flavor and delicately straddles the lines between savory and spicy. Proceed with caution and be sure to order a Thai iced tea or iced coffee with which you can douse the flames! To make the egg nests, pour a small amount of the whipped egg into the cone and use it to “draw” a rectangular net pattern about 8x10 cm. For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area. Be sure to try the papaya salad (pictured) – deceivingly cool-looking, this dish will start the meal off right, with a burst of heat punching you in the mouth.

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