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There is no denying the fact that the magical aroma of Thai cuisines inspires the people across the globe to throng the Thai Restaurants. In fact the Thai Restaurants have evolved as a rage among people as such places render the most fantastic way of enjoying the mouth-watering Thai delicacies. The heartening fact is that those living outside of Thailand (in London) with access to the best Thai restaurant in London like Thai Square Restaurant can come across all the delightful Thai delicacies. Not only that you can be in for a pleasant surprise if you visit the Thai Square restaurant as seasonal and festive offers are always on. If you are planning to visit London then take some time out to visit the famous Thai Square Restaurants to eat authentic Thai food. Thai food has a well-deserved reputation for sharp tastes and excellence and that’s why it is gaining popularity.
This is a classic Thai dish, which many restaurants around the world struggle to get right. It usually contains coconut milk, potatoes, peanuts or cashew, cinnamon, cardamom, fish sauce and tamarind sauce. So, from the moment you think of visiting London don’t forget to visit Thai Square Restaurant for best Thai food and an authentic Thai experience. Welcome to the Fluid London blog, a sideways look at London’s eating, drinking and socialising culture. Fluid London checks out the erotic moves of the gorgeous girls at the newly opened Charlie’s Angels club near Aldgate.
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In celebration, Thais are currently hurling water all over each other, slapping their mates in the face with cooling prickly heat powder (as is tradition) and stacking their stomachs with layers of fire, citrus, flesh and rice. The team at Lancaster London work tirelessly to ensure that all our guests are both comfortable and have everything they need during their stay at the hotel. Nipa Thai, an oriental gem in the heart of the capital, combines outstanding traditional cuisine and subtle authentic decor with a warm, welcoming ambience - bringing the soul of Thailand to London.

The Senses Room Experience is the perfect opportunity for you and your friends, clients or colleagues to enjoy a private dining experience in one of the busiest events kitchens in London.
The gym is exclusively for hotel guests, so you can enjoy a quick, convenient workout on the finest equipment and not have to queue for it. Then of course you should be rest assured of being spell bound with the enchanting interior and serene ambience at the Thai Square Restaurant which would certainly make your evening a memorable affair. Your trip to this lively, full of fun, and interesting city is incomplete without Thai Square Restaurant. There is nothing as good as Thai food.  You just don’t get authentic food but also the whole atmosphere of Thailand.
Papaya tossed with peanuts and tomatoes, crushed in a mortar and pestle makes it a real pleasure to eat. Thai restaurants have sprung up in London from nowhere, all jostling for position in the infamous dog-toothed food industry. Everything from bars, restaurants, pubs to clubs, with all the lovely little gaps in between. With its stylish, contemporary interior and superb views across neighbouring Hyde Park, Island Grill offers it all with an excellent selection of modern European dishes, cocktails and wines to suit every taste and appetite. Come and see how the team at Lancaster London can serve 1,000 people restaurant quality food in just 10 minutes! The gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making the choice of when you exercise truly yours.
Thai food is certainly most liked food in the world and this is the reason why the special Thai recipes aren’t restricted to Thailand but have crossed the international borders. So, if you are a resident of London, I’m sure now you wouldn’t have any sort of a problem in finding the most authentic and super amazing Thai food in London. No doubt you get a whole lot of international cuisines outside their home countries but it’s really difficult to maintain the authentic taste.
The basic ingredients include stock, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, lime-juice and chili peppers.

And because of its feverish popularity, a lot of these Thai restaurants manage to see it through the recent economic tension, no matter whether the food proved average, good or downright horrible.
So come and enjoy the best food in the best ambience with the most courteous staff in London. Pubs serve Thai green curries next to pub grub classics such as sausages and mash or toad in the hole. Restaurants litter the streets of London, serving poor imitations of Thai favourite dishes Pad Thai and curries in vibrant reds, greens and yellows. The Blue Elephant Thai restaurant in Fulham (above) is less about the food (as glorious and truly lovely as it is) and more about the experience.
As soon as you step through the doors you’re transported to a different place altogether. Traditionally dressed waitresses lead you through tropical gardens and over manmade ponds and rivers (full to the brim with Koi carp) to your seats on a wooden walkway. The food ranges from the commercially predictable (chicken satay, Thai green chicken curry) to the inventive (som tam – shredded papaya salad, dry shrimps and lemon dressing), with an extensive vegetarian list. Busaba Eathai (above) is a chain of restaurants in London that consistently serve authentic, interesting and inspiring Thai food.
Tables that seat 16 dominate the room, so sometimes chatting in a group any larger than a two (perched at the corner of the large table) is difficult, but the prawn pomelo starters and monkfish green curry main mean that I care less about conversation and more about chewing.
There may be many Thai restaurants in London but that means the chances of finding a diamond in the rough are much higher.
As a helping hand, though, check out the Fluid London guide to the Top 10 Best Thai restaurants in London.

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