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I promise I will keep trying my very best - trimming and weeding you, watering and feeding you, and keeping your paths clear of greenery.
Mind you, I did borrow the last Harry Potter book from that library for some light reading - apres-gardening of course. Today it's drizzling, and all I've done outside is - oops again - play with Minimus the kitten. Thanks, Percy (I presume), for the dead rat at the bottom of the stairs, with a tail nearly as long as yours - my, that certainly woke me up. Another great day where I've spent quality time with Minimus the kitten - today we two did some serious gardening in the middle of the Apple Tree Border. I put Minimus 'to bed' in his maroon blanket for an afternoon snooze, and sure enough - he was still there an hour later.
The hoses have been on all day, and as well as the orchard roses my deciduous Azaleas have had a good soaking.
Check Out Our Slang Dictionary!Check out Anglotopia's Dictionary of British Slang - Your Complete Guide to over 1,000 British Slang Words and Phrases. Finally I can get back into the Moosey Garden after a week of rain and prepare things for the big day.
Meanwhile Mugsy, another ancient and original Moosey cat, seems to be recovered from her stroke, and is back to normal. Good news regarding the very new climbers planted in the orchard - building on my sneaky November irrigation, these weeks of gentle rain have given them all a great start. Well, the Moosey upstairs has been slightly fragrant of late - the tiniest wafts of smell, just enough to puzzle visitors and have them checking the soles of their shoes. Last night (after a hot day) the wafting was stronger than usual, and I had to face facts - there was something rotten in the state of the Moosey upstairs!
I'm off to my carol singing performance - candlelight carols in the city centre, accompanied by a brass band with three tubas. Australian humour reinvades the Moosey kitchen), Non-Gardening Partner (the waterwheel sits by the garage, ready for repairs), Rusty the dog (getting furrier every day), and the cats - Jerome, Tiger and Fluff-Fluff, little Musgy, Percy, Histeria and the elusive Lilli-Puss, and Minimus the woodshed kitten. Please try and look your best, even when the hot dry winds are swirling over you and gum tree leaves and bark are dropping on you.

Just so you aren't bored, I promise there will be a few changes - the curve of a border re-dug here, a new batch of bargains planted there, and so on.
Comment, stating the obvious - things (like weeding the orchard roses) don't take long the more you do them. Yesterday I poked around in the garden doing my kitten-mother duty, calling Minimus to follow me around the gardens at the back of the house.
All the other cats get extra attention to make up for this, so I have had a totally catty (and doggy) morning. And would the risk-taking cat who piddled on the hot-plates on the oven top please desist - I can imagine a rather nasty surprise if they were switched on. I chopped and nipped and cleared out dead bits of rose and rogue Elderberries, while the kitten played. They're new plants, and their root systems will not be good enough to survive our measly rainfall. Today I weeded down the driveway around the new deciduous Azaleas (how very kind my friend was to give me so many). I tried to think solemn thoughts about my dearly departed pet, but I had unsympathetic company - a nosy and thoroughly pecky rooster dancing around my legs, and Rusty the dog groaning and howling at a nearby hedgehog.
The lawns need mowing - that will mean trimming edges - and I have some things to plant (a low shrubby Salvia, a Pieris, some Silver Beet, and two rhododendrons lurking in buckets of water).
I'm off for a swim, then I buy the Christmas barbecue food, then I garden - the Shrubbery gets its stone wall repaired, and all the house gardens will be weed and dead-head free by lunchtime.
Yesterday I 'bought' myself a fifty cent Christmas present from the Red Cross shop for Non-Gardening Partner to give to me (it's a knitted moose, and is all wrapped up underneath the tree). The younger Moosey cats are horribly good hunters, and occasionally will bring in - ahem - wriggling rabbits. I know where I'm dead-heading today - the roses in the Willow tree Garden are getting the treatment.
Some day soon I will have to look back over all my records and get the names of the orchard roses right, though.
Success - we sat together on the laundry seat, he purred, explored, lay down and wriggled on the stone path, and hissed quietly at Rusty the nosy dog.

I have sliced up their pet-food fish (Tiger loves it), and made a little nest with a maroon woollen blanket on the top of Minimus's woodshed pile. And a Moosey Delphinium with a rather large bee (of the bumble variety!) is this month's flower on my Niagara friend's website. Younger son visited me last week, and I got really excited to have 'someone who isn't furry to talk to'. And there's an unknown bright yellow with really pointy buds - they look like painted fingernails. It's a time to celebrate the spirit of family, regardless of whether the family sadly (or gladly) cannot be together. Five sports-listening days waiting for nothing - a bit like my silly broody hen, sitting in the hen house. In New Zealand rabbits are a serious ecological pest, so I have no problem in calling the dog to 'remove' the critter. New roses shifted in last winter (Bantry Bay and Reine des Violettes) are thriving, and a lot of the other roses are repeat flowering. Or being a Mathematics teacher, in a sterile classroom, or a library full of teenage books with desperately colourful covers? Hopefully he will learn to sleep in it rather than on the rooftop in the mess of the rambling rose. If one grows lots (that's at least two hundred) modern roses, and say each shrub offers between ten and twenty blooming stalks - aargh!
There is much yellow in the garden, including some rather nice Anthemis daisies in the Shrubbery, the Oenothera self-sown along the water race, and the silly, weedy Verbascums. That's up to 4000 dead-heading operations, three quarters of which must be done in time for Christmas day.

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