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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Armadale, Isle of Skye This 40-acre garden, set around the romantic ruins of Armadale Castle, has a spectacular setting on the Sleat Peninsula of the Isle of Skye. For blossom aficionados, below are some of NSW's best venues to partake of springs fragrant and ethereal offerings.
This springtime hit list includes venues close to Sydney as well as options further afield for those prepared to roam the countryside in search of the heart and soul of spring.
The twelve acre Cowra Japanese Garden was designed by world renowned architect Ken Nakajima and is a replica of the first Japanese landscape garden built in Tokyo by the first Shogun Tokugawa in the 16th century A.D.
For more information, click on this link to the Cowra Tourism site, or go directly to the Cowra Japanese Garden website here for all you need to know.
For a little bit more information check out the website above or go to this link to send an email enquiry to the festival organisers.
Amazingly, this massive 252 hectare botanical garden is free to enter and has grassy spots aplenty just waiting for a picnic blanket.
Roam around the drifts of daffodils and jonquils in late August to early September and enjoy the blossoms of ornamental fruit trees around mid September to mid October. For those who haven't visited before, Mount Tomah is a two hour drive from Sydney via Richmond or a 45 minute drive from Katoomba. This two week festival provides the chance to see over 60 000 tulips up close and personal at Corbett Garden (though kindly know there is an entry fee), and visit beautiful private gardens in their prime. For more details including festival events program and prices, click on the websites above. Leura Gardens Festival features entry into ten of the best private gardens in Leura including the National Trust operated Everglades garden. Leura Village Fair occurs in time with the flowering of the cherry blossom on the nature strip of the town's mall and with the Leura Garden Festival. The Fair is held in the main street of Leura Village and features stalls, food, arts and crafts and street entertainment. Leura is located 90 minutes west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains, and is the town immediately prior to Katoomba.
The weekend provides the opportunity to view both town and country gardens in their spring prime in Bathurst.
Each spring Sydney's own Royal Botanic Garden in the heart of the city boasts a visual feast of tulips, daffodils, pansies, ornamental fruit trees, flowering may, wisteria, and other spring blossoms.
The best time to see the Spring Walk in bloom is September to early October, however varying weather conditions can alter that. For more extensive information including the precise location of the Spring Walk and more pictures, see my article The Spring Walk - Royal Botanic Gardens.
Enjoy the sight of over 100 000 blossoming annuals in this inspirational and stunning garden encompassing twenty-five acres and ten feature gardens.
If that isn't enough, in the same period the garden is hosting a massive weekend party to celebrate its' tenth birthday. For rose-lovers, the Rose Spectacular, featuring a staggering 35,000 rose bushes (56 varieties) in bloom in the 1.5 acre Rose Garden, is a must.
If you haven't been here before, this Winner of Best Significant Tourist Attraction, NSW (2004, 2005, 2006) and Hall of Fame (2007), is worth a visit anytime of the year. The Australian Garden Show Sydney will held from Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 September 2013 and will be set in the stunning surrounds of Sydney's Centennial Park, which will herald the start of the floral and garden shows that take place each year throughout NSW. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. In combination with the Winter Aconites, you can plant spring flowers like different varieties of Crocus in blues and purples. If you want to plant Winter Aconite in your personal or commercial area, please contact us.
Crocus is another beautiful spring flower that provides a beautiful and attractive look to your garden beds and lawns. Crocus comes in different colors so there is no need to combine them with other spring flowers. Camellias are another late winter or early spring flowers that makes your garden and lawn area delightful. Unlike other spring flowers, Daffodils come in 12 divisions and each division has its own unique color. Early spring flowers like Forsythia are very fast growing bush, which grows up to one to two feet per year. Forsythia looks best with other spring flowers like green Pachysandra terminal, also known as Japanese Pachysandra. Scilla is another spring flower that can either be planted directly on the ground or in containers from September to December.
This Caribbean jewel is a small plant, so their bulbs must be planted closely together, with 2”- 3” gap between them, for a showy spring display.
Also known as grape hyacinth, Muscari is a beautiful spring bulb that offers a wide range of color shades to the garden. If you are planting Primrose in a moist or partly shaded area, you can also plant Astilbes, Ferns, Hostas, Japanese Iris, Forget-me-nots and Pulmonarias along with it. Lily-of-the-Valley is the spring flower that spreads a strong and sweet perfume in the spring. It is recommended to prune flower stalks and foliage to the ground, with pruning shears, after it dies back in the fall, in order to improve the garden’s appearance and to prevent pests from taking refuge there. If you want to plant Lily-of-the-Valley in your personal or commercial area, please contact us. Magnolia trees bloom in early spring or summer and feature flowers of pink, red, purple or white.
While planting this tree, first place the plant in the ground, then fill the hole with soil and other organic materials such as decomposing leaves.

Unlike other plants and flowers, Peonies stay where you put them and live for about 40-50 years. Golden Sun Landscaping is an established landscaping contractor based in Winfield, Illinois.
You can create amazing room ideas with Spring inspiration for almost every rooms in your house, like living room, bedroom decor and… garden decor ideas!
So, today, Room Decor Ideas have some garden decor ideas for you to create a Spring Garden. The warm, generally frost-free climate of the west coast of Scotland allows this sheltered garden, dating back to the 17th century, to grow a diverse range of tender trees, shrubs and bulbs from all over the temperate world. A superb woodland garden in a disused quarry contains informal drifts of spring bulbs and carpets of bluebells. As the cold starts to thaw, it's time to start planning picnics and walks amongst blue hyacinths, bold tulips, dainty daffodils, glittering azaleas, and cherry trees humming with bees and busting with spring-time magic.
For those wishing to view cherry blossoms in flower, late September to early October is generally recommended, or call the garden and ask if the blossoms are out yet. Located on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, Batlow lies within the shire of Tumut and is an hour's drive (or 112 km) from Wagga Wagga.
This community festival features food, markets, art, photography, live music, demonstrations, and entertainment for the kids. With blue drifts of catnip and a stunning rose and wisteria arbour following that, the spring sights are well spread out.
Partake in a range of activities and events including a street parade and fair, live music, a Bangers sausage cook-off and Breakfast in the Park.
This year the spring festival has an oriental theme, with Asian inspired cooking demonstrations, topiaries, floral displays, talks, tours, workshops and more on offer. Pay the entry fee and join in for pony, camel and amusement rides, face painting and birthday cake. Here, I’ll present to you some of the best spring flowers for your garden that can be planted for this spring. If the weather in your area gets too dry, make sure that you keep the Crocus beds well watered. They provide a vivid splash of colors and fragrance to your garden.  They also grow very well in containers made up of acidic potting compost.
Most commonly grown Camellias are the Camellia Japonica, Camellia Sasanqua and the hybrid of these two. You need to provide 1 inch of water per week while your Daffodils are actively growing and blooming from March to May. Also known as Golden Bell, these spring flowers gives a stunning look to your garden or lawn. Another combination would be to grow Forsythia along with Vinca major, also known as Periwinkle vine. These flowers thrive and blossom in a variety of light conditions from full sun to partial shade to dappled shade. They are Scilla Hyacinthoides, Scilla Bifolia, Scilla Silicica, Scilla Peruviana and Scilla Sibirica.  Just like in case of daffodils, you can either plant just one of them, or use a combination of two or more.
They can be planted and grown in combination with other spring flowers like Chionodoxa, Late Daffodils, Dwarf Iris and Scilla. This spring flower grows and blooms in the full sun or part shade and moist, well-drained soil.
You need to provide them with enough liquid feed during the growing season to ensure that they do not become nutrient deficient.
They are Muscari-Armeniacum, Muscari-Azureum, Muscari-Comosum, Muscari-Botryoides and Muscari-Latifolium.
Under proper care and maintenance, these flowers multiply each year, adding stunning colors to the landscape.  Primrose is suitable for flowerbeds and borders. But if you are using it for wetland plantings, you can try Marigold, Yellow flag and Cardinal flower. This beautiful spring flower is known for its dense, variegated foliage and its delicate flower stalks that reach about 8 inches tall and produce colorful bell-shaped flowers. Apply 3 or 4 inches of chopped leaves around your lily of the valleys in late fall or early winter, after the first frost, to keep soil temperatures more consistent during the winter.
The first one is “Albostriata” that has white-striped leaves, another one is “Flore Pleno” which has double flowers, then comes the “Fortin Giant” that grows 12 to 15 inches tall and the last one is “Rosea” that has pink flowers. You also need to feed the tree with fertilizers rich in sulfur and iron because, if the soil lacks sufficient amount of iron, the veins in tree leaves would turn yellow.
They are Star Magnolia, Saucer Magnolia, Southern Magnolia and Champaca Magnolia.  However, the choice of the tree depends on various factors.
If your plant is growing in well prepared, fertile soil, you don’t need to fertilize it.
Some of the most popular ones are Festive Maxima, Duchesse de Nemours, Bowl of Beauty, John Havard, Sarah Bernhardt, and Fernleaf. You can decorate your garden with a lot of flowers and even have an outdoor living room or an outdoor dining room.
You can use rocks to define the flower space, you can old objetcs to create decoration – like an old bike full of flowers or you can have some outdoor spaces for trees and flowers. South American shrubs, such as the Chilean fire bush (Embothrium coccineum) and lantern tree (Crinodendron hookerianum) display their exotic blooms. Considering that spring's joyful spark is as brief as it is intense, a bit of forward planning and research should land you in the right place at the right time.
In its 24th year, the Cherry Blossom Festival features a Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese flower arranging, kite flying, martial arts, and Sumo wrestling displays. By night the area will transform into a lounge bar, creating the perfect meeting place in charming surrounds. Tickets available from Ticketek. There’s no feeling like coming back to your home, after a busy day, and relaxing on your deck with the sight of those beautiful flowers.

Winter Aconites are cup-shaped spring flowers that provide a joyous sight as they push through the snow.
Some of the beautiful color combinations for Crocus may be planting light Crocus flowers in the front and dark purple at the back or you can also plant Yellow Mammoth along with the Solid Purple Crocus. You need to plant the bulbs in the fall so that they can bloom to the maximum extent in late winter or early spring. The 12 divisions of daffodils are Trumpet daffodils, Large-cupped daffodils, Small-cupped daffodils, Double daffodils, Triandrus hybrids, Cyclamineus hybrids, Jonquilla hybrids, Tazetta and Tazetta hybrids, Poeticus daffodils, Split-corona hybrids, Heirloom species and Miscellaneous. Though they can be planted onto any spot in the yard, landscapers mostly plant Tulip to form excellent flower beds and borders. Allow the foliage to turn yellow for about 6 months, after flowering and before removing it. Also, their combination with some cool season annuals, like Snapdragons, Pansies, Blues of forget-me-not and Virginia Bluebells, also look beautiful. Since the flowers begin to emerge in early spring, you need to keep your ground moist during the spring growing season.
The plants tend to become dormant during late summer so it is recommended to pot up the small bulbs, placing 2-3 bulbs in each pot. You can either plant them as a single plant, or in a combination of two or more, of the 5 varieties. This will also help prevent the soil from warming up too much in late winter or early spring, when early warm temperatures could interrupt the rhizomes’ required dormancy. Prune immature and slow-growing trees to direct their shape, and cut back deciduous magnolias after flowering in late spring to early summer, and evergreens just before they bloom.
You can just apply organic material such as compost into the soil around the plant each spring. Spring can make the days look better and wake up a desire of change the entire world around you to make everything more colorful and shinny.
And Room Decor Ideas know that Spring is the perfect season to start to take care of your garden.
After all the weather are better and you can have lunch outside and be surrounded by nature.
And you have a lot of flower types to choose and you can even combine different colors like you can see on this garden decor ideas! The garden is open seven days a week, 8.30am-5pm (closed Christmas Day) so it's possible to visit anytime of the year. Since these spring flowers are grown for ornamental purpose, you can plant all three types of Camellias.
One of the best nutrients for Daffodils would be rich and well drained soil, with lots of organic matter in it. Another most important feature of this spring flower is that they can also be grown indoors!! Other care tips for Forsythia include watering properly during extended dry periods and fertilizing the plants once a year during early spring.
Primroses should be watered thoroughly during summer, and about once a week  during the periods of drought, but stop watering once fall approaches.
However, landscapers today recommend planting them in full shade so that it will equate to two or less hours of sunlight each day.
They grow and blossom to the fullest in full sun and well drained soil.  Flowers bloom in late spring or early summer, and their deeply cut leaves remain attractive throughout summer.
The next thing you need to do is Provide regular water for the first season or two while the plant develops its root system. We can handle any type of exterior environment, from patios to shrub borders and grassed areas to water features. It is best to plant these spring flowers in lawns or meadows so that they can form a beautiful carpet.
These early spring flowers are suitable for planting between shrubs or in the borders.  Daffodils need to be planted about 2 to 4 weeks before the ground starts to freeze.
During the growth period, water moderately and apply fertilizer weekly, for 3 or 4 weeks after flowering. The plant can be grown indoors or outside, depending on the time of year and the climate in your area. Also, for best results, you need to sprinkle a little bulb fertilizer in the hole during planting.
This allows the plant to put all its energy into its root system for next year’s growth. However, the real springtime excitement of Lydney is found in a secret wooded valley behind the house. Here, surrounding several lakes, are groves of mature camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas and magnolia. The largest Rhododendron 'Old Port’ in existence grows at Picton and produces dramatic trusses of plum-purple flowers. Established in the early 1900s by Gauntlett Nurseries of Chiddingfold, the garden now extends to more than 20 acres. Daffodils, camellias, magnolias and bluebells all add to the spring displays and in the Bog Garden, drifts of Himalayan candelabra primulas cascade down alongside the leaves of giant gunnera. Home to the Berkeley family for almost 400 years, the Victorian garden was designed by Ellen Willmott. The displays of spring bulbs in April and May, including drifts of Narcissi 'Spetchley’, are some of the best in England and are complemented by a springtime shrub garden containing rhododendrons, camellias, magnolias and azaleas.

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