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If you are starting a vegetable garden, or even if you have an established vegetable garden, you may wonder what is the best soil for growing vegetables. Some soil requirements for vegetable plants are the same, while others differ depending on the type of vegetable. We recommend before preparing soil for vegetables that you have your soil tested at your local extension service to see if there is something your soil is lacking in from the lists below. Organic material – All vegetables need a healthy amount of organic material in the soil they grow in.
Organic material can come from either a compost or well rotted manure, or even a combination of both.
Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium – When it comes to soil preparation for vegetable garden, these three nutrients are the basic nutrients that all plants need. Trace nutrients – Vegetables also need a wide variety of trace minerals and nutrients to grow well. While exact pH requirements for vegetables vary somewhat, in general, the soil in a vegetable garden should fall somewhere be 6 and 7. I’m not sure how old he is, but I know he considers my mother (aged 82) on the young side! So for Katherine and anyone else who has the same problems growing vegetables in the cold and wet, all is not lost. Thanks for this information, its really made me think of what I should be doing in this cold and damp weather. Had actually never thought of container growing, such an obvious solution (and great way to use up old tractor tyres we have lying round) And I have Mr Farmer building raised beds as we speak with some yummy manure and top soil waiting to mix in. If you have limited space and time but still want to try your hand at growing vegetables, think containers. I recently attended a seminar on the topic at Hollandia Nurseries in Bethel, Connecticut, an  established family-owned business with gorgeous display gardens and acres of greenhouses with flats of annuals, perennials, and vegetables as far as the eye can see.

KarenBudnick writes: Great post, Ruth - I have my seeds (container lettuce - Garden Babies Butterhead) from Renee's Garden and organic potting soil. Things like the right amendments and the right soil pH for vegetables can help your vegetable garden grow better.
They are also known together as N-P-K and are the numbers you see on a bag of fertilizer (e.g. If your vegetable garden soil tests significantly above that, you will need to lower the pH of the soil. It turns out that Katherine lives on a hill farm in rural Wales and she’s doing her best to live a sustainable life.
You can purchase a container that's diminutive, or you can get one that requires a forklift to move. The plants continue to grow as you harvest individual leaves, and if you shelter the container from the heat of the sun, you'll extend the season into early summer.
Nearly any vegetable can be grown in containers (Reelick wouldn't suggest trying corn, pumpkins or watermelon), but it's best avoid "mammoth" varieties. If the soil in your vegetable garden tests significantly lower than 6, you will need to raise the pH of your vegetable garden soil. Stan was born and brought up on a windy cliff-top farm on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors. Smart choices of varieties and a few tips for gaining high, dry ground will have you gardening successfully in no time. All you'll need is a couple of containers, some soil, seeds or seedlings, and a little fertilizer.
You can even get a railing planter with a bottom that's configured to sit snugly on a 2x4 or 2x6 deck railing. Secondly, organic material “softens” soil and makes it so that the roots can more easily spread through the soil.

While organic material does provide these nutrients, you may have to adjust them individually depending on your individual soil. Your cash outlay will be minimal, and you'll have the satisfaction of growing something tasty to eat.You won't be alone.
Or you can simply reuse something you already have, such as a whiskey planter, garbage can, joint-compound bucket, baskets, or windowbox.
Anything tall will need a trellis or stake and a deep container.For seeds, make a shallow depression in the soil, sprinkle in some seeds, cover lightly with sand, and water.
Organic material also acts like small sponges in the soil and allows the soil in your vegetable to retain water. According to a 2009 National Gardening Association Survey, about half of all food gardening households (48 percent) grow food in containers.
To keep lettuces productive in the summer, a southeastern exposure gives them light early in the day and keeps them out of the strong afternoon sun.
Whatever container you use, just make sure that it has drainage holes at or near the bottom and that it's deep enough for what you want to grow. I've always been blessed with enough space for an in-ground garden, so I never had to "resort" to growing vegetables in containers, but this year I decided to explore the topic.
Be prepared to thin when the seeds sprout.Water and fertilizeIf your containers dry out completely, your plants are toast. For fertilizing containers, Reelick swears by Osmocote and Jack's Classic Plant Food.Don't forget to harvestWhen the food is ready, don't let it go to waste. When the radishes are pulled, you can plant something else.In the fall, put your container garden to bedEach year you'll want to put a fresh soil mix into your containers, so you need to empty them before spring rolls around.

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