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One of the best ways to spark new ideas for your backyard is to visit your fellow gardeners’ landscapes.
Most tours feature the beautiful gardens of Columbus natives looking to showcase their perfect landscapes. Architectural GardensSince 1994, Architectural gardens has been creating unique, functional, enjoyable landscapes for our clients in central Ohio.
The search is on again for the nation's finest garden - and this year the winner will be voted for by you, the Daily Mail's readers. From applications sent in (see How to Enter, below) a shortlist of gardens will be selected and then visited by our panel of judges, headed by award-winning garden designer Tim Sharples.Five gardens will be chosen and then photographed by the brilliant garden photographer Andrea Jones. However, some tours may focus on specific topics such as vegetable plots, water features, herbs and eco-gardening. Our award-winning services have resulted in long term relationships with many of our clients. Here,Monty Don reveals what the judges are looking for:Every garden has a story and that, above all else, is a human tale. On these tours you can expect to meet experts, see examples and walk away with the knowledge you need to take your landscape to the next level.

The more of yourself that you put in to your garden - and all good gardens are saturated with the personality and lives of their creators - the more personal it is. This competition is truly open to all readers and all gardens.It does not matter if yours is a large country estate or a tiny city back yard. Take advantage of the open door to ask questions, learn from their experience and create new ideas.
Your garden becomes a living, breathing manifestation of yourself, with all your qualities - and failings - rooted in the ground. And remember, the final judges will not be a terrifying panel of experts but you, the reader.You have absolutely nothing to lose by taking part - and potentially an awful lot to gain. Good luck!HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR GARDENOver the past 25 years I have had my own gardens (there have been three in that period) photographed, filmed and inspected.
I have also judged many gardens for competitions and visited hundreds for television.In that time a few basic tips have emerged that seem to apply to all gardens in all situations.
And don't forget, it is not just a case of making your garden look good for the photographs you send in.If your application is shortlisted, you will receive a visit from our judges - and that visit will be crucial.
Whenever I visit a garden, the owners invariably tell me that the garden is not at its best and that I should have come last month, next week or any other time than the present.

But the panel, should you get through the first stages, will only judge on what they see on the day they visit, regardless of the weather or any other factor.
So think what the garden will be like in a month or two and take action for that now, even if it means being ruthless.Do not tidy up too much. Be proud of it and share your pleasure and pride with us.HOW TO ENTERIt could not be easier to enter the Daily Mail National Garden Competition. Simply send six photographs of your garden (non-returnable) to Daily Mail National Garden Competition, PO Box 17314, London SW6 2QH. The pictures will be displayed on a dedicated page of Mail Online Gardening and readers will be able to vote for their favourite.The five finalists will be announced on Saturday, 25 July in Weekend. Each day will involve visiting outstanding private gardens as well as fine gardens of great houses in this historic county. On sunny days, early morning is best, while the light is still soft and shadows not too long.

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