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The skin is our largest organ and whatever you put on it, goes directly into your blood stream and to your organs. Unfortunately, the labelling laws in our country are a little behind the times and products can use the natural or organic labels even if they only contain tiny amounts of natural ingredients.
I use two trusted resources in working out what to put on my skin – The Chemical Maze books and the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.
Some of the features of the range include:  100% natural,  full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, accredited cruelty free, recyclable packaging, free from palm oil, free from mineral oils, artificial colours and fragrances, artificial preservatives or any other chemicals, free from GMO, certified organic ingredients used where possible. The company are committed to not testing on animals or using animal derivatives, parabens, chemicals, sulphates, artificial fragrances, colours, perfumes, PEGs, mineral oil or petrochemicals. Sanctum – An affordable, natural organic skin care range that is vegan and cruelty free.
Est Natural Skincare – Made in Melbourne,  Est make all-natural skin care products that are hand made using only the highest quality ingredients, including certified organic products wherever possible. Tinderbox – Tinderbox natural skin care is a small, earthy business situated in Balingup, in Western Australia. Mokosh – Mokosh organic skin care is preservative-free, certified organic, palm oil-free and fair trade. Skin Juice – An all Australian skin care range designed to safely reset the skin’s behaviour to positively alter the condition. MV Organic Skincare – Originally developed for those with extreme skin sensitivities such as eczema and rosacea, these products are very gentle and effective. Acure – This range is vegan and cruelty free, gluten free, made from organic ingredients and free from all the nasties. Metta Skincare – These products contain certified organic ingredients,  are never tested on animals and are free from synthetic colours, fragrances, preservatives, petroleum-derived or GMO ingredients, water, synthetic emulsifiers or fillers. Biologika – Australian Biologika organic products are cruelty free and vegan friendly. Cosima – Cosima skin care is a unique range of advanced 0rganic cosmeceutical products formulated with the latest breakthroughs in natural skincare. You can find some of these brands in health food stores or eco-stores, but I prefer to shop online for the great range of products available. I have given you links to all of the individual brands but if you would like to browse online, I recommend four stores that carry a good range of natural skincare. Currently I use Sukin which works well on my skin, but I’m on the hunt for other products. I lover Lavera too but unfortunately not Australian made, would love to see as good as in Australia.
Isn’t it fantastic we have so many options in the natural, chemical free and organic ingredients range now!
G;day and what a great list, but please do not forget to add Mulayam meaning soft as petals…please see my blog post today about the wonder Adelaide Workshop have attended and hope her company will be added to your list and not missed! I really like Beauty and the Bees soaps and baby products, their botty balm is great for sore nipples and also lip balm. Coast you must come and have a Lhami facial at Padma, you will be very surprised at the results. How about Perfect Potion – Australian made and owned certified natural and certified organic products under world renowned COSMOS certification. I am not very fond of branded skin care products as I usually prefer to use home made skin care products. The company is well known for making pure and natural soap bars carefully crafted from Australia, using only the finest and most sustainable ingredients that are extracted from plants and contains no animal fats or harmful chemicals. Australian Natural Soap also offers unbranded soap bars by bulk, which is available in boxes of 12 and 72. As the organic industry continues to grow exponentially, new certifications are popping up all over the place. As you can see from left to right – a certified organic product can still contain some horrible nasties according to some certifications. For example – USDA certified organic skin care has established a national standard for organic labeling. To actually get approved for certification with Australian Certified Organic and USDA can be a lengthy process.

Generally – any business directly involved in food production can be certified, including farmers, food processors, seed suppliers, retailers and restaurants.
2003 – ECOCERT (France) develops world’s first standards for ‘natural and organic cosmetics.’ ECOCERT has by far the weakest standard of any in the world. Miessence really have the best organic skin care compared to other brands and also some of the best organic facial products as well. So as you can see – there probably is a lot more to certified organic skin care than you first thought.
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Disclaimer- This blog is based on my own personal opinions and research which I am sharing for educational and informational purposes only. All natural beauty products are sweeping the globe, but did you know that some of the best come from our very own backyard? Here we've got the pick of the best natural and organic beauty brands you should know about, so next time you're walking down the shopping aisle or doing your shop online, you know what you should be looking out for. Much of the skincare in the marketplace is full of nasty toxins that have been linked with cancers, allergies, asthma, hormone disruption and so much more. This gorgeous range from Brisbane natural new age mum, Erica is fast developing cult like status!
Owned and hand-made by a NSW mum, Natalie, Lhami is a lovely range that uses beautiful plant extracts and oils. Miod is made with ingredients which are as unprocessed as possible so maximum nutrients and active constituents are retained in the finished product. As a pioneer of jojoba farming in Australia, Ian believed that his crop could revolutionise the skin care industry due to its remarkable natural qualities for skin. The Jojoba Company has created a natural range of skin and body care products with a strong focus on anti-aging and skin­­­ health.
It’s based on their 100% Natural Australian Jojoba and enhanced with added key ingredients from around the globe, like linden blossom, argan oil and baobab for further anti-ageing prowess. Mukti products are certified with the Organic Food Chain in Australia and are formulated based on the principles of cosmetic chemistry, aromatherapy, herbalism and organics. Queensland owned and made, this brand is one of my favourites.
Inspired by the natural beauty in NZ, Antipodes do things with style, from the full traceability of ingredients from sustainably cultivated plants, to local production and recyclable packaging. Sodashi products are formulated using a unique combination of biochemistry, aromatherapy and Ayurvedic principles. They are completely free from any harsh, synthetic chemicals as they only use all natural and certified organic ingredients. Manufactured in Australia, each ingredient has been carefully selected and researched for their anti-ageing, skin enhancing properties and nutrients. This online store was founded in 2013 by Nina Weston and sells purely natural beauty products. Joanne Musgrave from Shop Naturally has a very extensive product knowledge and understanding of all things natural, toxin free and eco-friendly. They stock a huge range of things, that are organic, natural, recycled and fairtrade; skincare being just one of their lines. My all time favourite is the Pomegranate and Rose Hydrating serum, absolutely made for the Australian climate. This can be hard for consumers  who are after a quality certified organic skin care because some certifications have a much more stringent process to get approved than others. The best organic certifications out there really are the ones on the right – the USDA, ACO and NASAA. Products cannot be produced using synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, ionizing radiation or any other excluded methods. The good thing for consumers from this process, is that they really are receiving a quality organic product. CLICK HERE to download your FREE Miessence skin care brochure and then come back to this blog to get your saving below. As long as you particularly trust products with logos from the USDA, ACO and NASAA though you should be fine.
Australian naturals are a booming category in the skincare, hair and makeup market, and with many brands using Aussie-only ingredients we're producing some incredible products that are making waves on the world stage.

Skincare is such a personal thing though, so try a few out and find something that resonates with you.
There is also the accumulative effect to consider of using these products, day in day out over your lifetime.
My top tip is that if something claims to be organic and it’s less than $10, it’s probably not.
You do a quiz on the website to find out which dosha you are (vata, pitta or kapha) and a range is then recommended for you! I am totally in love with the Honey Cream Cleanser and the Shine Bright Exfoliant – truly lush, all natural products made with lots of love. They are Australian made and owned and specifically tailored for sensitive skin, combining natural and certified organic oils and extracts. The products are created by hand in small batches, marrying together the finest organic, natural ingredients & the latest cosmeceutical bio actives. The moisturisers are thus very concentrated – up to 5 times more than a standard lotion. Julie’s mission is to sell the best natural, organic vegan skin care, make up, body care and lifetsyle products out there.
They are Australia’s leading online health and wellbeing store, backed up with great prices and a no BS approach! Started by an old colleague of mine Adam and his mum, it’s super gentle and has a coconut oil base.
Coconut oil is the only product I use for moisturizer but I would LOVE to find a good scrub, so I’ll be trying the one you suggested from Lhami. Natural soaps have a dramatic affect on the skin; it gets softer and smoother, and does not dry out,” explains Nichols. One of our bars of soap can be half the size of a poured soap, but it will last longer,” Nichols continues.
These types of certified organic skin care products must be produced without the use of synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, ionizing radiation or pesticides.
Some places have options of sample packs or travel packs, which is a great way to go to see if you like a range. Good quality organic and natural ingredients are not cheap to produce so you do have to pay for the quality.
I love this range – there really are only a few ingredients in each product – beautiful!
She has a huge range with everything from sunscreen to kids’ bubble bath to luxurious aromatherapy skincare and perfume! When you spend over $100 on any skin, hair or body product in the same transaction, Joanne will give you 10% off!
It is ideal for gifts as well as consumable sales, and will sell well in card shops, bath & body, gift stores, home stores and many other types of shops,” states Nichols. But, to be honest, I can’t put a price on my health, so I choose to use great quality natural products and cut back on other expenses.
My favourite product in the skincare range is the Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist – sublime! You can earn loyalty points, get free gifts with purchase and free shipping when you spend over $39. It’s totally Aussie made and owned (by a lovely couple Aaron and Phoebe!) Check out the in-depth review I did on Happy Skincare here. I am going to go out on a limb here and say it’s possibly the best face scrub I have ever used. They send a survey to see how the products are going and then actually follow up to provide further assistance on product use or to recommend something to assist a particular skin problem.

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