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Weight loss – You will likely lose some weight on this diet since most raw foods are low in calories and fat. Energy – Many on a raw food diet say that they have a lot more energy and seem to require less sleep. Skin and hair – People on a raw food diet also say their skin and hair look and feel better. Memory and brain function – As you may already know, the brain requires certain nutrients to function optimally. Improved Immunity – Raw foods are full of antioxidants and Vitamins A and C, all of which boost the immune system and reduce your risk for certain serious diseases.
Digestion – Raw foods generally are higher in fiber, which is a key element in improved digestion.
Other health benefits – We know that a diet heavy in fruits and vegetables is the best way to avoid high blood pressure and cholesterol, so it makes sense that a raw food diet (which consists of a great deal of fruits and veggies) would help with these issues. Environmental – A raw food diet is easier on the environment as usually involves less packaging and, of course, less energy use since you aren’t cooking anything. Although there are some downsides to eating raw (not as convenient and potentially more expensive) it seems as though the health of the raw food diet benefits far outweigh the negatives.
To see some delicious vegetarian and vegan raw meals, check out our menu at Magic Apple, or drop in to Beachside, Cnr. The raw food diet can have health benefits for some people, but it can also cause harm.  Greta Stonehouse reports.
As more raw food cafes open up across Sydney, it seems the raw food diet is growing in popularity.  However, with few clinical trials to prove its safety or efficacy, some experts are cautioning against an extreme approach to this diet.
While the concept of raw food is simple enough, there are a few variations of the diet.  Some people are reluctant to consume raw meat so this diet easily lends itself to vegetarianism. When nutritionist Catherine Saxelby tried the diet herself, it highlighted just how much raw food she was already eating.

Introducing more raw food into a person’s diet that is lacking in fresh fruit and vegetables can add nutritive qualities.  However, complications can arise when the raw food diet is followed strictly and for a long period of time. The supposed health benefits of the raw food diet draw many people to this way of eating, including Shaun Jenson, who wanted to eliminate his asthma. He says it is hard to spot the deterioration in one’s body because it happens so gradually, as does the realisation that the diet had taken its toll.  “I was brainwashed by my own belief system,” he says. While there is evidence that suggests there are debilitating effects of this diet, there are also cases where people seem to overcome some serious health issues.
Catherine Saxelby and Michelle Chevalley both point out the fact that the raw food diet promotes clean and mindful eating, an undoubtedly good thing.  However, they both advocate a slow and balanced approach to the diet. Dr Lapsys agrees that, when followed properly, the raw food diet can be and should be a very healthy way to eat. For anyone wanting to embark upon the raw food diet, Michelle says to walk down the path slowly, listen to their body signals and watch carefully how the body reacts. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The average weight loss for people on an all raw diet is 4-15 lbs.  Much of this weight loss initially is water, but as you continue on the diet you will lose fat also. Digestion requires a great deal of energy and since raw foods are easier to digest, people often get an energy boost from converting to raw.
Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in the enzymes that digest carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Most people who decide to go on a raw diet have only good things to say about the way they feel, their energy levels and their overall improved health. The reason people eat a raw food diet is based on the belief that heating food basically destroys the nutrients and enzymes, so when you cook the food, it ruins it.

Even just eating more raw food and less cooked food (not going completely raw) can help give you an energy boost. Some people have even said they’ve found their grey hair has lessened and cellulite has diminished.
As with any diet, if you decide to try a raw food diet, be sure you ease into it slowly so your body has a chance to adjust. He spent nine years as a raw vegetarian, while in the last two he introduced some meat and dairy products.
Those two questions come immediately to the mind of anyone who is first hearing people talk about the changes a raw food diet has made in their lives. While some people find sushi a very delightful dish, most people are extremely reluctant to eat raw meats.
These changes are so remarkable they are compelled to talk about it and usually with great excitement. A  raw food diet  primarily consists of eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts. These foods are left uncooked to preserve the highest quantities of vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes found in the foods. While you may have cravings for a few of your old food items, you will be pleasantly surprised at the amazing alternatives from a variety of raw food diet recipes.

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