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At many of the online and offline retail and wholesale shops, organic food products are being displayed generously these days. Deep rooted food habits of people are difficult to change, however in the metros especially there has been improvement in acceptance levels of organic foods. If ground space is a constraint, then you could raise veggies or fruits in containers and terracotta pots, too. Number of heath issues caused due to consumption of conventional food items has increased and many people have started considering organic foods. In reaction, the food industry has mounted a Rovean-strength, batten-down-the-hatches preemptive defense.
The last third of the film is devoted to Monsanto’s dominance of the commodity corn and soy seed markets, one topic that neither Pollan or Schlosser has covered in their books. My guess is that most of my farmer friends in Vermont will not require much of a push to see Food, Inc., since most are not part of conventional food system.
I knew cigarettes were bad for me, and the tobacco companies I was financially supporting were essentially sociopathic, but I still smoked for 10 years.
Looking back, it took me a drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco that made me aware of CAFO’s and conventional farming practices. There is an article on Carole Morison in our local paper dated June 12 that makes no mention of a fire. What is ironic and sad here is that Hellman’s is in no way local to Canada–it is imported from a large scale manufacturing facility in the US!
Organic foods promise freedom from toxic substances and pesticides due to which they have gained immense popularity amongst people all over the world. The farmer understands more about soil types, things that could harm the soil and the kind of crops best suited for a particular soil type and climate. The food industry, the organic segment in particular, has seen massive growth mostly owing to the advancement in technology. Because even as our current food system has made Americans fatter and sicker than at any time in history, it’s driven more and more farmers out of business.
It also gives us plenty of real, human victims of the various broken links of the food system. Parr’s kindly visage grows increasingly withdrawn and frightened during a deposition in which Monsanto goes through 10 years of his personal banking records. Farmers who think they have no other choice, if they want to compete in today’s marketplace of cheap food. We have been trying to promote it on our blog as well and hope that every will get out there and see it! When I interviewed Robert Kenner as part of a blogger group, he assured us that a lot of good scenes that didn’t make the final cut for the movie will we included on the DVD.

I really enjoyed the film, but looking around the theatre, and even hearing the chatter afterwards, I couldn’t help but feel like it was preaching to the choir, at least at my theatre here in Bethesda, MD.
One was the obesity factor related to our current diet, and the second was actually showing the environmental effects of conventional farming. Once that veil was lifted, I began doing more and more research, and started reading to find out what exactly was going on with the “farm” today.
And yes, the art is beautiful, but that shouldn’t cloak the issues behind the art here.
Even campaigns are being launched to highlight the advantages of consuming organic foods over traditional foods. The difference between conventional foods containing toxic substance and chemicals and organic food items has also been realized by everyone across the world.
The fact remains that if people switch over to organic foods, expenses will certainly increase. If you have space in your backyard, carrots, eggplants, tomatoes, spinach, coriander, radish, onions etc could be cultivated and harvested.
Otherwise at places where the prices are a bit more, it is always better to give more importance to matters related to maintaining a healthy family.
In recent times, the health benefits of organic foods are largely doing the rounds over the internet. The massive overproduction of cheap unhealthy food is not working for consumers, and it doesn’t seem to be working for farmers, either. Might my great-uncle who farms in Virginia question whether growing Monsanto’s jackboot-enforced triple-stack corn is such a good idea? Gary Hirschberg from Stonyfield yogurt defends Big Organic as the only way to effect large-scale change in the world’s food systems. The farming faces are particularly haunting: chief among them the resigned, regretful Maryland poultry farmer Carole Morison, who is about to terminate her contract with Purdue.
According to a Center for Food Safety statistic in the film, the company has a staff of 75 devoted to pursuing farmers it suspects of violating its intellectual-property agreements — or perhaps those it merely wishes to harass so as to scare others into compliance.
For this nascent food movement to gain critical mass, its proponents probably need to start reaching across the aisle to conventional farmers, not just small organic ones. It’s a great idea to bring a farmer, but just about everyone who sees it will be shocked by what the movie says.
I’m sure more screens will be added if the film does well in the theaters where it initially plays. I didn’t sense much persuasion as to why we need to go organic, or abandon conventional farming techniques.
At the very least, they could direct a portion of sales to some kind of local cause, or ag fund.

But it is also important to look at how this food helps in maintaining good health of the entire family. If you have the space to grow veggies and fruits then this venture can also prove to be very profitable in more than one way. Organic matter that decomposes gradually over a period of time can impart good health to the plants you grow. A lot of famers involved in traditional methods of farming are also helping out in creating awareness about the goodness of organic fruits and vegetables. She lets the crew film her inside her poultry house, where the chickens can barely walk, thanks to their overdeveloped breasts and brittle bones. Because despite what Big Bad Agribiz would like you to think, this fight is not about elitist urbanites vs. I brought two friends who are basically un-versed in sustainable food issues and I watched their jaws drop throughout. I understand that this film was the beginning of trying to get this message to the masses, and thus was almost like an introduction to modern farming, but if we expect people to walk out of the movie and start making decisions with their pocket book, I think we will be disappointed. Kenner is obviously really busy right now promoting the film, but I will try to get confirmation from him about how he heard this. In the long run, organic foods are beneficial as people do not get exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides. You too can grow your own organic veggies and fruits in your surroundings, if space isn’t a constraint. Despite the antibiotics in their feed — which have made Morison allergic to all antibiotics, she says — a dozen or so die every day from the crowded living conditions. Now, if people walk out, and say I need to look into this further, then I would call the film a success. It is a proven fact that organic foods enhance our ability to absorb vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. In the end, I would like to see a list of resources provided on the website that will go further into depth on the areas the film was broken down by.
As far as organic food is concerned, there are no preservatives, additives and flavours attached, thereby not posing any sort of health risk as such.
Moreover, organic foods do not contain carcinogens that are responsible for tumour formation in the body. Non-organic foods are becoming increasingly genetically modified and the health consequences can be severe indeed.

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