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Nearly all nutritionists and health authorities recommend we consume 6-8 servings of vegetables and fruits each and every day. The brand new Food & Wine Festival at Busch Gardens Tampa kicks off next Saturday, March 7th. Previously, Busch Gardens Tampa had released the first half of the concert lineup for the weekends in March. Juices have been rumored to deliver more energy than coffee but many complain about the cumbersome process and fiber waste. I think one of my favorite health trends of the past decade is the return of raw juices and the increase of veggies being tossed into the blender to create green smoothies. Following those simple guidelines will leave you brimming with more energy and glowing from the inside out.
The best news is that even if you can’t use your blender to make a juice, they are both good for you! Key Benefit: Since the fiber has been removed, the juice takes like zero work to digest and the key nutrients are highly bioavailable. Another benefit comes is the highly alkalizing impact of green juice and strong health boost that comes with it. The pitfall here is clearly the waste that is produced and the health boosting benefits of fiber and some additional nutrition that is lost with it. The key benefit comes from the nutrition the fiber delivers, since it’s not removed in the process of making a smoothie.
Because the blender can blend up…anything, you can easily sneak in other ingredients like tofu, greek yogurt or milk, that do provide protein and fat, making them more suitable for meal replacements and other superfoods for improved health benefits. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In 1994 the Victoria, Sergei, and Valya Boutenko experienced an intense decline in their health.
The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. Lately, I have come across several statements about blending destroying or reducing the benefits of fiber.
This study found that both fine and coarse fiber have only 2% difference in performance, favoring the smaller fiber.
You can also access the highly rated Green Smoothie Recipe App from your computer any time by visiting the Green Smoothie Recipes Web App or visit the iPhone App Store or Android Market to purchase the Green Smoothies iPhone App.
The difference is, when the juice is separated from the pulp, you can easily consume a much larger volume of vegetables than you could by drinking a smoothie containing pulp. Drinking fresh, fibre-free juice (particularly on an empty stomach) eliminates strain on the digestive tract because the juicer has already done most of the digestion work for you, having separated the fibre from the juice. A word of caution: When you remove the fiber from the produce, the liquid juice is absorbed into your blood stream quickly. Although juicing is great for delivering concentrated nutrients to the cellular level, it does not replace need for salads and smoothies. Sign up to The Raw Food Mums newsletter to receive your FREE sample of the RAW FOOD 4 Kids E-BOOK & a bonus FREE nutritional food chart, as well as lots of yummy raw food recipes that your kids and the whole family can enjoy! Subscribe to The Raw Food Mums Newsletter and receive your FREE Raw Food 4 Kids e-book and a bonus Nutritional Food Chart. Michael Long is a practicing nutritionist and started writing in 2010 for various websites, covering topics in alternative healing and nutrition. Add one banana to your green smoothie ingredients if you can't stomach the taste of an all-vegetable smoothie.
This concept is fully embraced by anyone who juices on a regular basis because it is truly amazing when your body, mind, and overall health actually begin to feel well nourished. But let’s be honest, with how busy our lives have become what’s the likelihood that is actually going to happen?

Juicing is the by far the best way to ensure you absorb all the nutrients from your vegetables. Juicing gives you the ability to consume a healthier quantity of vegetables in the most efficient manner possible, compared to eating plates and plates of vegetables just to give your body the same amount of nutrients, . The event will feature a variety of wines, beers, food, large scale topiaries and headline concerts each weekend. As of today, while not yet officially released through the park, we have confirmed the acts currently scheduled for the rest of the festival weekends in April. I am so glad I get to work in the health space at a time where most of inherently know this is good for us and so many are actively seeking information on how to incorporate the goodness of raw veggies into their lives.
It started several years ago when I wrote Color Yourself Skinny, which is a program that includes 131-Healthy Recipes for colorful meals, juices and smoothies. You can put just about any tough, fibrous veggie in a juicer and it will be pulverized and the raw juice will be separated from its solid product. Whether it be a fancy, high-speed blender you just spent a small fortune on or regular one you’ve had for years. Because the juice essentially digests itself and delivers only top notch nutrition, your body can divert its attention to other processes like building radiance, fighting disease and preventing aging. The best way to manage this is to find clever recipe that use juice pulp, so you still get the benefits. Because smoothies tend to have more fruit, they are also higher in sugar and hence calories.
We are starting to see more and more ready-to-go products at the grocery store and juice and smoothie bars popping up everywhere. I personally prefer blending the fruits with my protein shake as I am not that big on juices. The removal of the fiber in the raw juice can boost absorption, but like you said, it’s easy to add protein to a smoothie. All three of us discovered the benefits of eating raw at about the same time, some seventeen years ago. Without fibre to digest, the juice can be efficiently shuttled into your bloodstream within 30 minutes. If you are only juicing fruits, this would cause a rapid spike in blood sugar therefore for kids it is always best to include water in their juices and lots of vegetables.
I have been making a green smoothie with my blender then using a sieve to get the juice seperate to the pulp at the moment. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a diet rich in vegetables may reduce the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
If you are new to drinking green smoothies, start with mild leafy vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce and kale. By juicing your vegetables, the fiber content is removed, allowing you to consume a vast amount of macronutrients in just one sitting.
While fiber does play an important part in a healthy diet, it is just not feasible to eat pounds of vegetables each day to reach your macronutrient goals. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Work is well underway on setting up everything for the festival, and we’ll have more on that in an upcoming article. Whether you juice them or blend them, eating more greens (and other colorful veggies) is good!
I simplified the concept a bit last month when I launched the Clean and Colorful Challenge, a 21-Day Mini Adventure Cleanse. I mean, it would depend on the ingredients you wanted to use and the type of blender you have.
Here are some time saving juicing tips, but this can be a barrier to the healthy daily habit.

But this is true for store bought juices as well (see below) and really does not need to be a pitfall. If you skipped it, and you find yourself wanting to boost your nutrition later in the day, then a smoothie can be great option for the added fiber and potential protein and satiation they can provide.
And veggies are better than fruits, so tossing some soft greens like kale and spinach in your smoothie can help quite a bit too! Since that time the Boutenko's have been dedicated to helping people around the globe learn about natural healing and nutrition.
Throughout this period, we often participated in the same events, either serving raw food or teaching others how to prepare it. As we discussed this coincidence, we decided it was important to share our adjusted raw food diet with our followers. If you can’t drink it straight away, transfer to an airtight container until you’re ready like a mason jar. In addition, consuming the nutrients of your vegetables without the fiber allows easy absorb of the macronutrients, requiring minimal digestion! To elaborate further, it is recommended by most nutritionists to eat one pound of raw vegetables per 50 lbs of body weight. We’re starting Round 2 this Thursday, so I encourage you to jump and see how good it feels! Generally, the juice is consumed ASAP and the fibrous waste is discarded (although, there are some ways to make use of this pulp in soups, baked goods and stuffing).
They are often topped off with a myriad of any super food or protein powder you want to add, making them more suitable for meal replacements. You’ll get recipes, ideas, inspiration, support and accountability to boost your health all month long! Either way, it sounds like you’re on a good track, but trying out juicing might be a next step too? Ball mason jars have lids that actually seal so no air ( when your juice is filled to the brim) can get in and oxidize your juice. Juicing is the best way to guarantee that you will reach your daily targeting goals for fruits and vegetables and still be able to tackle your busy schedules. Therefore, you weigh between 150-200lb that would require eating 3-4lbs of raw vegetables each day!
Juicing allows you to mix vegetables together (even the ones you don’t go crazy for) so that you can obtain all the nutritional benefits and still consume a drink that is enjoyable to your taste buds. Which is why they are both essential parts of my 3 Day Detox Plan. The benefits of juicing and blending are plentiful, however, each does also offer its own potential pitfall. And even if you could, it would still be a smoothie because you made it in the blender and consumed the entire thing. Luckily one quick glass of raw vegetable juice will accomplish the same amount of nourishment. This post is designed to bring you clarity around the topic so you can move forward with the solution best for you.
If you have more questions about how to get started juicing, check out my Beginner Juice Guide. Here is one of my favorite simple Green Smoothie Recipes. You can make it no matter what kind of blender you have.

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