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Located at 85 Bedok North Street 4, Fengshan Market & Food Centre is better known as “Bedok 85”. Supper-goers typically travel for Xi Ji Rou Cuo Mian or Seng Hiang Bak Chor Mee, known for their soup version of the local Bak Chor Mee added with minced pork, meatballs and sliced chills. However, there are actually several good stalls that are opened during the day, and we thought you know about them. I was pleasantly surprised by the Swatow Wanton Mee ($3.00), established since 1970 and cooked by Teochews.
The real winner was the wonton as the filling had little pieces of salted fish mixed into the pork, which turned the dumplings into little umami bombs when you bite into them. Chai Chee Pork Porridge is one of those stalls that you would usually find people queuing at the market. The Pork Porridge ($3.00) was cooked until it is thick and smooth with an almost gluey texture filled with yummy minced pork and lean pork meat, topped with you tiao and spring onions. There are altogether 4 (or more?) stalls selling Bak Chor Mee aka Minced Pork Noodles at Bedok 85 market. People usually venture to the ones at the front, but I have also heard that the stall in the middle and back were better. We ordered the dry Bak Chor Mee ($3.00) at Teo Hong Fish Ball Minced Meat Noodle instead of the soup version most people talk about.
Overall, the Bak Chor Mee wasn’t oily, and sauce towards the bland side, probably to cater to the older crowd who frequent this stall. There were several drink items sold, including Iced Coffee Latte, Iced Tri-Colour Tea, Lemon Barley, Water Chestnut, Honey Almond and Honey Lemon.

Editor’s note: Special thanks to SPD Singapore (formerly known as Society for the Physically Disabled) for the link-up. Two popular hawker centres at Block 16 Bedok South Road and Block 85 Bedok North Street 4 will be closed for upgrading works next week (mid-February).
The two centres, built in 1975 and 1977 respectively, will have a more conducive and hygienic dining environment. The upgraded centres will feature wider passageways and cooler ventilation as the cooked food stalls will be fitted with mechanical exhaust systems.
Other key aspects of the upgrading include the replacement of floor and wall tiles, improvement of the electrical, plumbing and sanitary systems, as well as the provision of roller shutters for the cooked food and lock-up stalls at both centres. Ask anyone where to find the best Bak Chor Mee, and many will say Bedok 85 Market (Though standards have dropped recently. Chan BBQ, Chong Pang Huat, and Bedok 85 Fried Oyster Omelette are some of the other famous stalls.
The barbecued char siew was serviceable; and I just wished they had given a few more pieces. In fact, they are so popular that they have 2 stalls – one which they open in the day, and the other at night till late. Two are side by side in the outer row facing the police station, and Ah Poh Minced Meat Noodle at the back. They specialize in coffees, teas and blended ice drinks – a cheaper version of Starbucks! So if you cannot sleep and need you coffee fix, or have to wake up early for morning shifts or school, this is the stall to go to.

Even though Benjamin has some challenges with limb functions which would affect moving around and typing, he is someone very positive, wiling to try, and loves to share about good food (He used to write a food blog!) We will next explore more cafes and restaurants who go the extra mile to help customers with physical needs. Thin, springy yellow noodles are lovingly cooked in a savoury clear soup that is soon turned cloudy by the soft, melt-in-your-mouth minced meat that rises when you stir it.
Seng Hiang Bak Chor Mee’s rendition of this local favourite is definitely comfort food. The stalls both use white bowls, so differentiate one from the other by the colour of their chopsticks. Be it a hot or cold night, this soup ba chor mee will warm the tummy and the heart, and make you crave for more.
We decided to sample Seng Hiang Bak Chor Mee this time round, and our order took 45min to arrive after we made it at 8pm.
No sauces are necessary when eating Seng Hiang Bak Chor Mee’s soupy version of ba chor mee, though each serving comes with a spoonful of fresh cut red chili for those who need an extra kick in their food.
But it’s not exactly an orgasm in the mouth with its smooth, understated flavours and slight lack of texture.

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