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Scientists are divided over whether or not addiction could be contributing to rising global obesity. As obesity levels continue to rise, the scientific community is starting to look for similarities between overeating and addiction. Sally Marlow is an alcohol addiction researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London. It sounds extreme but it works for most people, and the evidence shows the risks of surgery are far outweighed by the health benefits of losing excess weight. The suspected killer of a priest in a French church was being monitored by police and wearing a tag at the time of the attack, prosecutors say.
However, a team of scientists have also considered what steps need to be taken to tackle food production's contribution to global carbon emissions. Prof Jurgen Kropp from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany, one of the study's co-authors said that previous studies had highlighted that "agriculture was playing an increasingly important role when it came to carbon dioxide emissions"."We have worldwide lifestyle changes where people are moving towards a meat-rich diet and we need more food, of course," he told BBC News.
Ms Liu admits that her delivery service, the Green League, has fought an uphill battle to find farmers willing to use organic methods. Not everyone in China can afford to source their own relatively expensive organic vegetables. Fake rice made of plastic pellets, imitation eggs made out of gelatine, and decades-old frozen meat destined for market - China has had more than its fair share of food scandals in recent years.
A recent poll from the Pew Research Center reveals that concerns over food safety have tripled in China since the milk crisis of 2008. Mr Bo explains that land in China can't be privatised, so it is difficult for individuals or companies to build up large plots of land.
At an outdoor restaurant in Beijing, lunch goers are also pessimistic that the law will change China's food system. Over speedy bowls of noodles and rice, there's an air of resignation among the lunch crowd here.
In the past few years there has been a "wild food" boom with celebrity chefs heading for the great outdoors in search of fresh ingredients.
After 29 days he says he has lost a bit of weight and is still awaiting the results of medical tests examining his new diet's impact on his health. Ancient woodlands usually contain a rich variety of different types of fungi and may include some rare species.
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Food manufacturers are increasingly looking to make their products healthier, without consumers noticing a change in taste. Under pressure to reduce levels of sugar, salt and saturated fat, manufacturers are increasingly turning to such people - selected for their heightened sense of taste - for help. They compare an initial version, containing sugar, against other sugar-free prototypes - while I guess which one of two jellies is sugar free and which one is not. For the super-tasters themselves, choosing food can become a particularly difficult task."We quite often go out as a group to eat, and I know we're probably a nightmare.
More on this story Cut back amount of sugar children consume, parents told 5 January 2015 Sugar: Can we trust industry? For many people, it's disconcerting to look down at a plate and see something staring back up at you. Ayumi Kemanai, or "umi0407" is a 47-year-old woman from Tokyo who posts her chigiri-pan creations on Instagram. Does food addiction really exist and - if it does - how can it be treated?Getting a grip on addiction can be incredibly hard, as anyone who has ever tried to give up smoking, alcohol or even caffeine will testify. So far there is only one type of eating disorder where it is thought addiction plays a role: Binge Eating Disorder, a side effect of which is often obesity. Workers can only manage a brief smile and a glance upwards as they place vegetables into boxes bound for market. In 2008, it caused babies' kidneys to malfunction - killing six infants and hospitalising 300,000 others.
There's a new burden of responsibility placed on everyone who handles food - from farms and fields to restaurants and food stalls. That means that farming is still quite piecemeal, making it difficult for the government to track.
The fruit, leaves and fungi on or near the ground are ripe for the taking and more of us are taking advantage.But is it possible to live purely on food found in nature's supermarket?Fergus Drennan has been eating only foraged food for a month.
He says he was motivated to explore whether it was possible to interact with nature without exploiting it. Food writer Jay Rayner has railed against the trend, criticising "pasty-faced young men and women, wearing jumpers over their chefs' whites, stumbling about looking for produce"."It won't improve your food," he writes in the Guardian. The Victoria Derbyshire programme visits one laboratory trying to provide an answer."I am quite a fussy eater, and like to make meals at home from scratch. They are not tasting whether they enjoy the products themselves, but instead judging them against a list of criteria we devise to discuss aromas, flavours and textures.The super-tasters offer suggestions such as "metallic", "over-ripe strawberry" and "astringent with a banana skin effect" as potential criteria, and are trained to describe products in a far more detailed way than ordinary consumers. We have had quite a few occasions where we've sent meals back or complained," explains panellist Sue Reed."I won't eat smoked salmon any more.

But a foodie trend coming out of East Asia is all about people creating fun faces, for their food. But I would say that some of the common items you might find would include Japanese rice, seaweed, egg and vegetables," she says. And does spurning the supermarket, as some critics have claimed, make you just a bit annoying?
He has scoured the Kent countryside for hawthorn berries, nettles, seaweed, chestnuts, walnuts, sea buckthorn berries and rosehips - and eaten them in a variety of smoothies, soups and porridges. Called "character bento" and "chigiri-pan" (Japanese for "tear-away bread") these rice balls, noodle plates and buns feature characters and faces.
Miles Irving, who wrote the Forager Handbook and runs a company selling wild food to restaurants, disagrees."I can certainly vouch for the fact that organic food is better for you and most wild plants are off the Richter scale in terms of taste and nutrition," he says. I'm wrong."It's something that consumers often get confused with," the laboratory's sensory manager Debbie Parker tells me, explaining where I had gone wrong. They're part of what's called kawaii ("cuteness"), a widespread theme in Japanese pop culture, and they're becoming hugely popular on social media. Customer after customer had few positive things to say when asked about food safety in China. Some days this might be oysters from Herne Bay but, on other occasions, he tucks into what he terms "accidental meat" - or as you and I know it - roadkill. But what if the thing you are addicted to has to be kept in the house, and worse, has to be something you sit down in front of three times a day? Professor Jane Ogden, a psychologist at the University of Surrey, believes the label of addiction can be unhelpful for those who overeat - it removes personal responsibility and hinders recovery. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.
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What would she say to those scientists who do not believe food can be addictive?"They don't necessarily have the people sitting in front of them that I have on a daily basis in tears, in pain, hating themselves, feeling suicidal," she says.

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